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Mum fined for homophobic abuse of her son

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Reader comments

  1. “She accepts what she did was hurtful, but it was designed to try to get some communication with him.”

    If that’s her general method of communication I can well understand why he left the family home at 16 and didn’t make contact afterwards.
    Perhaps this is the start of gay teens standing up for themselves against homophobic parents who engage in abuse.

  2. with women like that on the loose its no wonder there are so many gay men.

  3. She accepts what she did was hurtful, but it was designed to try to get some communication with him. Hmm

    If that’s her general method of communication I’m not surprised the lad left the family home at 16 and didn’t have contact afterwards.
    Perhaps this is the start of gay teens in UK standing up for themselves against homophobic parents who engage in abuse when their children “come out”.

  4. I bet she feels entitled to object to those two gay men adopting that heroine addict’s children, yuk. It’s worth her son getting out of Aberdeen, actually.

  5. his mother is a big fat…

    youtube watch?v=i9oLfvkbgP8

  6. Pumpkin Pie 22 Apr 2009, 7:38pm

    An adult bullying a child – THEIR OWN CHILD – based on the child’s sexuality, which the child is not responsible for and which hurts no-one?

    There are no words strong enough to convey my contempt for this miserable, wretched monster. And £250 is what this is worth? She’s lucky I have no idea what she looks like, because if I ever bumped into her on the street, it would be her getting her “head kicked in”. We’ll see how big she feels when she’s the one running for her life.

    I hope that kid’s got somewhere safe he can go to. If he doesn’t, there are plenty of places he can go to for help, like the Albert Kennedy Trust, or the Queer Youth Network, or Stonewall. Any library or other council-run establishment should have a list of support groups he can contact.

  7. BrazilGayScene 22 Apr 2009, 10:22pm

    A very sad case…. Very sad she did not go to prison!
    The one person you should be able to count on for unconditional love is your MOTHER. This piece of trash is not fit to use the title. I’m glad this lad reported her, gave evidence in court, and saw it through.. I’m just sorry she was not put away, even for a short time, for what she did to her son. ‘Breaching the peace’ for threatening someone with physical violence? Not enough.
    This boys mother failed him… Big time… and now so did the courts. Shame on them.

  8. Brian Burton 23 Apr 2009, 7:40am

    Celia Duncan should never hav been fined, a fine is never any solution to a simple problem as this. Instead, the Court should have ordered the Mother to have councilling on here Son’s situation and also introduced her to her Son’s Boy Friend. Instead, what do we have? A very resentful Mother having to pay compleat strangers £250 and a equally resentful Son–Mum dos’nt understand me and all that! Every thing is wrong and nothin’ ‘aint right I’m afraid. Typical of this backward country of ours!

  9. Good. Pity she didn’t get the jail.

  10. I vaguely remember reading about this story quite some time ago now. I live in Aberdeen. As far as I’m aware, the young couple in question are living quite happily here in Aberdeen. I hope so, after all, why the hell should they be pushed out of town by that contemptuous excuse for a so-called mother.

    Maybe the couple read this website of course and can answer themselves. Whilst I do like living in this city and have beautiful friends here, I do worry about some of the bigoted attitudes in general of people here which I do find to be relatively backward compared to other cities I’ve lived in such as Glasgow & London. I feel comfortable in the venues in the city I go to with my friends, but would not dare hold hands with a partner walking down Union St (the main high street in Aberdeen).

  11. Can’t condone but seems a bit rich when the UK allows Muslim and Jewsish parents to abuse their male kids by lopping a bit off their genitals and this is not considered child abuse. Something wrong somehere?

  12. I just hope Stuart can genuinely come to terms with what his mother did to him. May partner comes from a ‘disfuctional’ family and even now, at 42, there are times when I can see in his eyes the sadness at not having loving and supportive parents and nothing I say or do will ever change the hurt he has endured.

  13. Homophobic bullying and violence of young people by their parents is a huge and often ignored problem. People don’t know if it is domestic violence, child abuse, assault etc etc. This makes it easy for professionals to pass the buck. There needs to be a proper co-ordinated approach. What has happened here is encouraging, but I do agree that this woman should have been sent to counselling or sent on a diversity awareness course.

  14. Female circumcision IS agaist the UK law. As regards to men, in the USA its almost 100% common practise and not done for religion but for hygene.

  15. Vile woman. Paying a fine will probably make her more bitter and twisted though. She needs Probation so someone can get to the bottom of her ridiculous attitude!

  16. Male genital mutilation WAS 100% in the USA but its going down fast (legal actions are seeing to that), as there are NO hygiene benefits.
    Americans were conned into male genital mutilation of the basis that it stopped masturbation too (totally spurious claim) — which of course has Christian religious overtones as well.
    Both male and female genital mutilations should be against the law if done for (non medical reasons).
    Child abuse is child abuse, however it is wrapped up and genital mutilation is a lot more serious than a parent yelling at their children.

    Upside down values – religions as usual get away with all this spurious stuff.

  17. Pumpkin Pie 23 Apr 2009, 6:46pm

    Why would any rational person want to make masturbation HARDER? There’s a species of primates out there (can’t remember which one it is) that is the only primate species known to engage in masturbation. They are the most peaceful, chillaxed, sociable primates of all. Self-love is a great way to release pent up emotions, soothe stress, relax and just generally have fun when you can’t find a playmate to have fun with.

    The world needs MORE masturbation. Peace out. ~<3

  18. He is well-rid of this shameful example of a parent.

  19. @ Mike its true there is no hygiene benefits, you will also get less stimulation done there.

    She needs to go to a therapy, any one who shouts homophobic abuse should be treated as tho they have a mental illness because there must be something wrong with you if you really think its your business what two other people do in the bed.

  20. And bicthes like this can breed?

  21. @Ken. Are you related to the mum?

    Great news that she got fined.

  22. Brian Burton 25 Apr 2009, 9:32am

    Did you know Guys and Gals that Masturbation has been proved to be very benificial, so, I advise you all to get to it pronto!

  23. Stuart O'Neill 2 May 2009, 5:24pm

    Hi All! Im The Young Lad This Story Is About! I Have To Say Most Of The Comments Made Me Laugh. LOL Thank You All So Much For Your Comments I Really Enjoyed Reading Them And Seeing What People Thought Of The Whole Thing. I Am More Happier Than I Have Ever Been And I Am Getting eOn With My Life. I Will NEVER Speak To My Mother Again. I Have Got My Own Family Now My Wonderfull Fiance and our two cats there like are babies lmao. thank you all so much

    stuart xoxox

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