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Britney comes out for gay marriage following Miss California row

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 22 Apr 2009, 1:32pm

    Good for Britney and Miley.

    Although let’s be honest someone like Britney who married a 1 night stand after a drunken night out in Vegas and who had it annulled 2 days later obviously is in no position to criticise anyone who wants to get hitched.

    As for Miley Cyrus – well she’s a kid so can be forgiven for actually thinking that “Jesus” is in any way relevant to a discussion on the legal right to enter a civil contract.

  2. Cali-resident 22 Apr 2009, 2:38pm

    Being gay is a disease that can be treated. The spread of homosexuality is destroying our society and spreading diseases.

    And I’m glad Miss California denounced gay marriage.

  3. Alex Williams 22 Apr 2009, 3:08pm

    Homosexuality is a disease? Really? Hahahaha, I could have sworn SCIENCE disproved that YEARS ago!

    I’m very interested on how you pulled that conclusion from your backside.

    Homosexuality is not a choice, it is not a disease, it can not be treated, and all attempts to treat it are all failed. Orientation is not a choice, sexual behavior is. Anyone can choose to have relations with someone of the same sex, or opposite sex, but you do not control who it is that you’re attracted to.

    All of the following not only speak up for homosexuality, but they all state that it is not a choice, and it can not be ‘cured’:
    The American Medical Association, The American Psychiatric Association, The American Psychological Association, The American Psychoanalytical Association, The American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Association of Social Workers.

    Now tell me again…It’s a disease?

  4. Brian Burton 22 Apr 2009, 3:16pm

    Just a cotton-pickin’ minute California Dreamin’ Bloody resident. You are the disease in the world today, and you will continue to be so whilst retaining antiquated views on us beautiful people like you do. Anyway Cali-Res–Get Stuffed!

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Apr 2009, 3:17pm

    Cali resident you’re a moron and probably a closet case at best. Read what several major American organisations have to say about ex-gay therapy.

    The American Medical Association stated, “Most of the emotional disturbance experienced by gay men and lesbians around their sexual identity is … due more to a sense of alienation in an unaccepting environment. For this reason, aversion therapy … is no longer recommended.”

    The American Academy of Pediatrics warned, “Therapy directed at specifically changing sexual orientation is contraindicated, since it can provoke guilt and anxiety while having little or no potential for achieving changes in orientation.”

    The American Psychiatric Association went further: “There is no published scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of ‘reparative therapy’ as a treatment to change one’s sexual orientation.” And again, “The potential risks of ‘reparative therapy’ are great, including depression, anxiety and self-destructive behavior.”

    The American Psychological Association agreed: “Medical and mental health professionals also now know that sexual orientation is not a choice and cannot be altered. Groups who try to change the sexual orientation of people through so-called ‘conversion therapy’ are misguided and run the risk of causing a great deal of psychological harm to those they say they are trying to help.”

    The “ex-gay ministries” answer these bristling position papers by carefully parsing their definition of success. Rather than sexual orientation transformation resulting in, say, heterosexual marriage, they define success as the ability to resist homosexual urges. Critics see this as temporary suppression of one’s sexuality, nothing more.

    Also, these groups curiously keep no long-term follow-up records to scientifically validate their success rates, relying only upon anecdotal evidence. That has been problematic, though, as many founders, successive leaders and clients of these organizations have first claimed to be sexually reoriented and then reverted to homosexuality. Such persons often denounce “conversion therapy” as quackery.

    Further, if a gay sexual orientation can be cured, prove to us that ex-gay ministries can cure a straight and convert him or her to a gay orientation. Again, you’re a moron!

  6. Simon Murphy 22 Apr 2009, 3:53pm

    Cali-resident – I think you will find that belief in a blatantly fictional character called Jesus is the disease. It is a mental illness.

    I recommend you attend reparative therapy for your religious illness.

    And unlike the vile attempts to “cure” homosexuality we should all be promoting reparative therapy to cure religious illness. Religion (unlike homosexuality) is entirely curable.

  7. “And I’m glad Miss California denounced gay marriage.”

    So am I… it put her bigotry into the open for all to see and lost her the title. Couldn’t be happier. :D

  8. I cannot believe how screwed up this country has become.
    Miss California didn’t win because she was asked what she thought about gay marriage and she answered the question.
    These so called “pageant judges” should be shot. I’m guessing then that the next pageant must have all contestants that are either gay or bisexual in order to compete?
    People need to know that for the incredibly small percentage of the country that participates in this gay marriage, which by the way is only so they can get the benefits from employers and the government that hetero marriages receive, there are way too many people presenting their one sided views, like the ridiculous Perez.

  9. Who cares what Spears says. She is so twisted nothing she says makes any sense. As for Devout Christian Miley Cyrus, she’s a kid that is trying too hard to be grown and needs to stop trying. IF she was such a DEVOUT CHRISTAIN, she would not go against the Bible. But what can you expect from someone who still needs teaching. She has no clue of what she’s talking about.

  10. @Cruzer

    Don’t worry there are plenty of Stephen Fry types putting your side.

  11. Pumpkin Pie 22 Apr 2009, 4:34pm

    Silly Cruzer. All Miss Thingies are required to present their physical appearances. If some hideous ogre presented herself to the judges, she wouldn’t win. She was asked to present herself, she did so, and now look what happened! Only difference with Miss California is that she is ugly on the inside. (Not that she’s that pretty, anyway.)

  12. I think the main problem here isn’t exactly the subject about which she was speaking (though I do dread the idea that she has no concept of civil rights), but how she said it. She sounded like a complete airhead, refusing the acknowledge any of the social issues surrounding it and instead, making it about her and the way she was raised.

    Ironically — and possibly, hypocritically — she came out later and said about her own sister, “She supports gay people, she supports gay marriage. My beliefs have nothing to do with my sister or my mom, or whatever.” This, right after saying that she has her beliefs because of the way she was raised. Is that really the case, or is she just naturally homophobic and is using a family upbringing (despite her later statement) as an “excuse” for the bigotry?

    That being said, good for you, Britney and Miley. I’m sure your opinions on the subject are much more well-rounded and thought-out than Miss California’s.

  13. look at the source of your interviews of gays and i find all gays lacking to be a man or woman, who cares about hollywood or anyone else when the majority of americans do not support gay rights to nothing

  14. Cruzer — Very few people in the U.S. “participate” in gay marriage because it’s only legal in four states… You’d be surprised how many more married couples there would be if our government would stop being bigoted and give equal marriage rights.
    The opinions of Ms. Spears and Ms. Cyrus may not be the most… informed or respected, but they’re right. And there are millions more who would give the same opinion: well-educated people and the guy next door. Someday people will look back at our generation and not be able to believe that we were so closed-minded as to not give homosexuals the same rights as everyone else.

  15. Lol she doesn’t even have the rights to her own childern who gives a F**k what this drug using idiot thinks.

  16. Jack Johnston 22 Apr 2009, 8:36pm

    America has been under the impression that being disfunctional was a state requirement for citizenship in California. California leads the national in drug trafficing, gang violence, illegal immigration, Hollywood trash, mortgage defaults, number of homosexuals, etc. Thank you, Miss Carrie Prejean for showing the nation that there is a little hope for California afer all. Yes, being a homosexual is disfunctional. Please keep in mind that homosexuals have the right to seek treatment for their disfunction just as much as Britney Spears has the right the seek treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. It would be nice for a change to hear from other real ladies and gentlemen in California instead of the same old mass production of Hollywood trash.

  17. Stephanie, you said, ” about which she was speaking (though I do dread the idea that she has no concept of civil rights), but how she said it. She sounded like a complete airhead, refusing the acknowledge any of the social issues surrounding it and instead, making it about her and the way she was raised”

    She was “sandbagged” by the homosexual Perez. It was most
    inappropriate to ask her such a loaded question, which requires
    an answer built a basis of medical, biological, social, peer group, possible sex abuse, etc. to give a detailed explanation.
    And her answer was honest as she probably didn’t have but a
    couple of minutes to answer the loaded question.

    She relied on her family upbringing which in my opinion seems to
    show her to be a pretty balanced young lady. She has principles that are accepted by a majority of people, so what’s wrong with
    her answer?

  18. BeautyQueen 23 Apr 2009, 3:13am

    Aside from everything else, Kristen Dalton won both the swimsuit and the evening-wear categories. Carrie Prejan’s comments reek of sour grapes and further demonstrate how dumb she is (like her view on gay marriage hadn’t already done that enough!)

  19. that is really very silly the answers. I ask you very simple a question.. if your son or daughter rather let become drug addiction or gays? I would like to listen what is your opinion? thanks

  20. my opinion if my son or daughter would be ga better than drug addiction why? you know drugs will steal your values to sell to get drugs! I had experinced what happened I had my son did steal my money $4,000.00 for drugs in two days how nice ?

  21. Don’t feed the trolls! Just leave Cali-bigot to their nonsense. I’m sure Jesus loves you, that you think heaven exists, and the doors will be wide open to you.

    This Miss California is SO utterly stupid. But I think she has a good publicist behind her. She’s actually managing to use the gay marriage debate to further her career, which is kind of sick. She also doesn’t seem to understand that saying “it’s the way I was brought up” doesn’t quite match up with the fact that her sister and mother’s beliefs would suggest quite the opposite. In the next breath, she says, “My beliefs have nothing to do with my sister or my mom.”

  22. I didn’t watch the Miss American show. Can anyone tell me which
    of the other contestents gave the “politically correct” answer to
    the gay question by Perez?

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