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Gay penguins book tops list of titles Americans want banned

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  1. Loretta Macknenzie 17 Apr 2009, 1:53pm

    There are those of us in America that understand our first amendment rights, which are to protect not only our freedom of speech, but our freedom of choice in reading material. I’m always suspicious of those Americans that want to restrict what we read. What was the point of defeating German Fascism if we allow the banning of books in a so-called free nation? It just goes to show you that the ones banning books are truly nationalist-socialists, through and through, although they completely deny it.

  2. Loretta – totally agree. If you don’t want to read a book, or don’t like a book, don’t buy said book, but don’t assume to speak for everyone.
    Otherwise why not revert to Nazi bookburning policies?

  3. Pathetic, isn’t it? All kinds of hatred can be freely spewed out in print, on radio, in the churches………yet here we are, a little book about two loving penguins who adopt a chick and they want it banned. Lord have mercy!

  4. I used to own a gay and lesbian bookstore in Ontario Canada. When King & King was the “hot” book to hate for homophobic parents I made sure I have many copies of it for sale in Ontario Canada where the store was. We couldn’t keep it on the shelf and always had orders for more. We attempted to have a book for every living situation so all kiddies that came into our store with their folk(s) saw themselves represented in a story. How dare some families decide which families are worthy of book-representation. How very arrogant. I could not imagine raising children in the United States. I just couldn’t do it.
    My 16 year old daughter went for a job interview at a women’s clothing store and one of the interview qestions was “A man comes into the store and it is obvious to all that this is a man. He asks to try on several women’s outfits. How do you handle this?”,,, my beautiful wonderful and inclusive daughter replied “well, i dont know if he is transistioning into a woman so I would treat him as I would any customer of the store and I would help him find an outfit that he liked”. Imagine if all people were so willing to accept the differences amongst us and embrace diversity. What a wonderful world this would be.

  5. JaX-
    What a wonderful open minded child you have raised
    I can only hope mine turn out as well as yours

  6. Step 1: Ban books you don’t like [whether you’re right or not]
    Step 2: Burn books you don’t like [whether you’re right or not]
    Step 3: Burn people you don’t like

    Fantasy? Sadly NO! Nazi Germany in the 1930s? Sadly YES!!!

    The First Amendment is there for a purpose, and that purpose needs to be defended.

  7. Har Davids 17 Apr 2009, 5:27pm

    A book about gay pinguins anti-family and anti-religion? Those animals look so innocent. Or is it that there are just lots of morons in the US?

  8. Brian Burton 17 Apr 2009, 5:59pm

    The very first Penguin book I ever read was ‘Against The Law’ by Peter Wildblood. Peter was Jailed along with Michael Pitt-Rivers and Lord Montague for Homosexual offences. I loved this Penguin book since I was just learning about my own sexuality at the time.

  9. Brandi,,,thank you so much,,, if you raise your kids to be decent and to know what respect is (including and most importantly respect for self) you will have amazing people under your roof. I have always told my girls that they are always entitled to have their own opinion,,i may not always agree with their opinion but they know that they have the right to have one differing from mine. That alone has made a world of difference too. Just raise kids other people would want to be around. Cheers sister.

  10. Abi Chrisopher 17 Apr 2009, 6:57pm

    I am so outraged by this I am going to buy some copies of this book and donate them to my local schools. This book is a vital resource for all schools and family’s lets make sure they have it.

  11. The book cover is gorgeous. Is it available as a greetings card?

  12. That is SOOOO Penguinist!!

  13. the other half 17 Apr 2009, 10:31pm

    penguins? What about Ginger Toms? I’ve always had my suspisions about them…

  14. What sort of doublespeak is it to label a book about a couple adopting an orphan “anti-family”?!

  15. OMG two penguins who are actually gay??? OMG that is so scary… I won’t sleep tonight… I will have nightmares about gay penguins and lesbian sealions. Or even worse transexual dolphins who are in a stable relationship with bisexual whales. No I cannot live in this world, I am feeling suicidal.. you see you selfish homos what you are doing? You are killing people by forcing them to have horrible oceanic nightmares! YOU PERVS!!! ;)

  16. Commander Thor 18 Apr 2009, 3:27pm

    Heh, exactly my thoughts Rehan! I see 1984, Big Brother and The Party everywhere! Am I paranoid?

  17. If we’re busy banning books for being anti-family, then my recommendation is that the bible should be top of the list. This book is used continuously by bigots to attack families who do not fit the mould of “traditional” families (wonder how Solomon with his 1000 wives fits in here?) The objection to this book refelects the psychopathic obessession that religionists have which would rather see children rot, unwanted, in orphanges than placed in loving home with protective same-sex parents. What evil people these are.

  18. I was going to make a comment but I changed my mind…what on earth do they put in the water in the USA?

  19. I was going to make a comment but I changed my mind. What on earth do they put in the water in the USA?

  20. How about “Americans top the list of countries the rest of the world wish would be sent to Mars”?

  21. Brenton Head 19 Apr 2009, 2:27am

    Plenty of copies for sale on I have just ordered one to read. Silly, silly Christians!

  22. Brian Burton 19 Apr 2009, 7:15am

    Do’nt be silly you lot, have’nt you heard of ‘Boy On A Dolphin?

  23. I also find it disturbing that ‘christians’ for all their moralising, appear to be sexualising children at an early age. That book is aimed at pre-pubescent children who wouldn’t have any problem with two males looking after an orphan because they would see that in a wholly innocent way with no idea of sexuality.

    I’d suggest that anyone who has an issue with this book needs to see a psychiatrist.

  24. Brian Burton 19 Apr 2009, 1:43pm

    Well, a chicken walked into a Libeary with a book under it’s wing. Sitting behind the Reception desk was a Frog. The chicken said: “This book, book book is a wonderfull book,book book.” The chicken kept repeating itself. When the Frog said: “Redit, redit, redit!”

  25. Click on the name please. I should have thought Pink News would have picked this up before now.

  26. Another Chris 20 Apr 2009, 4:37am

    Just to clarify, this isn’t a book “most Americans want banned.” It’s just the most frequently named in the 513 complaints recorded by the ALA last year. To put that number in perspective, it’s only slightly higher relative to our population than the number of challenges made against books in Canadian libraries.

  27. Christina Engela 20 Apr 2009, 11:57am

    Ironically here in South Africa we have a couple of gay penguins at a zoo. They just made the news headlines over the weekend, along with a few gay ducks in China I think they make an excellent statement about nature vs nurture – and I think this is one of the two reasons the bigots oppose the education of children in matters of fact, truth, open-mindedness and tolerance:

    1) Because ones sexuality is NATURAL
    2) It proves them WRONG.

    Not only are they ignorant but they are gratuitiously ignorant – meaning they are grateful for being ignorant, intend to remain so – and to submerge their children in the same darkness.

  28. Another Chris 20 Apr 2009, 6:57pm

    “A children’s book about two male penguins who adopt a baby chick is the book most Americans want banned”

    No, it was just the most frequently cited in complaints received by libraries across the country last year, of which there were a grand total of about 513.

  29. Whoah, Nellie, let’s not slam America en masse. I agree that [fill in the blank here with everything everyone just said]. But, the title of the article was off-putting to me as free-thinking American who is not at all interested in banning this book, nor any. The squeakiest wheels get the grease, indeed, but America is a big place, many libraries folks. Keep in mind, these stunts have been tried throughout our history, and they get successfully challenged in courts. So, there are checks and balances here.

  30. Pumpkin Pie 24 Apr 2009, 11:38am

    To true, Paul. The fact that the enemies of reason have gained a stronger foothold in America than in certain other Western countries has absolutely no bearing on the HUGE amount of free-thinking, kind people who also live there.

    P.S. The ReCAPTCHA code for this post was “unopened Man”. o_0

  31. Brian Burton 24 Apr 2009, 2:29pm

    There will, I have no doubt be a better four years than the last eight from Obama. Literature, politics, religion? We will just have to keep on taking the tablets on these three, but ‘Book Banning?’–Na!

  32. I think suggestions for banning things should be banned!

  33. Why does America have so many problems with extremist christians?
    They seem to have a massive influence over everything, from gay marriage to anti discrimination laws

    Im glad im in the UK, the church has no power here and nobody listens to them anymore.
    When gay adoption was made legal the churches all threatened to close their adoption services!
    Well gay adoption is legal now so shows how much influence they have here =]

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