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Inquest opens into lesbian prison suicide

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Reader comments

  1. wow depressing!

  2. Brian Burton 22 Apr 2009, 2:23pm

    Lisa Doe, a very tragic woman. I saw recentley, a womans prison documentary ‘Holloway’ The main theme throughout seemed to be how mixed-up and violent they were, once in the main-stream prison system. I noticed short stay woman prisoners will take a Lesbian lover but revert back to men when released. Lisa Doe was a ‘lifer’ and so a relationship in that confined prison system would mean more to her than we could understand. Drugs and booze, a recipe for anyones downfall.

  3. julie mileham 24 Apr 2009, 9:27am

    lisa was an innocent young girl who was a loving mum daughter and niece and grandaughter send prison is to blame for what has happened and i think its disgusting that my nieces name is being dragged through the dirt by people who no nothing about her or the person she was and i think they should start looking from more than one point of view and stop making her look like the bad person in this because she is not to blame you should think about the family left in pieces because of send prisons neglect of dutys.

  4. julie mileham 24 Apr 2009, 6:07pm

    lisa’s mum jane has found it impossible to understand why she no longer has her daughter and states that there isnt one day that she doesnt think of lisa all she wants is answers as to why this has happened to her baby girl it has made her ill being put through this and the only people to blame are the ones who neglected there dutys of looking after her beautiful daughter.

  5. julie mileham 25 Apr 2009, 2:19pm

    the people who have written articles on my niece dont no the true facts and are taking the side of the people who are to blame and making my niece out to be a nasty person when she is nothing like how they are percieving her to be she was a kind and gentle person in every way who wore her heart on her sleeve and unfortunatly certain people took advantage of her kind and generous nature she didnt have a bad bone in her body and i love and miss her every second of every day and im now left with the feeling of emptyness and a shattered heart as is the whole of lisa’s family.

  6. Brian Burton 25 Apr 2009, 2:44pm

    My Heartfelt condolences Julie.

  7. julie mileham 26 Apr 2009, 1:34am

    my niece was learning german and russian languages and doing loads more coursesin the run up to the day she was taking from us.the prison also employed her as a shoulder to cry on for the girls who were finding it to hard to be in prison she helped alot of girls and was called upon by the prison everytime there was an inmate threatening suicide and she would talk to them ,calm them down and put them back on the right path and wwas highly respected by alot of girls. lisa was the one the girls went to if they needed someone to talk to.she was due to come out on weekend home visits and had no intentions of doing anything other than being around her little girl but instead she was neglected in a place where she was supposed to be safe from harm under the watch of the staff of send prison .she is the 5th person to be taken from there familys by someone elses hands in send prison.i miss her so much and would give anything just to see her and give her a cuddle and to tell her that i love her with all my heart and soul.

  8. lisa doe is a evil lady, a crackhead, prositute with a child i feel so sorry for that child because it had a mother like lisa hopefully lisa doe’s child grows up to hate her because she was such a bad person. losa doe will go to hell where she belongs alongside all the bad people she know’s i hope she rots in hell!!1she killed a inocent man that wouldn’t hurt a fly!! yes he was a bad person but he was never abusive towards no one…lisa took away my uncle therefore im glad she died!!!

    1. Cheyanne Chuter 20 Oct 2013, 3:47pm

      excuse me thats my mother your talking about how dare you insult her after death you didnt no her or her real life storys so stfu dont give me your sympathy i don t want it from someone like you

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