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Christian association bites back after gay marriage video faces widespread ridicule

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Reader comments

  1. I refuse to believe that no one downloaded the two audition videos. I have the time to spend and the willingness to make sure that they get to places where they will stay available online. I accept this as an educational and political protest duty. Send me the videos or a way to get in touch. I can create any special address on several different servers, provide FTP account upload access temporarily, or many other options. Get me the movies and people will get to see them again. I do not agree that they are covered beginning to end by copyright laws, and that “fair use” is served by their total absence.

  2. Har Davids 16 Apr 2009, 9:18pm

    It seems that the religious bigots all over the world are feeling the heat; popes, bishops, and their flock. Spreading lies about gays, atheists, you name it, and they’ve got their opinion or lie, as you may call it. Are they getting desperate or something?

  3. Awwww bless… did the unintentionally hilarious ad campaign backfire? Are NOM feeling pretty stupid for opening their big traps and trotting out emotionally retarded garbage? I’m sorry but they hardly made it difficult to take the piss out of now, did they?
    There’s a storm coming, and it’s turning everyone gay… run for your fragile sexual identities!
    To paraphrase Christopher Hitchens, some things don’t need to be mocked, merely repeated.

  4. I love how they’ve embedded a video which they reported taken down, in the same article…

  5. Michael (California) 17 Apr 2009, 1:40am

    As a gay Californian who has experienced first hand the lies from NOM, I’m shocked that you would describe them as a “Christian Association.” Christ commanded us to treat others as we want to be treated, not take away the civil rights from others. NOM is an anti-gay hate group and at the very least should be referred to as an “anti-gay advocacy group” or a “pro-homophobia advocacy group.” Words matter and we need to frame the debate for civil rights in our terms, not the opposition’s.

  6. @Michael

    I agree in general about being careful with the way things are described but in this case what, by their own proclamation, is the basis for NOM’s “anti-gay advocacy” or “pro-homophobia advocacy?

    Their Christian beliefs by any chance?

  7. I’d recommend anyone who has not already done so, to listen to the interview Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage gave to Thom Hartmann.

    Thom exposes their point of view to sustained scrutiny. Listen

  8. What a great feeling to be able to say that I agree with every single word on this page. Having the video removed from YouTube???
    That’s a corker!
    We should fight tooth and nail to have it available on the Internet for a long, lo-o-ng time as an excellent demonstration into the mechanics of propagating homophobia in Christian churches. In the spirit of love, we need to show our children as well as future generations how hatred is produced and by whom. This feels better than a Swedish massage.

  9. Dave – Many thanks for that link, that really made my morning! This interview should be posted on the main site… Brian Brown was comprehensively ripped to pieces by cold hard logic!

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