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Comedian Jim Davidson to explore his own homophobia on reality TV show

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Reader comments

  1. I remain to be convinced that this isn’t merely a cynical attempt to give his flagging career a shot in the arm and convince TV execs he’s not really a bigot, but I guess some credit is due if he genuinely wants to mend his ways.
    You wouldn’t get Bernard Manning on a show like that.

  2. Daniela Neumann, the Virgin1 director of programmes, told the Guardian: “To many, Jim’s views are deeply offensive, but he doesn’t understand why”

    I don’t hold out much hope of him changing his views. It’s not a case of political correctness – he was, in my opinion, shockingly nasty on Hell’s Kitchen. I hope this isn’t just a chance for him to make more jokes.

  3. This bloke will never change. This is just to get back on telly. He must be getting short of cash after touring the clubs after telly dried up. Wonder how long he’s been pushing this idea around the networks.

  4. It’s moments like this (the new and the old show involving Mr Davidson) that make not having a TV all the more worth it!

  5. “fierce” women…Judy Finnegan? the stammering, stuttering presenter of Richard and Judy. I can think of many words to describe Judy (see above) but fierce is certainly not one of them. I’d like to see him keep his own with Germaine Greer, that would make great television.

  6. Brian Dowling a gay icon?


  7. Sneeringly . . . Now this I have got to see.

    . . . even if it means watching yet more reality TV,
    I admit it, I have watched big brother . . .

  8. What a load of arse. Jim Davidson is an irrelevance. Ignore him.

  9. John (Derbyshire 29 Apr 2009, 9:52pm

    Its just another opportunity for him to air his prejudices in public.Virgin media are going to cynically use this show to allow Davidson to mouth off about “political correctness” and using the opportunity to mouth more homophobic insults.

  10. Well Brian Dowling was an irritating little queen and had I been there, my comments to him would have been a hell of a sight stronger than Jims. I don’t think it was so much he dislikes gays per se, as that particular one just needed a bloody good slap.

  11. Brian Burton 6 May 2009, 10:47am

    Jim Davidson? He’s as camp as a row of tents. The last time I asked him, “Are yor Gay Jim?” he replyed “Givus a Kiss and I’ll tell Ya!”

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