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Funding for LGBT MPs hits £2,000 target

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Reader comments

  1. While Parliament should reflect our nation, let’s not buy the spin here.

    The mere fact of having out MPs on the government benches did *nothing* for LGBT rights as they blithely followed the Labour whip – everything we’ve gained in the last 12 years has started not with the out Labour MPs but either from the Lib Dems (only 2 out MPs but initiated the laws on things like civil partnerships, section 28 repeal) or from Europe (age of consent, repeal of the military ban etc). Far from standing up for equality, the much trumpeted out Labour MPs sat silent as their government poured money into fighting a legal case in Europe to be allowed to continue the gay ban in the military.

    Just like having more women MPs was great in itself, but it didn’t matter when they all backed Labour’s attacks on single parents once they had power.

  2. Never Kissed a Tory 21 Apr 2009, 8:51pm

    What a load of Liberal Democrat rubbish above. Labour is the party that has delivered full legal equality – and used the Parliament Act, forcing measures through the Lords. The LibDems will say anything to anyone and get away with is as no-one notices what they say. Why are/were all the gay LibDems so terrified to come out and scared of their own party. Hughes, Oaten had to be outed!

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