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Ex-gay therapy survivor to speak at psychotherapy conference

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  1. I know the latest attack on us coming from American evangelicals aims to subject all of us to the exgay ministry. I think we could all learn from Maris Sant’s terrible experience, and learn how to fight off this attack.

  2. Matt . . . I agree,

    I also feel we need to learn from Maris Sant’s experience, particularly so that we can begin to understand the emotional and psychological dynamics that lead people to become enmeshed in such self destructive behaviours.

  3. Bishop Ioan 3 Jun 2009, 9:13am

    This man’s testimony is important to listen to. Too many of our young men and women end up in these pernicious “ministries” and we need to have the right information in order to develop ways to keep them from a path which is emotionally, and sometimes physically,self-destructive.

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