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Analysis: New bill aims to entrench gay rights in all aspects of public life

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Reader comments

  1. George Broadhead 27 Apr 2009, 5:47pm

    “All of these new rules will also apply to people who face discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, religious belief, ethnic minority or disability.”

    Will they aslo apply to people with no religion e.g. atheists and Humanists? If not, why not?

  2. stephen kay 27 Apr 2009, 6:05pm

    Yes they will.If you have no religeon that is considered a religeon under the legislation.

  3. Pumpkin Pie 27 Apr 2009, 7:33pm

    I really, REALLY hope religion is way down on the list, after all the innate things such as gender, sexuality and race, otherwise we’re right back at square one.

  4. Justice Calo Reign 28 Apr 2009, 1:22am

    Go Europe Go! Your cousin from across the pond!

  5. Keith SIMPSON 28 Apr 2009, 9:05am

    What a load of cobblers.!
    They (the ‘government’ ? …don’t make me laff!!)) will not win!
    As long as there is a Catholic Church with open doors in the land, this silly bunch at No.10 and any silly bunch in the future can introduce legislation on this matter until the Second Coming of JC; it’ll make not a ha’p’orth of difference.
    There are too many vested interests.
    The decriminalization of homosexuality is all lip service, all bollox…and will remain so as long as you have the Ratzingers and the Vincent Nicholls of this world spouting crap in their long, silk-brocaded, silly, pointy, pointless, hats.
    All you will do with ‘legislation’ will be to lengthen the roll-call of martyrs’; today’s equivalent being resignations and sackings from jobs and there are ever a-plenty of ‘foot-soldiers for Christ’ as numerous as grains of sand, armies of pope-carrying, Roman Catholics working in local councils, schools, hospitals and wherever else.
    You are all wasting your breath!
    Save it to blow on yer chips and cool yer custard for afters, you might as well.
    And the likes of silly Tony Muppet who has converted to Catholicism, for his own slimy ends, no doubt, will toe the party line.
    (And yes I think it’s “toe” not “tow”…check it out..!)

    If he does not, (toe it) he will find that ‘converting’ to Catholicism is a nonsense.
    Catholicism is NOT the same as helping yourself to the pick-‘n-mix at Woolies.
    Catholicism is not an a la carte religion like ‘Daft-with-a-Vengeance’ Rowan Wotsit’s. That religion is a shopping list; changes from week to week.
    Let him (Tone)dissent for one nano-secundo and ‘plop’..!
    On to his doormat will be the ‘invite’ to go to Rome, not for discussion, not for ‘accomodation’, not to see ‘how we can fit your views in with ours, Mr. Self-Important World Class Leader’, but to be excommunicated…like a bullet from a gun; in and straight out the back door.
    Bigger, and totally powerful Catholics in the past, that is, with the power of life and death and with much bigger cod-pieces than Tony-Bollock-Brains, have bitten the dust, our ‘Enery-Six-Pack being one.


  6. Keith SIMPSON 28 Apr 2009, 9:12am

    It’s is all becoming, if it is not already, another religious war.
    Nowt changes.
    The ‘bodies’ of the new dead, the new martyrs, will not be exalted on the altars of the Church, will not be held in reliquaries for veneration.
    They will simply stand in line at JOBCENTRE PLUS..their earthly lives in ruins, else pay lip service, going with the flow like Cardinal Wolsey.

  7. Keith SIMPSON 28 Apr 2009, 9:26am

    It is the Roman Church they need to silence not the public bodies.
    Working in the public bodies you already have that Church’s foot-soldiers, the new martyrs.
    But like I said before, too many vested interests.
    You will not silence the Roman Church and so all your legislation is a wonderful waste of time.
    And, for the same reason, you will not silence Islam; you will never silence religious “I-AM-RIGHT!!-GOD-TOLD-ME-SO!!” bigots-on-a-mission.
    And in the end, when the silly C of E has mizzled up its own arsehole you will be left, in this country, with the fundamentalist Church of Rome in the blue corner and fundamentalist Islam in the red corner, slugging it out, the dead foot-soldiers of both camps littering the canvas of the dole Q.

    SALFORD……………..time for me meds and a nap.

  8. I wish religion had been left out of it altogether. I’ve radically changed my view after seeing the increase in bigotry which is then ‘justified’ by some religious belief or text. I don’t see why someone’s beliefs should be judged as more important than another’s just because they’re ‘religious’. Many people who aren’t religious hold strong beliefs, but that doesn’t allow them to discriminate against others.
    Gender, sexuality, race, disability are all things you are, religion is just something you choose to believe. I don’t think it should qualify for protection in this Bill.

  9. John (Derbyshire 30 Apr 2009, 4:19pm

    I`ve just read an article in todays Times Newspaper about the new intake of tory MP`s expecting to win seats at the next election. The majority are right-wing bigots who have absolutely no time for homosexuals. If you think its bad now- God help us all after the next election!

  10. Mihangel apYrs 6 May 2009, 2:22pm

    this will be a touchstone issue for the Tories and their Lords. If they vote against it or even defeat it I will look forward to the apologia on this site.

    If, however, they help it through, Sister Mary Clarence’s and Vulpus-rex’s statements will be vindicated

  11. Yeah, Mihangel, but I bet you’re not holding your breath

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