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US Christian groups demand British ambassador be sent home over Miss California gay marriage row

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Reader comments

  1. ‘cancelled all plans to visit england’ Oh no – what will we do now? I suppose her visit to Scotland and Wales is still going ahead then? moistened bint

  2. Patrick, Dublin 29 Apr 2009, 5:41pm

    This whole thing is getting blown way out of proportion. Carrie Prejean looks so artifical and quite frankly, ugly in that photo accompanying the story. She represents all that is artificial, ignorant, nasty and hypocritical about America. Why ask a intellectually limited “beauty queen” a question on a major social issue in any instance?

    The American fundamentalist reliigious head cases want to make a martyr out of this bimbo. They are so divorced from reality that it is scary.

  3. Why is it that so many Americans are religious maniacs? They are certainly not very intelligent.

  4. He should apologise quickly and have done with it and not give these loonies anymore of a platform, no matter how shaky, to jump up and down on. And who the hell are these morons sending death threats to them? With friends like these…

  5. I just want to see the proof that these death treats came from the British. I don’t think they did. More than likely it was from someone in our country (the US). I don’t advocate murdering here, but she put herself in the position she is in.

    Right now all she the religious right are doing is trying to get attention. fortunately she is not very smart or articulate, so this will die away soon enough. Who wants an unintelligent, inarticulate, beauty queen as their spokesperson? She’ll be dropped by the religious right as soon as they realize how dumb she really is.

  6. “How is Duncan’s murder threat any different from King George’s threat to put down the Boston Tea Parties and the American revolution?”


  7. Har Davids 29 Apr 2009, 8:25pm

    Let’s send all American diplomats home for representing a country that started a war on country that was not threat to it at all. That might make more sense.

  8. Really, really funny how I didn’t hear Mr. Duncan say anything about stifling her free speech. He simply exercised HIS OWN free speech by making a joke about a joke of a person. What about HIS free speech? He didn’t call for any action to be taken against her. Who’s trying to stifle speech here? The answer, as always, is the Christian lunatics, and not Mr. Duncan.

  9. The narrowminded religious freaks trying to assemble an army of idiots in order to go to war… again? Man, there is a serious pattern here!

  10. “Murder is murder in any context”. That’s rich coming from a country which over the past eight years has murdered god knows how many innocent foreigners with impunity. Typical f—-g American hypocrisy.

  11. It is tough being a gay american with these stupid bigots running around and flapping their jaws…

  12. “put down the tea parties”? Do these crazed people not know anything about their own history? As for the failed “beauty queen” – surely all those implants and the make-up would explode in the cabin of a pressurused plane?
    She would surely have to call on the Lawd Gawd and fly through the air spontaneously!

  13. Gareth Evans 30 Apr 2009, 7:59am

    Carrie Prejean expressed her opionion on marriage and Alan Duncam expressed his opinion of the comment made by her. What’s the problem? Isn’t there freedom of speech and an understanding that opinions are valid?

  14. I thought his comment was quite amusing.

  15. This woman is being condemned and lampooned by everybody on here for her beliefs. Pause for a second and see what utter hypocrites that makes you. No doubt some of you hold beliefs that are unpalatable to the rest of us, but no one would deny you the right to harbour them in a free and open society. If Perez Hilton had not wanted to invite controversy, he should not have asked a question about gay marriage at what is ostensibly a heterosexual event. He most certainly should not have acted the outraged queen when he got the response he did not want to hear. I commend Miss California for speaking her truth and not kow towing to the bullying cult of political correctness that is trying to force people to police their thoughts and turn us all into liars. In calling for her murder, however much Alan Duncan may have been joking, he joined the PC lynch mob in attempting to intimidate, smear and discredit the poor woman for her opinion. Has it occurred to anyone on here that there are plenty of gay people who do not believe in gay marriage for purely personal, not bigoted, reasons? What a sad, intolerant community of voices this forum has become.

  16. “Alan Duncan is not from the United States, he probably doesn’t understand our way of life. He is not an American, not a party to American politics, and yet he is trying to limit one American’s right to free speech.”

    What disgusts me is the fact that the US goes into other countries and tells them how to run their lives, “how to better themselves” [read: how to become american] Now, when someone makes a small tangential comment about a religious right beauty queen [paradox here], they get their knickers in a knot. I would support a US decision to have non-americans leave, if they would leave other countries’ political/religious/social lives alone.
    Arrogant attitude!

  17. Paul Brownsey 30 Apr 2009, 1:49pm

    “What a sad, intolerant community of voices this forum has become.”
    While I agree with that, Codex,in the light of the mindless abuse I have received from the zealots, I don’t agree with you on this point. There is a difference between beliefs that imply curbs on others’ scope to live lives of their own choosing, and beliefs that don’t imply that. Miss California’s beliefs, put into efect, would and, indeed, do curb gay people’s scope to live lives of their own choosing. But a belief in gay marriage would not, if implemented, compel Miss California to enter into one. If beliefs are cruel or otherwise oppressive why should they not be condemned?

  18. If her right to freedom of speech is being protected than so should his..He DID NOT call for her to be killed as some here are claiming. To those of you reading this article who perhaps live in the states and have not seen the program, it’s not a news show. It’s a light hearted satirical show where they poke fun at everyone and everyone is a fair target. To say that what he did was issue a death threat is beyond laughable. I do feel sorry for her even though I completely disagree with her because, let’s face it, she’s not very bright and the answer to that question was always going to upset people whatever she had answered but to call for the US to sever ties with the UK is absolutely hilarious and gave me the best laugh i’ve had in ages.

  19. Thankyou CP for putting this entire storm in a teacup in perspective. I don’t get my political opinions from either Miss California, or an off the cuff ad-lib on a satirical quiz show. Why has everyone decided to raise holy hell about it? You’d think that both parties were important spokespeople for government policy, instead of a bimbo and a shadow cabinet guy attempting a poorly executed satirical joke!

  20. “Alan Duncan is not from the United States, he probably doesn’t understand our way of life. He is not an American, not a party to American politics, and yet he is trying to limit one American’s right to free speech.”

    their trying to silence his right to make stupid jokes. pot kettle. black.

  21. Polly Styrene 30 Apr 2009, 5:16pm

    How about we ship the religious zealots, that plastic woman thing, and the conservatives onto an island, and like totally blow it up and stuff *giggles* …I’m sure I’ve got a couple of missiles in the Rolls from last tuesday…

    Hmm this pollytics isn’t hard at all.. *sips tea*… I think I’ll run for English Pres..(whispers to maid: it’s not President is it? what is it? ah yes).. Queen of England!

  22. Sister Mary Clarence 30 Apr 2009, 6:04pm

    “This woman is being condemned and lampooned by everybody on here for her beliefs. Pause for a second and see what utter hypocrites that makes you.”

    You’re right, codex, I think we need to get a bit of perspective in all of this. This plastic little strumpet, worked all here life to get to that one night, where she paraded round with her knickers and her swimsuit riding up the crack of her arse, all chest and teeth, giving sickly sweet fake answers to every question bar one.

    That one question was “Do you believe in equality for all?”. At which point the painted Jezebel (knickers still halfway up her arse, and breasts good to go), suddenly comes the good Catholic and starts trotting out her strongly held religious belief.

    A little hypocritical don’t you think? It really has got to be the most f**king stupid thing that could have ever come out of her dumb mouth. Had she won she would have been seen (rightly or wrongly) as an ambassador for the US around the world, a little polished princess celebrating what is good about that country. I’m no particular fan of Perez Hilton, but good on him for showing her to be a dumb, bigoted little fraud.

    She has no respect for my rights or the right of any other gay person to an equal life, so the sooner she crawls home and marries her brother the better as far as I’m concerned. She put herself up on a podium, no one dragged her there and she showed herself to be pig-ignorant trailer trash.

  23. Just Sayin' 30 Apr 2009, 7:06pm

    Apparently the Prejean deity’s “will” wasn’t good enough, her sponsors just confessed they paid for her synthetic tata’s to bulge from gowns/bikinis just weeks ago.

    The pulpit pounders insist Jesus was never married and we MUST emulate his every deed and word . . . so why – EXACTLY – does marriage need preserved?

    Christian insurgents sinnin’ against nice Jewish boy Jesus’ edicts….to be nice to ALL people …. have some ‘splainin’ to do.

    Who can remember Jesus saying to love everyone except gay people?

    If marriage or his ordaining bigotry was such a big deal edict of his, one would think he would’ve mentioned it at least once at his many magic shows or rallies.

  24. Dong Cung 1 May 2009, 2:23am

    I see if it happen, only one person died. But what Pope Benedict XVI said recently on the trip to Cameroon make milllion people died.

  25. What Sister Mary Clarence said about the little whore. I hope she gets hit by a bus. The questions were approved in advance by the pageant and the contestants all knew what the questions were, just not who would be asked what question by which judge. She had plenty of time to come up with an honest yet kind answer. She chose to be a cunt and is getting called out for it. I live in Calif., in San Diego where she goes to christian college and attends a mega-church whose cult of personality pastor she parroted. Her church equates being gay with pedophilia, directly and intentionally lying. She can die. Somebody from England can come and kill her. I’m sure that if it’s a politician or a streetsweeper I couldn’t care less. She’s a liar as well, proven and published as such in press reports without denial from her. She’s a whore with balloon tits; if somebody kills her they will only be interrupting her new career. She already has cut a deal and made one commercial, already airing here, advocating the denial of my equal rights and the rights of all gay and lesbian Americans.

    I will stand up proudly and applaud the rabid dog who might rip her throat out if the world is lucky.

    No mercy for supremacist hets!

  26. Codex you insulted gay people about 37 times (not an exact count) in your post telling gay people we should not be mad at the f—-g c–t. Fine, I’ll be mad at you. Go screw yourself. There is no such thing as a public “heterosexual event” jackass.

  27. But it’s okay for Pat Robertson to broadcast to the planet (twice) on television and radio his call for the assassination of President Chavez of Venezuela (right-wing tv hack for FOX Sean Hannity repeated the call for the assassination).

    It’s okay for that other televangelist hooker-lover, Jimmy Swaggert, to illegally broadcast into several nations without repercussion that he would murder a gay man: “And I’m going to be blunt and plain: If one ever looks at me like that, I’m going to kill him and tell God he died,” Swaggart said to laughter and applause from his “christian” congregation.

    Please also call for the recall of the British ambassador from the U.S. because the U.S. is a proven, admitted war criminal nation. When the christohet religious supremacists get those three things taken care of, maybe a trade-off call to withdraw your ambassador over jokes about offing a hateful beauty pageant would seem a bit less urgent.

  28. @Dong Cung: You make more sense with your short comment than all of the talking heads on the “news” do in a week.

  29. Leon K Fox 1 May 2009, 9:20am

    I’m actually glad the stupid bitch isn’t coming over here, ignorant cow.

  30. stephen kay 1 May 2009, 11:22am

    America ousted saddam and broght in a regieme that is nothing short of utterly murderous.While American and british boys protect the govt it`s police(trained by US UK) glue the anuses of gay people and feed them diarreia inducing liquids.This stupid cunt is part of the antigay american conspiracy and we see her as the same as those police in Iraq.If they don`t face justice then we must meter it out our selves.

  31. Well done Alan Duncan. Do not retract. Let’s turn this teacup into a storm!

  32. What about Alan Duncan’s freedom of speech. It was a bloody joke. Miss California has the right to her state her opinion and others have the right to vehemently disagree with it. Even in language that her and people of her ilk find objectionable. This type of religious zealot nonsense helps further the image of “the ugly American” and makes it difficult for decent, intelligent US citizens like myself to travel abroad. President Obama can circle the world 10 times over trying to repair the image of thi country but it is all undone as soon as this bimbo and her band of village idiots get on camera. He looks like the exception and they look like the rule. I beg my UK brothers and sisters to look pass this dingbat or at the very least, not hold it against me!

  33. SteveDenver 1 May 2009, 6:04pm

    Nobody is attempting to SILENCE this bimbo, but she is being criticized for what falls out of her flapping gums. If she’d just shut up for a little while, she’d be forgotten in a week or two. This fake-titty drag queen, who is pole dancing on Michael Phelps (yep, he’s still doing Dope), is burning up her 15 minutes taking a stand on a rickety stage. Silly and mean, what a horrid combination.

  34. Neither Precum or Hilldumb are worth talking about. They are both in it to further their own selfish interests. Duncan has every right to say what he wishes as well. And to all those putting down Americans, well over half of us voted for Obama, Bush stole his election. Their are just as many dumb and brain-washed people proportionately in every country in the world, we’re just bigger so there seem to be more.
    An American gay man.

  35. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 May 2009, 1:16pm

    In America, the right of free speech is also guaranteed to non-Americans, as is due process. Duncan had every right to say what he did. Christian zealots and others always play the victim card when we retaliate against their slurs, derogatory statements and lies they spread about us. Do they really expect us to take it on the chin and say nothing? What a dumb ass Prejean is. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. She’s supposed to be a student of the bible. If that’s the case, why is she in a beauty contest? She obviously hasn’t read her book of fairy tales correctly because it forbids immodesty, flaunting one’s flesh. She has the gall to appear in a revealing, skimpy swimsuit no less while espousing her bigoted religious beliefs. If that’s not hypocrisy, I don’t know what is. I think she needs to stop bleaching her hair, its obviously gone to her brain, assuming she has one. What an airhead and a moron!!

  36. Sister Mary Clarence 2 May 2009, 2:25pm

    Slightly off topic, but can I just say its nice to see a few apparently rational US citizens posting on here for a change, rather than the band of fruitcakes we often get posting here banging on about God, civil partnerships, and Thatcherite, imperalist, islamophobic jihadism (or variations of).

    Hopefully you’ll hang around ….

  37. Brian Burton 4 May 2009, 4:45pm

    How has such an idiotic story being allowed to reach over the top ‘CRAPPORTIONS?.’

  38. Well, hopefully the yanks psoting here will reognise that comment for the tripe it is, clarence, and just ignore your future odious comments.

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