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Anti-gay marriage protesters in DC to launch ‘marriage Armageddon’

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Reader comments

  1. “There’s a sense that the latte-drinking crowd is doing an end run around the regular people.

    “It’s a race and a class struggle on this. If 51 per cent of the people in DC are African-American and you have a unanimous vote by the city council on this, somebody’s not listening to the people.”
    Excuse me? So now we’re racist for not allowing a section of the Black community to decree whether or not we’re allowed to be married?
    I can’t begin to unpick the level of hypocracy, arrogance and doublespeak in this assertion. It’s like a section of the black community (and I sincerely hope they don’t speak for the majority) got their civil rights and now it’s a case of “Bugger you Jack, I’m alright!”
    That these people can’t see the obvious parallels between their own civil rights struggle and ours is depressing. I don’t see how not allowing a section of the Black community to oppress us is racist or impinges on their freedom in any shape or form. If the roles were reversed there’d be civil unrest.

  2. By what right does this man speak for anyone else? The fact that ministers are being ignored is constitutionally necessary since the Virginia Statute says the state should pass no law respecting of any religious doctrine.

  3. I particularly hate the way that this man is trying to insinuate that black Americans are being victimised in this matter. It’s as though he’s stirring up racial hatred to promote his cause – which is bigoted and illogical. No doubt he thinks that this’ll mean lots of African Americans flock to his cause. Can he not see how patronising that is?
    Granting rights to one group of people – here LGBT people – doesn’t take them away from others.

  4. His attitude towards gays is similar of many gays attitude towards the mentally ill. Hypocrites. Please spare me your comments highlighting your complete ignorance and understanding of mental illness and mental health issues.

  5. Stuart Neyton 28 Apr 2009, 5:17pm

    “His attitude towards gays is similar of many gays attitude towards the mentally ill.”

    Excuse me?

  6. Victim – where did that come from? One of my best mates is bi-polar, and I regularly visit him on weekends so I don’t understand the relevance of your argument.
    Are you seriously suggesting that because some gay people you’ve encountered don’t understand mentally ill people we should seriously put up and shut up regarding gay rights?
    Hell, why not, two inequalities for the price of one.
    There’s a time and place to discuss prejudice against the mentally ill, but it’s a bit off topic on this thread. Perhaps you could submit an article of your own?

  7. In perpetuating the racial stereotype that black people are all homophobic, Bishop Jackson (ironically, himself a black man) not only reveals himself as a racist but also serves to further marginalise African-Americans from mainstream society so helping to keep them on the bottom rung.

    Shame on him for putting his own sexual hang-ups above the interests of his community. It’s a great pity to see a minority suffer from such spectacularly poor leadership.

  8. Another self-proclaimed “christian” spewing his hatred against others. F–k, man, what god do you worship????? And by the way, this man if you take marriage so seriously, how come you’ve had a couple yourself. F—–g hypocrit bastard.

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