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BBC boss fails to give Chris Moyles a full seal of approval

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Reader comments

  1. If Mr Moyles is an “excellent” broadcaster then no wonder I’ve lost in faith in the BBC for quality programming.

  2. I can’t say that I have been following this story closely. Moreover, here in Canada where we get too little of the BBC, I don’t know anybody who has ever heard of Chris Boyles (I mean Moyles).
    However, from what I know of the ‘younger audience’, Moyles sounds like the kind of guy whose hair would be dyed neon blue, whose forehead would be tatooed with a target sign, and who would be sent to fight the Taliban, thus making the world a better place.
    There I go being unkind again. Will I ever learn?
    Just my opinion, of course, and I don’t claim to be well informed on the matter.

  3. “Mr Cooper said Moyles would remain in post “so long as he keeps connecting with the young audience””
    So being a bigot twat is “connecting with the young audience” worrying

  4. I wonder if its possible to get him arrested under hate crimes =]

  5. Jean Paul – I used to listen to him often, not through choice but because it was the only radio station my work colleagues would tune into. You’re not a million miles wrong.
    I’m not surprised he’s lashing out at the Sun newspaper on air for 12 whole minutes, as he generally settles all his personal scores on air.
    If you’ve ever heard Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan’s breathtakingly inept Radio and TV presenter comedy creation) this is the same type of thing except Steve Coogan is deliberately pretending to be lame and unprofessional for laughs. I’m not convinced Moyles appreciates the difference between quirky comedy banter and simply coming over like an unprofessional egit. His personal score settling always gets way too involved and forgets the comedy element somewhere back down the track. It starts to sound just like someone having a whinge.
    He’s what we call a Marmite personality – you either love him or hate him. I’m in the second camp.
    Still, at least it sounds like the powers that be at the BBC are asking themselves why he’s still on the payroll, which isn’t such a bad question to ask.

  6. Flapjack:
    If you’ve got the time, I will always welcome any backgroung material from you.

    Abba (3):
    Even if the kids are not getting a healthy sex education in what you call ‘church schools’, any kid who uses the Internet, and what kid doesn’t, will teach him(her)self a healthy and accepting attitude towards the wide range of wholesome human sexual expressions.
    My point being that Moyles will not connect with the younger audience by expressing homophobia of any kind on the air. What kind of image is he giving to listeners of all ages about the UK’s outstanding radio media.
    If he is to be kept on the payroll (and I don’t wish unemployment on anyone these days), he could do just as well in the music library where he could earn his living while finding enough inner peace to learn that, as Goethe pointed out: ‘Talking is a need, but listening is a talent’.

  7. all i want them to do with him is send him to a gay club in Norwich XD

  8. There’s only one word to adequately describe Mr. Moyles: Oaf

  9. Shocking double standards from the BBC. If equivalent racist comments had been made he would have been gone within the hour! He is a disgusting oaf.

  10. I feel that the BBC doesnt give a dam about homophobic content. Their priority is ratings. I recently complained about a different show aimed at young people. I felt was relentlessly homophobic only to be told that there are lots of people who enjoy that type of humour. Can you imagine a show that was racist today being explained away as well lots of people enjoy racist humour. Given that moyles and the show I complained about were targetted at young people and it is young men that are most likely to commit hate crimes it is about time the BBC took homophobia seriously. Their editorial policy suggests that they must avoid causing harm to vulnerable groups. Mr Cooper might think it is good enough that he makes a judgement on what is homophobic or not but others certainly think that Moyles was being homophobic, the complainants, Paul Gambachini and Ofcom no less.

  11. Keith Lees 14 May 2009, 9:24am

    Hi, I am a listener to the Chris Moyles show on a daily basis.
    I have to say that in my opinion Chris is not in the slightest bit homophobic, he does make comments about gay issues in jest with Aled and with other guests. But this is in good humour, there is nothing offensive about it. And yes before anyone asks I am a gay man myself.
    The comment about the ring tone was not offensive my nephews refer to things as being gay, but they dont mean homosexual its a new trendy word.
    This country is becoming far too soft and pety over the slightest of things. We were proad to be a country who could have the freedom of speach, what is happening to this country???
    I agree that if a comment is made in a homophobic way then it should be dealt with under the equality regulations, but come on, we can still have a laugh as a nation as human beings.

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