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Equality Bill published today

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Reader comments

  1. Pumpkin Pie 27 Apr 2009, 11:47am

    Undue? Oh, it’s VERY due, dearies. Morality first, prosperity second – that’s the way I do things.

  2. vulpus_rex 27 Apr 2009, 1:01pm

    It would be nice to congratulate the government for some aspects of this piece of legislation, but when you set it in the wider context of the complete and utter shambles they have made of everything else it is hard to do so.

    It is hardly credible that a woman who voted for the senseless slaughter of 100,000 iraqis really gives a sh*t about equality.

  3. Ah, Harriet Harman’s shiny new all singing and dancing ‘Equality Bill’ – also known in some circles as the *You Can Have As Much Equality As You Like As Long As You’re Not The ‘Wrong’ Sort Of Transsexual Bill*.

  4. Pumpkin Pie 27 Apr 2009, 2:39pm

    “Wrong” sort of transsexual? What sort of transsexual is that?

  5. Miss Hanson would do well to remember that the ‘vicious’ legislation to which she refers was supported by the Labour front bench at the time. Funny how Labour LGBT activists always seem to forget that….

  6. Quite GavinF – the Lib Dems were the only people who opposed section 28 from the start, and in 2001 they were the first party to move for it to be repealed – Labour quashed that attempt at repeal.

    How come PinkNews always has a quote from LGBT Labour but never from Con or Lib Dem on these sort of stories?

  7. Cobus Fourie 27 Apr 2009, 3:23pm

    It is long overdue, we currently use the Equality Act in SA to deal with human rights offenders and bigots which of course riled up the religious right.

  8. I hope this Equality legislation will apply throughout the UK … too often such legislation has applied only to England & Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland have to wait years before their respective public representatives get around to extending it … if they ever do!
    After all we have Equality if taxation, let’s have true equality in everything else!

  9. “How come PinkNews always has a quote from LGBT Labour but never from Con or Lib Dem on these sort of stories?”

    Probably cos the Tories’ gay equality record is terrible (Section 28, anyone?). There hasn’t been a Liberial (now Lib Dem) government in the UK since 1922 so no-one pays attention to them anymore.

  10. “”Wrong” sort of transsexual? What sort of transsexual is that?”

    The *wrong* sort of transsexual is the sort who does not hold a state-sanctioned Gender Recognition Certificate, Pumpkin Pie.

    The government’s Equality Unit has deliberately elected to leave non state approved trans people out of this discrimination protection legislation as it dismisses us as a mere ‘lifestyle choice’. Their excuse for omitting us from the Equality Bill is that we are not born this way. Would they have dared to give the OK to discrimination on the grounds of religion (e.g. backing up a boss who says: “I don’t employ Jews, Christians or Muslims’) arguing that being religious is a ‘lifestyle choice’, too? Most probably – no. Or if they did hopefully there would have been an outcry.

    Thus, in the government’s eyes, the majority of trans people are the *wrong* sort of transsexuals as they have decided that this 70 per cent of trans people are not important enough to deserve legal human rights protection.

  11. Pumpkin Pie 29 Apr 2009, 12:14am

    Thanks for filling me in, Tranzgrrl. That sort of prejudice is indeed worrying. I was just commenting the other day on a story here about a bisexual transgirl who survived an attempted murder. The court was referring to her as a bisexual transvestite and calling her “him”, despite the fact that she was seeking gender reassignment. If someone’s seeking to change their sex like this, it should be pretty bloody obvious what gender they are! I’m a REAL bisexual transvestite. The transgirl in question is COMPLETELY different. I’m male and occasionally dress up in gender-“inappropriate” attire. She’s female and dresses up in female attire. Big difference.

    It seems to me that a large portion of the state only recognises trans people when the psychologists (who they rightfully respect) drag them kicking and screaming and say “you should treat this specific person as being this gender, even if you disagree with us”. The trans community desperately needs more respect, more sympathy and more cultural awareness from the public.

  12. Good point, Pumpkin Pie!

    In the case of non-state approved trans people, up until now it seems that the law has been set up in order to enable the powers-that-be to *impose* an alien identity down from above upon an already profoundly socially and politcally marginalised minority group.

    Since the formulators of the new Equality Bill have not only acquiesed in this, but actively reinforced it by rejecting the requests from so many trans people to change this situation; far from all that oft-repeated *spin* about their committment to ‘valuing diversity’ – the government’s Equalities Unit has left quite a few people (whom they apparently view as too diverse for their own good:) equally as much disempowered as they were before.

    In Thailand, out of a population of 66 million there are an estimated 180,000 trans people. As the population of Britain is roughly numerically equal to that of Thailand, there’s no reason to doubt that there are 180,000 trans people here. The population is 182,000. Now imagine if the government announced that it didn’t think it worth affording human rights to 70 per cent of the people of York?

  13. Sorry, sentence in my above post should read: “The population of the city of York is c.182,000.” (N.B. Roughly equivalent to the number of trans people in Britain, alone).

  14. Pumpkin Pie 2 May 2009, 12:52pm

    Now that IS a lot! What we need is more trans celebrities. And not like the buffoonish gay celebrities who play up to stereotypes for easy money. We need respectable ones.

    There are many countries out there who are much more accepting of trans people. The difference in those countries is that trans identity isn’t censored and silenced. Trans power needs to be LOUD!

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