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‘Second mothers’ to get mandatory ‘paternity’ leave

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Reader comments

  1. “Co-maternity is a relatively new concept.” To you maybe but not to the gay community. Good news on paid leave though!

  2. How does this leave gay dads who have children? I’m guessing they don’t get any time off to look after their new born babies…

  3. Kevin Peel 17 Apr 2009, 4:16pm

    Yet again our LABOUR MEPs are leading the way on equality!

  4. Yet again, Labour MEPs coming up with more ways to screw British industry.

    If these people want children, let them pay for it, or pay out of government benefits. Don’t expect businesses to have to shell out yet more on these people.

  5. John Clark 18 Apr 2009, 5:43pm

    @ RobN,

    “these people” pay taxes, the same as het couples do.
    The situation is exactly the same as a “straight” family.

    “Don’t expect businesses to have to shell out yet more on these people.”

    Businesses already “shell out” money to hetrosexual couples for exactly the same rights of paternity leave….

    So, I put it to you, why should businesses “shell out” money to “those (hetrosexual) people” who want children?

    What’s good for the Goose…………

    I’m straight (but not narrow), single and have (or want) no children; so using your hypothesis, I can object to paying taxes to fund schools, child care or even children’s hospitials…. And I could object to businesses (using your idea’s) to pay for any “child leave” at all.

    But, do I? No, because as a society, we have to support all members of it to fulfill their happiness, so I gladly pay taxes to fund things that I will never use, e.g. child education.

    Please think on that!

    Aw ra best

  6. Jock:
    I think you read an awful lot into my statement that wasn’t there.
    I stated “Let them pay out of government benefits” – I have no problem with the state (ie: taxpayers) contributing to this, be they gay or straight. (Although I do draw the line at paternity leave, which I consider totally pointless).

    My gripe is that businesses continue to pay wages for these people, and hold their jobs open for up to a year while they do what is, essentially, a lifestyle choice.

    You want a baby? Pack your job in.

  7. Kay from New Zealand 19 Apr 2009, 12:01pm

    We have similar nongendered provisions in New Zealand for paid parental leave for up to 14 weeks for the caregiving parent, and unpaid parental leave for the supporting parent. The allowance for paid leave is from the Government & is paid for by taxes, not the employer directly. All qualifying parents can apply for this regardless of their gender and whether parentage is biological or adoptive. NZ law also recognises both mothers as legal parents on birth certificates where the biological father is a donor. Yes, in NZ Heather really could have two mommies.

    While jobs may be held for parents in this situation, businesses don’t pay wages (other than normal sick & annual leave for the main mother) and can leave the job open or take on a temp worker.

    At my workplace most of the parents are now back at work part-time, which is actually good for the employer with the recession as part-timers tend to work harder but cost less.

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