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US defence secretary: Repeal of military gay ban could take years

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Reader comments

  1. How many qualified men and women will be discharged before the politicians finally get around to changing this law? If Obama moves TOO cautiously, he may not get it done in his first term and then if (god forbid) he doesn’t win re-election, there is no way it will happen.

    I’m starting to feel like Obama is, while certainly an improvement over Bush (who villified the LGBT community), is the sort of person who “likes” the LGBT community but isn’t going to lift a finger to help us.

  2. Mihangel apYrs 17 Apr 2009, 6:54pm

    It took the majority of the NATO armies 10 seconds to introduce equality once they decided. Canada and the UK (the 2 countries most like the US) haven’t had problems, is the US military scared that their soldiers may behave in uncivilised ways, or that they will be scared to serve along side gay US soldiers, while serving alongside gay Canadian, UK, Netherlands etc soldiers?

    They can’t answer this question without accepting that US soldiers are bigots or thugs, or that they’re making it up.

  3. Bud Burgoon-Clark 17 Apr 2009, 9:51pm

    You have to remember that US recruiters are accepting felons, drug dealers, and gang members to make up for the gay people they’re NOT accepting and/or kicking out. They undoubtedly ARE homophobic.

    Secretary Gates is a Rethuglicriminal homo-hater, a hangover from The Administration From The Depths Of Hell.

    I can see President Obama waiting till his second term, when he will have nothing to lose. It doesn’t make me HAPPY, but it makes political sense.

  4. I feel the point is being missed by some of the comments here.

    Gates supports the repeal of the ban, yet recognises that homophobia does exist in the military and that it will take time to ensure that lesbian and gay soldiers, air force and naval members feel safe among their colleagues and and superiors.

    Nothing wrong with that in my mind – jobs would likely still be lost even if the repeal was preformed overnight, superiors would just be more devious in their reasons for discharge. It may only take a signature to change a law, but it takes a lot of time and effort to change hearts and minds.

  5. Andrew, if they wait until there’s no more homophobia in the military I’m afraid they’ll be waiting several gernerations. There is often a lot of resistence to inclusion of gays and lesbians until it’s forced on people and they realise we’re just like everyone else. I agree that probably superiors will find more devious ways of discharging gays and lesbians but at the moment the State approves of discrimination and victimisation. Most military people are taught to obey orders without question and a change in the law, although only a signature, does give a lead. People can still choose to keep their orientation private if they don’t feel safe. Obama is a politician and he’ll only do things for you if and when he needs your vote.

  6. Christina Engela 20 Apr 2009, 11:47am

    GLBT are tired of inequality, prejudice and empty promises, America.

    Just do it!

  7. Once again a promise gets shelved. Good enough to serve, good enough to die not good enough to love…….

  8. Lindsay Williams 20 Apr 2009, 5:37pm

    As a gay 10th generation American (purely by accident of birth), I have lived a half century as a second-class citizen here and I hope to never see the ban lifted! I can’t imagine willingly volunteering to defend this hopelessly homophobic country and I don’t want to see the blood of proudly open gay and lesbian soldiers being shed to preserve this society!

  9. If US want to commit suicide, they should allow homosexuals to do what they want in the US army. Hey, we live in amazing times when homosexuality is seen as normal by some people, even in authority. What a madness it is! It is so easy to take the matter on common sense – the illness of homosexuality is corrupting poor humans who do not even bother to deal with its symptoms. Stupid, if you condone this illness and call it ‘normality’, you participate in the destruction of this people. Many homosexuals are aggressive when told the truth about themselves, but it does not change the damaging effects of this illness. It’s not a rocket science.

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