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Homophobia row in The Apprentice

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Reader comments

  1. Complain now 20 Apr 2009, 11:30am

    Another relic, african, homophobe – they would be quick enough to shout if it was a reacist comment – double-standards again!

  2. Stuart Neyton 20 Apr 2009, 12:02pm

    Believe it or not, complain now, gay people and homophobic people exist in all races and nationalities. Stop trying to make this out as another gay people against black people thing.

  3. Pink News in trying to sensationalise irrelevant crap *shocker*

  4. I understand your point, Stuart Neyton. Obviously homophobia is not exclusive to one particular race or nationality. That said, the kind of prejudice expressed so casually on The Apprentice is a perfectly normal reaction from someone raised in Africa.

  5. I saw the sports episode and I have to say, I think Yasima’s comment was misinterpreted by Debra. What Yasima was trying to say was that the advert was intended to represent all ethnic types, so one representative of each on the poster was an ideal mix. Debra took that to mean she had a problem with ethnic minorities and jumped down her throat, even though Yasima was Iranian herself. You could legitimately argue that in a totally PC world the ethnicity of the models would be completely irrelevant, but Yasima’s suggestion was intended to be inclusive rather than racist.
    That said, Mona’s blatantly homophobic comment confirms for me just how ignorant she is, after already attempting to charge £100 for an ameteur carwash after being told up front by her customer that his normal professional valeting team were charging £60 for a superior service on the first task.
    What does she imagine gay people would do if introduced to her 6 year old son? Does she think it’s contagious?

  6. Funny how the BBC is keen to show homophobia, but unwilling to do much to oppose it.

  7. I’ve watched The Apprentice and had Mona marked out as an intelligent, likeable person. If this is correct, I’ve totally changed my mind. I suggest that the BBC rephrase her comment to her by substituting the word ‘black’ for the word ‘gay’. I hope she’d see how offensive what she said was then.
    I have no idea what she meant by her comment, but one thing leapt into my mind immediately, and it wasn’t nice.

  8. It will be interesting to see what (if any) reaction it gets from Sir Alan in the boardroom….

  9. vulpus_rex 20 Apr 2009, 1:07pm

    I try and avoid this shocking vehicle for self-promoting egos as much as possible, however based on the few times I have seen it I concluded that all the candidates are obnoxious, hard faced and clearly have skins as thick as a hippo.

    I therefore doubt very much whether this chap actually felt any offense whatsoever but was very quick to spot an opportunity to swing the cameras round to him for some more additional publicity.

  10. Well – the BBC had damn well better show the comments. Such ignorance and bigotry are everyday occurrences for many LGBT people. It’s time they were aired, and not covered up. Then we can judge, and we can judge how the other team members and board members respond and deal with bigotry in real life. Silence is complicity after all.

    Here is a golden opportunity for the BBC to redeem itself, just show it like it is, instead of pretending it doesn’t happen.

    Otherwise, you deny the right of a great many homophobes from changin their opinion.

  11. AdrianT – That could work in either direction though. If you show it, there will always be a section of the audience who nod and agree, plus showing it on a primetime show could have a counterproductive ‘normalising’ effect. Are we merely preaching to the choir here or demonstrating how backward these opinions are?
    I kind of see what you’re driving at, but I’m not convinced that by showing that kind of bigotry we’re challenging it rather than simply encouraging it as acceptable workplace banter.
    It rather hinges on how the other candidates reacted to it and whether Sir Alan took issue with it in the boardroom.

  12. This woman basically told Ebison that she considers him so dangerous that she wouldn’t even let her daughter meet him. He did very well to keep his cool over such a gastly insult. It is always so sad when someone from one minority group has no understanding of the need to not show prejudice against other minority groups. The BBC should use this sort of situation as an opportunity to show people having their prejudices robustly challenged.

  13. Har Davids 20 Apr 2009, 3:35pm

    Just show the episode and let people be offended by this kind of bigotry. Mona seems to be very full of herself, and now we know with what.

  14. I just hope that people bring her into the boardroom and bring this topic up and let Sir Alan know that if he hires this woman he’ll be getting a homophobic bigot working for him.

  15. Has anyone actually seen the episode yet?

  16. We all have our prejudices. I’m sorry, Tony (#12), but if anybody says “I have no prejudices”, they would be lying. They are sometimes there for a justifiable reason (past experiences, oppression, unfairness, etc.). But on the other hand, prejudice is often simply stupid, ignorant, misinformed opinions handed down by society with absolutely no rational thought process behind them. It takes intelligence to confront the latter and form your own opinions.

    Based on everything I have seen so far of this ignoramus in question, I’ll hedge my bets that it is the latter in her case. She comes from a place where bigotry and narrow-mindedness (not “traditional values”, thank you very much, the producers at the BBC!) is the norm.

  17. Yes Flapjack, but we won’t let Ms Lewis have the last word will we? otherwise we might as well give up.

    Still, it must be asked, how the f*** could margate be an interesting gay destination? nonsense on stilts….

  18. If this incident is as bad as has been reported, and please BBC show the whole thing as it is what LGBT suffer everyday and it might bring it home to a wider audience what we have to put up with, then I would like to think that rather than being ‘sacked’ by Alan Sugar, this consetant is just removed from the show with a statement that her behaviour was unacceptable in the UK in 2009. I am certain that if someone had said that they did not want their child meeting the muslim, who has already been sacked, because of fear of him turning them into a suicide bomber then I am certain they would have been removed, possibly being instructed to do so by the government, for fear of causing national racist incidents like the riots over the Mohammed cartoons several years ago.

  19. If this is all true…. it’s a great example of everyday homophobia. Replace the word ‘gay’ in the scene with ‘black’, or asian or pretty much anything else (disabled/mentally disabled) and …. UPROAR!!

    Nuff said :)

    Will get off my whingy gay soapbox now.

  20. AfricanQueen 6 May 2009, 7:07pm

    Hie.Mona was raised in Africa where gays are unheard of. Its just ignorance i dont think she really hates gays. I was raised in africa and for the first 19 yrs of my life i didnt know that there was such a thing as a gay person. But ive met many gays since i came to the UK and they are just normal people.
    There is still a lot of ignorance going around just as ive met some people who think africans stay in forests and dont have TVs, or internet.
    Its so sad that in developing countries like africa & asia they are many GAYS & LESBIANS but they will never come out or else they get killed..

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