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‘Fear of being outed’ prevents lesbians from seeking help over domestic abuse

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  1. Brian Burton 17 Apr 2009, 6:42pm

    Well, talk about ‘making your bed and having to lay in it.’ Nasty relationships everywhere so it seems. People who do not want to be ‘outed’ and in relationships have no gripe!

  2. Nothing like a bit of human sympathy, Brian. There are still plenty of areas of society where such women would be as likely to face abuse by homophobic employers and family as from their girlfriend. They need support, not dismissive contempt, if they are to feel strong enough to come out.

  3. Who’s being judgemental now, Brian Burton?

    Your rather heartless comment says more about your own unempathic psychology than it says about anyone else involved in this issue.

  4. Sounds like you have a lot of issues, Brian. We can hope you find resolution.

    The article is correct for all gay, lesbian, bi and trans people who don’t/can’t out themselves to report domestic violence.

    It’s running the gauntlet of services that are, a lot of the time, poorly trained on lgbt issues let alone lgbt domestic violence.

  5. Although – “Forty women between the ages of 21 and 70 were chosen for the study, believed to the most detailed research into abusive lesbian relationships to date.”

    No. It’s not the most detailed.

  6. The article stated, ” the study, believed to the most detailed research into abusive lesbian relationships to date”

    Jane, you say, “No. It’s not the most detailed.etailed.” can you give a study that’s more detailed. Everything in the above article seems to make acceptable conclusions about the problem.

  7. We dont need studies to tell us there’s a massive gap in services.

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