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Gay squatter ‘attacked by three people’

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Reader comments

  1. stephen kay 29 Apr 2009, 8:06pm

    They must be prosicuted to the fullest extent of the law!!

  2. stephen kay 29 Apr 2009, 8:09pm

    prosecute rather!!!

  3. How come hos own Ex is abusing his sexual orientation? methinks that bit was made up

  4. Gareth Evans 30 Apr 2009, 8:06am

    Kim Marrero is reported as being a mother of eight children. If it is proven that she was involved in this attack, I worry for the safety of her children. What kind of mother is this woman?

  5. Domestic abuse from the family that went from bad to worse after an attack by his ex-bf?

    Jeez. This is a saddening case.

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