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Admiral Duncan bombing: The day my life changed forever

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  1. That part at the end about the girl pushing Jonanthan out of the way to get a look at the “puffs” is truly shocking. I really hope she realised the grave error of her attitude once the scale & details of the bombing became apparent.

  2. Interesting to hear of this play. I can’t get to Brighton unfortunately to see it. But I hope it’ll be so good, that it may get produced for television. That would be really powerful.

    I am glad to see that this piece refers to other David Copelands. We have to remember there have been one or two visitors to these Comments sections in the past of couple of weeks who have been exhibiting frightening hatred of homosexual men and women. Yes, there ARE other David Copelands out there TODAY.

    We need to remain vigilant and inform the police of anyone who exhibits clear, determined, and absolute hatred of us.

  3. Very moving and well written account of that day.

    Great article.

  4. Keith SIMPSON 30 Apr 2009, 10:34am

    No George, she won’t; and why should she?
    ” It’s only a load of queers, anyway !”

    And there will be more; it will continue.

    More bombings, more school bullyings, more teenagers’ suicides and the like, as long as intransigeant rubbish, born of ignorance is spouted from the Church of Rome and is espoused by the likes of that Dr. Narcosi…or whatever his name is… and continues.

    Homosexuality is not an illness; it is part of the diversity of the human condition, part of Nature.

    You clerics, of all faiths of the Book, deal with that!

    If you find it within yourselves, as I know many of you must, accept it; that takes REAL guts.

    Don’t be making everybody miserable because you can’t acept it in yourself; stop trying to make self-hating old queens out of ALL of us.

    I often wonder what today’s R.C. priests tell their homosexual penitents in the secrecy of the confessional, especially if they (the priest administering that sacrament) are gay/homosexual themselves.

    Do you toe the party line and therefore live a lie, you, yourself, secretly having the odd ‘nibble’…?
    I personally know at least 2 priests, and not young ones at that, who are like bees in the heather in summer..a bit ‘ere…and a bit there.
    Is it not the case that you realise the utter futility of it all but that you are trapped, well and truly stymied, not least because of your age …” What the hell else would I do..?! ”

    And I sympathise with that; you are only people after all.
    And there is nothing more sure than that the Catholic Church, if you dissent one iota, will simply turn and walk away from you and dump you like off-meat; no on-going advice, no help, no nowt.


  5. Keith SIMPSON 30 Apr 2009, 10:42am

    …and that EDDY is my point exactly..!
    THERE BLOODY WELL ARE…people like that…from the school playground upwards.

  6. Nigel Whitfield 30 Apr 2009, 1:03pm

    I remember this well; at the time I was running an organisation called Digital Diversity, and we set up an online book of condolences. I’ve just rummaged around in my archives and brought that part of the site back online, at

  7. Theo Delight 30 Apr 2009, 3:05pm

    I strongly object to the comment “the David Copelands of this world want us to live in boxes, and keep amongst our own kind.”, as that seems to make Copeland’s case for him, that we are different and therefore less deserving of respect and life than others whom that deluded and evil nut job deems to be members of the Herrenvolk.

    Nobody deserves the fate of those in the Admiral Duncan in that day, any more than Copeland’s other victims deserved their fate. We should cease to celebrate differences and embrace the fact that we are all human beings, regardless of creed, colour or gender.

  8. Great piece of writing; I could really smell the scene following the blast and things we shouldn’t forget are in danger of being forgotten unless pieces like this are written and plays depicting the hate behind the motive are acted out.
    If it’s a success in Brighton – which I’m sure it will be (good luck with it, anyhow!) why not tour it around our fair isle?
    If enough people are interested in staging it, the publicity machine will generate itself.

  9. jerry pritikin 30 Apr 2009, 4:53pm

    The difference in being at the right time and place, and the wrong time and place is what life is all about. We learn, that there is no defense when things like this happen. I am grateful that most of my 72 years… I was in the right place often… and even arrived early to see the changes in events… that turned out to be footnotes in gay history.

    Jonathan Cash, in his writing… allows us to feel the pain, when hatred overtakes logic. I was not aware of this page in gay history, here in the states. I am thankful to Jon, and Pinknews
    for remembering, and thankful that progress in gay rights seems to be moving faster, and in the right direction… especially via the www, and timely movies like “Milk”.

  10. thanks for sharing such a moving story.

  11. A wise woman(!) I worked for once said she was intolerant against intolerance. The older I get the more I am of this feeling. When will people stop blowing up other people just because they worship the wrong sort of god(s), look different, because of their sexuality or ethnic background! For goodness sake, being a human being and struggling through potential lethal illness and credit crunch is hard enough without these idiots wanting to kill you all the time!!!

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