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BBC and Channel 4 could be allowed to opt-out of new equality laws

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Reader comments

  1. Shouldn’t the best person for the job get the job????

  2. Exactly! Quotas are ridiculous and backward, it’s forced equality, which could breed resentment. I can only imagine the comments, “I only didn’t get it ’cause they have to hire the gays”….

  3. There’s been a duty to promote equality on grounds of race for years, so why are BBC and C4 complaining now? The idea that rigid quotas will be imposed on cast lists is absurd as they know full well.

  4. vulpus_rex 30 Apr 2009, 9:35am

    It really does make me laugh that the most politically correct, quota driven, pro-government biased organisation in the UK has come out and said that Harman’s laws are unworkable.

  5. It is targets and quota systems have destroyed the fabric of our society enough already. Consider how NHS hospitals have been chasing targets at the expense of patient care, the police going after petty criminals to hit targets while serious cases go unsolved, and O and A levels being dumbed down so that New Labour can claim to having more students obtain pass grades than ever before? Positive discrimination is a Marxist curse, and gay people should not be used by PC divas like Harman who, like the rest of her insane cabinet members, should be marched from Parliament in straitjackets direct to the nearest loony bib.

  6. THERE ARE NO QUOTAS IN THE NEW LEGISLATION!! THERE ARE NO QUOTAS IN THE EXISTING LEGISLATION!! This was a bit of a misleading article in that sense, which was naughty cos it just gets people wound up and anti equality and is fodder for the “anti pc lobby”.

    I work in equality field and come across people all the time that think we have to have quotas – its just lies designed to make people anti equality. Equality is about the best person for the job getting the job and not being discriminated against because they are gay, black, white, disabled, old, young etc it has nothing to do with quotas.

    Organisations that are based in large multi ethnic areas that only employ white people, or airlines that refuse to employ men in case they are gay (as reported in last weeks pinknews) should probably worry a bit when this legislation comes in because they will be forced to examine why they dont hire a representative number of people from minority groups, but there is no quota! defintively – there is no quota!!

  7. As Stonewall has shown in it’s research the BBC under represents and misrepresents LGBT people, when we appear it is often in comedy and as the brunt of jokes. They don’t even have any policies on representing LGBT people. They are arrogant and when accused of homophobia disregard it. It is important that they are not exempt, they have shown that without this legislation they will continue to show contempt for LGBT

  8. Shaunagus; David

    What you both say may well be true, however the BBC will be granted whatever they wish as a reward for their sterling work as the propaganda tool of new labour.

    The goverment will have to give them their opt out as they are terrified that if they refuse the BBC will start reporting facts instead of new labour friendly soft-news.

  9. Quite frustrating. If Shaunagus is right, there’s really nothing we can rely on Pink News (and other media) to tell us… we can never take a valid view without reading all the source data (in this case, the Equality bill) from cover to cover ourselves. Very disappointing.

    Anyway, quotas or none, this is unworkable. The right way to ensure equality is by a person who believes they have been inequitably treated having an accessible means of pursuing their grievance.

    The real world is too complex for equality to be determined by audit and statistics. Everybody is a person: I can think of a hundred legitimate reasons why a particular company has more or less GLBT or ethnic minority or religious minority (…) people; and it absolutely doesn’t stop companies with the statistically perfect profile having incidences of discrimination.

    And David said when gay people appear on TV it’s [paraphrase] generally to be the butt of jokes, how on earth do you measure that? How many characters in BBC’s output are of unknown sexuality (just like people we meet in the real world). And to the extent David is correct, drama is … dramatic – that’s the way it works. Hetero-alpha-male stereotypes are surely the butt of as many jokes as gay stereotypes, but how would you ever measure it? Why would you want to?

  10. Brian Burton 5 May 2009, 7:21pm

    Well it’s like this…..Channel 4 is the soft porn channel and now the BBC is run by a refugee from Channel 4…’scuse me I’m going to throw up!

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