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Gays urged to vote in European Parliament elections

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Reader comments

  1. PCG, Germany 23 Apr 2009, 5:00pm

    The European Parliament is like a “shrine” for Human Rights. It enforces Member States to respect them. Sadly the European Parliament does not have as much power as it should have, however their resolutions are taken very seriously by every Member State and beyond. If the Member State or its Parliament you live in do not respect you and your rights, then the European Union institutions step in to ensure your rights are respected. Member States are sometimes heavily fined.

    I do really think that every person, including those from minority groups, sould carry the duty to vote, it only takes 5 minutes, is that a lot of time? I don’t think so. Go on, visit the Polling Station, admission is free and you never know, the other half you have been looking for ages might well be there…. 5 Minutes of your time.

  2. Brenton Head 24 Apr 2009, 2:34am

    Which ever country you are in and you can vote GREEN , then go and do it!

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