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Robert Carlyle: ‘My Trainspotting character was gay’

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  1. I think it should be mentioned that men who pick up mid-op MTFs aren’t necessarily into regular men as your standard-issue gay man would be. Of course, it’s not conventionally straight either. And, well, he’s a fictional character anyway, so he might be whatever his creators please. Anyway, it’s good that there’s room for a wide variety of queer characters on film.

  2. men who have a ‘thing’ for transwomen tend to be or at least identify as straight.

  3. What sort of view does he have of gay men to to put 2+2 together and come out with 16.5?

  4. theotherone 8 Jul 2009, 2:36pm

    gay my arse! (if you pardon the pun) looking for more income from DVd sales more like.

  5. I think what some people who commented are forgetting is that when Begbie pics up the transvestite he really thinks that she is a woman. If he had known they weren’t he wouldn’t have picked them up.

    It is Begbie’s reaction when he finds out that she is really a man that made Carlyle and some viewers, including myself, think that he may be gay but unwilling to accept it. It is a powerful moment where the character is possibly confronting one of his fears.

    This also makes the Renton/Begbie relationship take on another intriguing light.

  6. If anyones read Porno they will know that Begbie is not gay.

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