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New rules will widen access to gender reassignment in Wales

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Reader comments

  1. At last! The NHS in Wales has finally acknowledged that trans people exist and have a right to gender reassignment. People have committed suicide due to the lack of gender reassignment funding in Wales. Well done and congratulations for Ben Thom of Press For Change who worked so hard to convince the NHS to change their policy. Ben told me that he had many sleepless nights doing research and preparing presentations. What dedication! Thank you Ben!

  2. Whilst it is a step forward for Wales – Well Done Ben, the whole system needs a good shake up in the UK. I support anyone who can persuade the NHS suits to have a rethink.

    I am still suffering financially several years on after having to pay for all my treatment because my local PCT said that “I didn’t meet their criteria”. The NHS recognise gender dysphoria as a treatable condition, yet would rather spend more on treating those who choose not to work and spend their benefits on drink and drugs. I didn’t choose to be who I was and contributed to the NHS since I was 16!

  3. I’d like to echo the previous comments, I fought long and hard to get my funding approved by HCW, culminating in a legal case being brought against HCW by myself, which at the very last minute before proceeding to a full court hearing, HCW backed down and ceded to fund my referral & subsequent surgery, which I’m happy to announce I underwent in Nov 2009 (Incidentally the legal costs incurred up to that point was £6750, in my case paid for by legal aid, and before it even saw a courtroom..!!). My initial referral request was in 2004. As part of my fight against HCW, I obtained a copy of the old HCW policy, and despite all the news headlines and announcements of a new policy, I’ve not yet been able to find any publishing of the new policy for public scrutiny, to see what changes have been made. It’s welcome news indeed, but I’d like to see the new policy made publicly available for scrutiny, to determine exactly what is now covered, whether additional support is available etc.

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