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Spanish gay murder reveals issues with domestic violence laws

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Reader comments

  1. The problem isn’t that domestic violence laws don’t cover gay men, the problem is Spain’s domestic violence laws (like the domestic violence laws of many countries, provinces, states, etc.) don’t cover Male VICTIMS of ANY sexuality. They certainly don’t acknowedge that a female can be a perpetrator of domestic violence against a man.

    In the case referenced in this article, since there was no FEMALE victim there was no domestic violence crime. It’s even more outrageous that they listed the male victim as a female just because they don’t acknowledge male victims.

    This issue needs to be addressed and corrected everywhere this bogus gender bias exists.

  2. Couldn’t agree more Jack. I had a friend who suffered long term domestic violence from his wife for many years, both physical and mental, bordering on torture. Lots of people tried to blame him for pushing her into it. No one believed a man could suffer that way. He is a strong yet gentle soul, it has taken him more than 15 years to come some way to getting over it. Now he struggles to trust any woman that tries to get close. Domestic violence IS wrong no matter what the gender or sexuality.

  3. Domestic violence (or rape crisis centres) is only ever targeted towards women and men are completly ignored. As Jack and Ric have already pointed out, it does not matter what the persons sexuality is they have suffered and crime and need support and protection.

    Lets not make this about sexuality but about basic human rights!

  4. Totally agre with all of you – men suffer – it’s a worldwide, non discriminatory problem!

  5. I think we all agree that male – male DV occurs. It happens in this country frequently; look at the new VAW initiatives.


    FYI: lesbians are excluded so looks like we aren’t women, and gay men? Well, you just do not even figure on the radar.

    Two huge groups left out. Two huge groups who still pay their taxes, I assume? So, we pay money for no services, no recognition that our communities even HAVE a problem (or even exist, according to the initiatives) and very very few services.

    Makes you wonder. Perhaps if we provided a John Lewis list to MPs or adult channels to MPs spouses then we’d have more or a voice?

    Something to think about.

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