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Claims of anal torture of gay Iraqis “consistent” with human rights violations

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Reader comments

  1. What a lovely religion that is…….

    Never mind, they will all get there 90 virgins in heaven.

    Disgusting animals. Particularly the clerics.

  2. I am not at all surprised to hear this.

    Shortly after the liberation of Kuwait, following Saddam Hussein’s invasion and occupation of that country, the Kuwaiti government set up a make-shift exhibition beside its looted museum and this exhibition included all the instruments of torture that the Iraqis left behind them when they fled the country on the eve of the Allied invasion.

    Saddam’s instruments of torture were used upon hundreds of Kuwaitis. I cannot recall all that was on display now, 18 years later, but I can clearly still “see” the following horrors laid out on the tables of the exhibition.

    – Thick glass bottles that were forced into the rectums of the captives.

    – Battery-charging clips that were attached to genitalia, to send surges of high-voltage electricity into the prisoners.

    Gynaecological instruments that were used to prise open the anal sphincters before various jagged metal objects were passed inside to cause internal damage.

    I have noted that the men of all Arab countries put down the men of other Arab countries by saying “They are all homosexuals!”. Iraqis said this of Kuwaitis, and vice versa. This probably explains why the Iraqis tortured their Kuwaiti prisoners with the above instruments and more.

    Many years after the Iraqis fled, I was glad to see Saddam Hussein being removed, as were the Kuwaiti people. However, it seems some of his evil still remains among his countrymen.

  3. This is just sick, sick sick!!!

  4. One answer to this is for gay groups to protest against any of these Islamic clerics coming to the UK…we need to remember the piece of Islamic horse-dung that Ken Livingstone brought to London only some little time ago.The gay community is just too passive in the face of these people.Shouting a bit and waving banners in quite insufficient – they make us afraid – we should make THEM afraid.Demonstrations should be “FORCEFUL”.That is one way to shut the mouths of these vile bigots.What I say also goes for the Roman Catholic clergy who peddle Ratzinger’s evil bigotry.They’d think twice about opening their mouths if they were likely to be “chastised” by their victims.Stonewall commemorates the time when the gays decided they had had enough and took action.We need to bring that spirit back into play.We have the power – let us use it.Thirty or forty hefty blokes making it plain they do NOT like you is telling – the BNP know that.

  5. Ste McCabe 23 Apr 2009, 1:27pm

    The most ironic part is that Iraqi LGBT’s were actually much better off under Saddam. Of course he condemned it, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actually illegal. It was when the US and UK invaded Iraq and caused complete anarchy in the poliical system that the persecution of LGBT’s really began in a climate where extreme Ilamic views were allowed to flourish. Left wing people are cheering that troops will be out of Iraq, no one giving a shit of the appalling situation they have left LGBT’s in.

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Apr 2009, 1:35pm

    Jacqui Smith, are you reading, watching, listening?

  7. jonnielondon 23 Apr 2009, 2:52pm

    When will Muslims, and especially Muslims in high ranking positions in their own countries, speak out against this horrific torture and repression of LGBT people? Are there no ethically-minded Muslims with a voice? We have ethical Christians, Jews and Buddhists who speak up. Why are there no Muslims to do the same?

  8. Islam is a primitive, evil religion. Any attempts to introduce Sharia law into this country would lead to the persecution of women and of gay people. It must be resisted.

  9. Jen Marcus 23 Apr 2009, 4:17pm

    The great Abramic Religious Book Traditions with their espoused concepts “Of God’s Chosen People, etc.” have spawned and unleashed incredible horror and evil unto this world since their writings. There very well may be a Loving God, but I doubt if that God inspired God’s faithful to write or practice such despicable evil and horrors on any, or all of God’s people or creation itself. Its obvious that something was lost in the translation from divinely inspired thought to actual word and practice. May God have mercy on us all!

  10. @Neville pretty much all religion is primitive and evil not just Islam.

    (saying “pretty much” as there are a couple of exceptions; Buddhism, Laveyan Satanism and Wicca are relatively benign)

  11. Terry Floyd Johnson 23 Apr 2009, 5:56pm

    This inhumanity will not go unpunished, the arabic iraq is going to face justice and that justice shall see the militas getting their just reward- nothinginess.

  12. This is the legacy that the alleged war criminals Bush and Blair have bequeathed to Iraq. And no……I think that Jacqui Smith will not be listening, unless you have some advice for her on how to maximise her parliamentary expenses claims.

  13. jonnielondon:
    I could not have said it better. There are good muslims, why don’t they speak up against these atrocities. Why oh why oh why. Why?

    I’d be inclined to Buddhism and Wicca, the latter because I love group hugs, and I don’t mean group sex!

    Thanks for the exceptional insight.

    Why hasn’t the International G&L Organization confirmed these reports? My guess is they simply cannot afford to hire a reporter.

  14. Keith SIMPSON 23 Apr 2009, 7:50pm

    Papa Ratzi could do with a new pair of shoes.
    When he comes here, his needs shhould be accomodated.

  15. Keith SIMPSON 23 Apr 2009, 7:57pm

    Ron 753…
    You forgot to mention that she’s gone to the movies.

  16. This barbaric religion is becoming more savage each day. I say every new immigrant who comes to the UK must renounce Islam.

  17. This babrbaric religion is becoming more savage each day. I say every new immigrant who comes to the UK must renounce Islam.

  18. Sarah Melnychuk 24 Apr 2009, 4:25am

    My heart is saddened by this. I am sad, I am really grieved by this kind of treatment towards people in the GLBT Community. I do hope that we can work together towards a safer place where true tolerance is observed and people can freely live their lives without the fear of being treated this way.

    Nobody can justify this kind of behavior and quite frankly I get really sick to my stomach when people use religion to justify such violence and hatred.

  19. With the Taleban now taking over parts of Pakistan and imposing Sharia law it will only get worse for these poor persicuted people. It wasnt that long ago Christianity was persicuting and murdering gay people. Its religion that is the problem, and unfortunately that is here for many lifetimes to come.

  20. This is deeply shocking and disturbing but unfortunatly nothing can be done. It makes me sad and angry when i hear atrocites like this are happening to our brothers and sisters, its genocide full stop. Do you relise that the governments of the west and the U.N are fully aware of all of what is happening to lgbt people in iraq,iran,saudi arabia,afganistan,jamaica and several other countries across the globe but they don’t care and just ignore it. If they truely cared they would come out and codemn it. I also have noticed that the mainstream media chooses not to report on any of this at all.

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