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Man jailed for seven weeks for verbally abusing local councillor’s partner

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 21 Apr 2009, 5:27pm

    Christopher Small, Jailed hor homophobic abuse. I would’nt like to be in his shoes. I recon he will be wiser on his release after he’s been raped a few times inside.

  2. This is the North East I grew up in, I’m afraid. But I have to say the language the victim was subjected to is mildness itself compared to what I and my 1960s/70s generation faced.

  3. Dermot Carter 22 Apr 2009, 2:16pm

    what a fucking stupid thing to say about rape…

    Despite the fact the abuser is an obvious dickhead, why wish rape on him????? What will that prove?

  4. Brian Burton 22 Apr 2009, 5:08pm

    Dermot Carter, If you are incapable of making your point with out using the F.. word, then you should attend English classes at the local Collage–Have a nice day!!

  5. Dermot Carter 22 Apr 2009, 7:43pm

    Thanks for the advice. Although I am sometimes incapable of making my point without using “fuck”, I am capable of spelling “college” though. Kind regards DC XX

  6. Brian Burton 23 Apr 2009, 5:43pm

    DC you are nicer than I thought Good Luck for the future and please drop the F word.

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