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Linguists fired under military gay ban ‘could have alerted US over 9/11’

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Reader comments

  1. I quite understand there may be ‘difficulties’ in managing this to a stage where the actual law is repealed. And yes their in trays are full following the Bush administration. So why not issue a presidential note to the military that until such time as the ban is reviewed and decided upon there should be no more ‘sackings’ from the forces purely on the basis of someones sexual orientation?

  2. 9/11 was a horrific tragedy, of course, and the waste of taxpayers’ money involved in ejecting gays from the forces is scandalous, but they are a price well worth paying. Against the importance of getting rid of faggots, the nation’s security and its people’s hard-earned tax dollars are mere trifles that don’t matter one way or the other.

  3. What a ridiculous claim. He is effectively saying that all the linguists employed by the military at the time were sacked for being gay? Were there no straight linguists around who could have interpreted the message, or were they not paying attention? This is a pretty desperate claim if you ask me.

  4. I recall that 8 or so Arab linguists were fired for being gay in the early weeks of the Iraq War in 2003.
    If Colin Powell had had an Arabic linguist at his side when giving his infamous February 5 speech at the UN he would not have misinterpreted the intercepted telephone call through ignorance of Arabic word order.

  5. By the way, a love of the Arabic language is frequently associated with homosexuality; recall Sir Robert Burton, the translator of The Arabian Nights. The anti-gay ban goes hand in hand with the anti-intellectualism that has brought down the US under Bush and co.

  6. Bud Burgoon-Clark 25 Apr 2009, 2:42pm

    Our government’s attitude toward gays in the military is rather like blue-collar factory worker Bubba Buttcrack, who continues to vote Republican, despite the fact his job has been outsourced to East Tujunga, the executives of his company have stolen his pension and cancelled his healthcare benefits, his house is in foreclosure, and he and his wife are both working double shifts at the local Stop ‘n’ Rob … but he continues to vote Republican because they will protect him from queers getting married, in the precious name of JEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-zus.

    I wonder how much impact this news will have … our military (leaders, at any rate) are so discredited and demoralized over the ever-widening torture scandal, that there comes a point of non-sensitivity.

    BUT … the fact remains that six (or sixty) Arabic translators MIGHT have been able to save something on the order of 3000 lives on that fateful day, and SOMEBODY has to take the blame for THAT.


    The military had no role in dealing with the pre-911 “intelligence”.

    The CIA, FBI and NSA dropped the ball on that one and they are not covered by the stupid anti-gay policy.

    I feel sorry for the service personal who have their lives and careers wrecked by bigots in Washington, but quite frankly anything that helps hamstring the American war machine is welcome.

    Now all the American right have to do is turn the clock back a hundred years so only white hetti males can serve and we might finally get some peace in the world.

  8. So, if the CIA, NSA and FBI dropped the ball on the Twin Towers, who was it that turned around and said it was Saddan Husseins fault? The military? Cos whoever it was got it well wrong!

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 26 Apr 2009, 3:40pm

    Codex, apparently many of the farsi and arabic speakers were not straight…some 2-300 or more were fired based on their sexual orientation. There are fewer young Americans signing up for a military career than in any other time in its history. By getting rid of gays, you’ll end up with a military consisting of criminals and convicts many of whom were given a waiver by the Bush regime because they couldn’t recruit enough, honest, educated decent ones to fight in an abominable war, many of whom were gay or bisexual. Its going to have serious implications for the U.S. as the rest of the civilised western world allows its gay citizens to serve openly and honorably, including America’s closest ally, the UK. So much for the land of the free.

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