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Atheist wins right to have baptism revoked

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 15 Apr 2009, 4:47pm

    Well, I cannot criticize this man for fighting to become un-baptised. This has (or used to be) a free country. It is my firm belief that Brittain will become a majority Muslim country in time.

  2. Stuart Neyton 15 Apr 2009, 6:05pm

    “It is my firm belief that Brittain will become a majority Muslim country in time”

    What makes you think this? I doubt most people already living here are likely to convert to Islam anytime soon and most recent immigrants have been Christians from Eastern Europe.

    It’s far more likely a majority will be atheist/agnostic/non-believers in the future.

  3. you are wrong. We atheists don’t like christianity and really really really don’t like islam. How can we possibly jump from total freedom to total mental slavery? No way, i don’t believe in an idiotic imaginary friend, but i would rather sing stupid happy ass christian songs in a church than become a muslim. Britain will be ours! Rationalism must rule the world, so that religious clowns can leave all of us in peace. Thousands of poeple are having their baptism revoked around europe. If they forced you, do the same thing, throw your baptism in the toilet as soon as you can.

  4. Simon Murphy 15 Apr 2009, 10:24pm

    Only about 4% of Britain’s population is muslim. People who say that it will become a majority muslim country are not thinking rationally. Considering that christianity is almost dead in Britain (less than 1 million people attend church of England services each week; about 1.2 million catholics attend catholic services each week) and considering that about 75% rarely if ever attend religious services then Britain’s future is decidedly atheist.

    So long as the majority of the population insist that religions stop trying to interfere with the law then we should all be grateful. These types of actions are sort of irrelevant but sends a very healthy message out there.

  5. All well and good. However, shouldn’t he be telling his parents and venting his anger at them, the church just followed the wishes of his parents I imagine?

  6. Speaking as an ex-catholic agnostic, I think that this man has simply made himself look like a bully and a fool. There *is* no ceremony of de-baptism in Christian theology, simply because the “mark” that they believe it places on the soul cannot be removed. So from their point of view this is meaningless and they are only cooperating out of fear of the law, which makes him look like a bully. From his point of view, as an atheist, presumably he doesn’t believe that the original baptism had any effect on him any way, so what is he undoing?

  7. Brian Burton 16 Apr 2009, 7:48am

    Simon Murphy, you and your band waggon atheists are sleep-walking into a muslim society and you are too full of your own self-importance and mis-placed morality. It started with people like Cat Stevens as far as I can tell. every time I look around me at young white and black men,they have ‘converted to muslim.’ I know I’m right on this one matey.

  8. Well if people are that concerned about Britain becoming a muslim state than maybe the Christian’s should stop picking on the LGBT community and start to focus on the real threat – that of Islam – and leave the LGBT community alone to live our lives in peace!

  9. Brian Burton 16 Apr 2009, 10:22am

    Ofcorse I do not under any circumstances want my country to be muslim. I will fight to keep my country Christian. You all love and admire Christians secretly, so why are you so afraid of us? I remember a muslim loon on the BBC news saing he wanted to see the muslim flag flying on the roof of 10 Downing St.

  10. The Muslim agenda is all about converting the world to Islam. Every time a mosque goes up in the UK, or in some other non-Muslim state, they get a little close to that goal. Brits and Westerners have generally no idea of the insidiousness of Islam. By being so tolerant and liberal the Muslims are slowly slowly getting towards their goal. It is IMPOSSIBLE for the average Brit or Westerner to understand the Muslim threat UNLESS they go and LIVE and WORK in a Muslim country for at least two years. It takes one year to get over the novelty of the exotica of an Islamic country – despite the repression to be experienced from day one.

  11. Brian: Who said he could ‘envisage parts of Sharia law in the UK’? Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. Who, rather than defending freedom of speech, criticised Danish cartoonists, under threat of murder at the time, for not showing respect for faith? The Church of England, the Chief Rabbi, the Roman Catholic Church. Who keeps going round visiting mosques infiltrated by extremists and wants to become the defender of ALL faiths? Prince Charles.

    The biggest danger to democracy are people of faith and those who just think faith itself is a wonderful thing. They go out of the way to court ‘community leaders’ who are invariably religious leaders – unelected, speaing for themselves not taking any notice for example of the Committee of Ex-Muslims, and Muslim Secularists. That’s what politicians of faith do.

    This is NOT a Christian country, since most people do not believe in the god of Abraham here. Look at the churches: like the Marie Celeste on a Sunday morning.

    The best way to protect democracy and human rights, it to ensure religious opinion has no special privilege in society (hence I am a republican, and a great fan of Thomas Paine). After all, we have won all our freedoms – of conscience, of enquiry, of expression, fair representation, emancipation – through a bitter fight against people of faith ever since the Reformation. It’s all in a very secular document, the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights, the pinnacle of morality so far, and a lot better than any religous text.

    Religious opinion has nothing to say because we have better morality, better science, better understandings of our origins and insignificant place in the cosmos, since 1st century palestine.

    I see no reason, therefore, to treat religious opinion with any more respect than people who still, to this day, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, chant ‘Sheffield Wednesday is by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen.’

    Religious people are welcome to fast, pray, wear and preach what you like, when you like to your flock (or swine, cattle, whatever you are) – but don’t let it interfere with my life or anyone else’s. And don’t abuse and stultify my young godson’s brain with creationism and nonsense about hell, while he is ‘captive’ at school.

    That said, if religious people, like the bishop of manchester, are willing to stand up against intimidation, homophobia and bullying – well I am with them, but I admire them primarily as people.

    PS the pic in the photo looks more like a church in Scandinavia than south London……

  12. Off-topic: Yes, the church in the picture is in Norway.

  13. Tusind takk Anders ;-)

  14. Hey, everybody, beware! Pink News is NOT a free-speech forum. One of the people who regularly posts here is actually a Pink News employee and if you object to his fascist views he will blacklist your email address and you won’t be able to post!

    Pink News is NOT a free-speech forum.

  15. I don’t need my baptism revoked, because it is an empty meaningless arcane procedure which has no legal standing. It is just a free bath in a huge room with music. If I had it revoked I’d be taking religion way too seriously. I prefer not to listen to them, they may think I agree. lol

  16. Simon Murphy 17 Apr 2009, 10:48am

    Brian Burton – stop being so incredibly stupid.

    Are you seriously thick or do you actually believe that the 4% of the British population who are muslim are going to be the majority population any time in the next 1000 years.

    islam is a stupid cult for sure. But people who claim it is about to ‘take over’ the country are equally stupid in my view

  17. Simon Murphy 17 Apr 2009, 10:57am

    “every time I look around me at young white and black men,they have ‘converted to muslim.'”

    And that is evidence of what exactly.

    Are you genuinely trying to claim that your personal experience is being replicated across the 60,000,000 plus people in the UK?

    Not only is that stupid, it is arrogant beyond measure. Surely you’re not claiming that the 75% of Britain’s population who never attend religious cult services are lying?

  18. Brian Burton 17 Apr 2009, 11:30am

    You Popinjays of prose, what conceited, arrogant shallow people you are. You strut around constantly pointing the finger at others like the extremists of any corrupt organisation in this country today. Atheisum degrades and de-humanises people as you are. You prove it every time you open your mouths. I certainly cannot and will not be part of your atheiest profanity. And Good-Bye!

  19. Harry Pothead 22 Apr 2009, 2:26am

    In my personal opinion religion is a gamble, You see if you spend your whole life spreading the word of fictional beings then when you finally die after leading the shittest life ever just to find out there is no god then you have just gambled your life away with no winnings at the end… the way i see it is bollocks to religion! live your life the way you want and see what happens when you die! Id rather have a great life and get raped for eternity in the depths of hell than live a shit life and nothing happening when i die. Live life to the MAX!!! Also religion is the biggest cause of wars in the world… P.S If you are a religious believer and post back to this comment trying to show me to the path of “enlightenment” then shove it up your arse because i refuse to believe anything DICTATED from a book!!! ATHEISM ALL THE WAY FOR ME

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