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Transexual tennis star beaten at Buenos Aires tournament

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 22 Apr 2009, 11:33pm

    Odd reaction to this story. On the one hand it’s ‘Yay for the transsexual player’.

    On the other hand it’s ‘Hmm – she was born a biological male so despite her gender reassignment she was born with a male physique. What size is she? Does she not have an unfair advantage thanks to the physical strength of her birth sex?’

    Then again she got thrashed in her match. Must be her age.

  2. The first few paragraphs of this article are really badly written.
    It says she underwent a sex-change operation in October 2009.

    It goes on to day
    and she was initially refused by the Chilean women’s tour in 1975.
    Are they referring to Renee Richards here? It doesn’t say.

    Methinks a rewrite is necessary.

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