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Military gay ban supporter warns of mass resignations

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Reader comments

  1. (General Lindsay retired 1 July 1990, incidentally.)

  2. “SOME people would rather see two men holding guns, than hands” anon soldier.
    All the arguments against allowing OUT people to serve in the military is complete rubbish. We should have the same rights to defend our country as anyone else. Straight men and women serve together without any major problems. The US military is so scared of us gays, I’m amazed the enemies of the US haven’t recruited gays to make the US soldiers run away. Do they think that we’ll be looking at there backsides when under fire from the enemy?

  3. The ‘people will resign on mass’ old chestnut. No they won’t. They have much more sense. All the forces in the UK have said that lifting the ban has had no discernable difference on morale of serving personnel and now recruit openly in the gay media. If someone in the US forces feels that resigning on this is an issue for them, then let them, THEY are the problem not gay military personnel.

  4. Would someone explain to this sad old former-General [he’s been retired almost 19 years] that there were always gays in the military, and there always will be. Gay people are just as capable of defending their country as anyone else! Mass resignations? I think not! Increase in enlistment? Possibly!

  5. Abi Chrisopher 16 Apr 2009, 3:45pm

    I think General Lindsay has insulted the intelligence of the men and women of the US armed forces. He forgets the thousands of gay men who died in WW1, WW2 and Vietnam that the US government drafted regardless of sexual orientation.

    In the UK we have serving Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered personnel the only thing stopping people joining up are all the stupid US wars.

  6. Is the sky about to fall in again?

  7. Abi Chrisopher 16 Apr 2009, 4:12pm

    Maybe General Lindsay should also revise what he is saying in regards to the constitution as all Americans have the right to bare arms it is in the second amendment.

    That’s how the US army started I take it they never taught him US military history at westpoint.

  8. This is the same kind of thing that was being said after WWII when the military was considering racial integration.

  9. The same scare stories were used when other countries admitted openly gay military. Basically, nothing happened. And, let’s face it. If someone is more afraid of a gay person than the enemy, maybe they’re not fit to be in the military. Aside from which, Americans are already serving alongside gay people in both the American military and our allies’ military.

  10. The general is a bit lame really, considering that the US is joining the party very late in the day. As others have pointed out, if he can think of no better argument he can only resort to scare tactics to express his own problems.

  11. And no mention made of all the OTHER retired military officers that are in favour of repeal of DADT.

    To say nothing of the many gay men and women who are already IN the services and whose fellow unit members know all about them and don’t care.

    This is personal homophobia pure and simple.

  12. Ed has hit the nail on the head – 60 years ago old dinosaurs in the military threw up there hands in horror at the prospect of black, brown and white soldiers fghting side by side – it would impair the effectiveness of the troops, it would lead to the breakdown of discipline – white troops would be uncomfortable serving with black soldiers, there would be a mass exodus from the armed forces. Ridiculous, bigoted, stupid and false! The same arguments were advanced against female troops.

    I trust Obama will show his contempt for these nasty old men and give priority to banishing discrimination and injustice within the armed services.

  13. jonnielondon 17 Apr 2009, 2:08am

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling! In Canada we have openly gay military as well as female (straight and gay) combat troupes. There was never any mass resignation, just a recognition of equal abilities and rights.

  14. “We believe that imposing this burden on our men and women in uniform …” Burden? The burden of knowing that there are a few gays or lesbians serving alongside then? The burden of having to choose whether or not to leave because of it?

    “…there is no constitutional right to serve in the military.” I think Yanks are sometimes too blinded by their obsession with constitutional rights to see the human rights abuses that are whacking them in the face.

    Obama couldn’t possibly take this idiot seriously.

  15. Simon Murphy 17 Apr 2009, 10:37am

    Let them resign. Stupid bigots have no place in the army

    Actually considering the horrific evil caused in Iraq by the US Army mass resignations would be a wonderful thing if it prevented the US from illegally invading another country. Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives could be spared.

  16. Dear (retired) General Lindsay Shitforbrains, a question for you:

    Alexander the Great?

  17. Yes let the straights resign homophobia has no place anywhere.

  18. I’m sorry. We can’t have gays in the military.
    Can’t you just imagine the scenario?:

    “I can’t shoot HIM!, he’s gorgeous!!”


  19. Bud Burgoon-Clark 17 Apr 2009, 9:47pm

    Wouldn’t wanna give a gay a GUN … he/she might actually FIGHT BACK!

  20. Brian Burton 18 Apr 2009, 2:45pm

    When I went to the recruiting office for an interview, they asked me: “Could you kill a man?” I replyed. “Eventually!”

  21. Brian Burton 18 Apr 2009, 2:49pm

    When I went for an interview at my local Army recrewting office, they asked me: “Could you kill a man?” I replyed, “Eventually!”

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