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Suspended Tory councillor defends views on gays

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 14 Apr 2009, 5:44pm

    I am not suprised that this TORY has said and defended his Homophobic view that we are sexual deviants. Please note Vulpus Rex!

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 14 Apr 2009, 7:29pm

    You seem to have overlooked the fact that the guy was suspended from the party having actually made the comments:

    “Announcing his suspension on Wednesday, the Tories said the modern Conservative party had changed and there was “no room for the kind of views expressed by Councillor Clark”.

    And what with the proof of the pudding and all that, repeatedly the Tories have shown that they will not tolerate such homophobic views.

    Whereas the sorry tale of Miranda Grell shows how Labour actually don’t give two shits who does what any more as long as they win the seat ….

    “Paedophile slur councillor resigns from Labour party”

    You’ll note that even after being convicted and losing her appeal the evil cow wasn’t booted out off the party (or her Labour Party lacky job at County Hall, but instead allowed to resign, as though she hadn’t done a thing wrong.

    Her poor victim and his partner on the other hand had to flee their home in terror and move halfway across the country.

    No doubt one of the many Labour trolls on here will try to spin this round to being David Cameron’s fault as well.

  3. Rick George 14 Apr 2009, 7:54pm

    Mr Clark, Ive looked up a dictionary definition of the word deviant and I am well aware that it means a little more than just different. Your use of the word in relation to gay people is derogatory and you know full well it is. It implies that gay people are not normal or acceptable. As for offending your religious sensibilities, which are obviously of the rigid, inflexible variety, I suggest that it is such outdated, outmoded views, which have very little to do with the unconditional love of God, who does not join you in your judgements, which are deviant, and a perversion of the true core message of christianity and all religions.

  4. It’s a far cry from the tory party of 1997, when Dr Adrian Rogers, a religious extremist, was chosen to stand against ben bradshaw, and run a gay-hate campaign around exeter.

    Though this councillor in question hasn’t ‘defended his views’, since he gave no coherent reason for them.

  5. Demonising Tories is just the same as demonising Jews – its plain fascism. The immediate suspension of this old has-been by the local Conservative party demonstrates how much the party has changed

  6. Sister Mary Clarence 15 Apr 2009, 2:37am

    I agree Thomas, and the same cannot be said for New Labour.

  7. I go with Thomas and Mary, this is one of the old-school Tories that are now being slowly eradicated from the party, as they know they will cause problems later. Unfortunately bigots such as Brian continue to leap up and down in a rabid froth every time someone like this pops out of the woodwork, screaming generalisations that all Tories are homophobic. If we were to accuse the Labour party by the same token, we would have to accuse them all of being lying, money-grabbing, corrupt, incompetent and completely incapable of holding office. Mind you, thinking on it, maybe he’s got a point…

  8. Brian Burton 15 Apr 2009, 8:07am

    The fat, old Tory Pary Chairman could not defend himself on BBC Question Time on his second home expences. It proves to me your gravy-train Tories are as bad as the Labour swindele-sheet–we’er all singing from the same hymnsheet on expencece! Oops! Hymnsheet will upset the athiusts. Ask bonking John Major, there’s also Lord Parkinson with love-child by his Secretary. The fat, beerswilling Clark, he’s paid by British American Tobacco inc. also he’s a relic of Maggie Thatcher’s. After all Maggie did for the Torys during her ‘Iron Lady’ reign. She is the only person I have wittnessed in my life leaving Downing street in tears. You deluded bandwaggon Tories should know from the powerfull Maggie’s experiance, that it is still faceless men in grey suits who really weald the power in the Tory Party Not Cameron and his ilk.

  9. Whiter than White Brain… doesn’t that ring a bell?

  10. These old foggies don’t get it do they? It is time that homophobia be defined as part of hatred – THE mental illness that, along with greed for power and money, is the monster lurking within Man and Woman.
    Anyone remember Nazi germany, and hitler – ?

  11. demonising tories is NOT the same as demonising Jews; what a naieve thing to say. People choose their political affiliations, they may change over time whereas being Jewish is an ethnicity and cannot be changed. Having a go the political parties is satire, and is necessary when we disagree with their dogma and direction for democracy’s sake. Having a go at a Jewish people simply because they are a Jewish however is anti semitic and racist. Just as having a go at someone who is LGB for no other reason than their sexual orientation is homophobic.

    I can’t believe you could compare the two. That’s just horrendous.

  12. 5 comments in and Godwinned already? Must be a new record.

  13. Patrick Clark is a town councilor for BELPER TOWN COUNCIL there website has 236 pages. Belper town has a populating of 20,000, that’s a gay/lesbian population of around 1,300 people and what are the Town Council doing for those gay/lesbian people?


    Here Google search & check for your selves:
    “Sexual orientation”

    On the other hand: “church” (62 hit’s)

  14. Funny how Sinister Mary Clarence can use this story as a shining example of how the tories are our friends now!

  15. Funny how Sinister Mary Clarence can make this a shining example of the tories loving us!

  16. ficklefecker 15 Apr 2009, 4:17pm

    (Former) Councillor Clark must be wondering why he’s been kicked into touch. After all the Conservatives provide a warm welcome for all manner of bigots & haters. Take your pick…
    Janet Mary Baker Young (aka Baroness Young) – the biggest homophobe going & the only woman ever appointed to Cabinet by Margaret Thatcher.

    Ok, so Janet’s dead & the Tory party has “changed” so why does ‘Dave’ still have the warm & fuzzies for Sayeeda Warsi (aka Baroness Warsi)?

    She’s the one who reckons (on her campaign literature) that lowering of the homosexual age of consent from 18 to 16 was “allowing schoolchildren to be propositioned for homosexual relationships”. Great isnt it! She lost that seat in Parliament by 5,000 votes undeterred the Tories made her a working peer & gave her a place in the shadow Cabinet as the Shadow Minister of Community Cohesion & Social Action.

    So why did our man get the boot? There are so many similarities between the New Cons & the (old) New Labour – shiny front men & good PR against a backdrop of a government everyone is fed up of. ‘Dave’ must be picking out the artwork from the National Gallery for his office in No. 10 as we speak. There’s no way he’s going to let some local Councillor run off at the mouth jeopardising his well laid plans; he already has a BIG liability in the shape of that blond lump in London’s City Hall. He’s not going to tolerate any others.

    That said, this is STILL the political party that introduced the most evil piece of legislation in the twentieth century (Section 28) that alienated a whole generation of teenagers from any kind of meaningful support network as they came to terms with who they are & leaving them to fend for themselves in an inherently homophobic & increasingly feral school system. Don’t be confused into thinking that the old boundaries are blurred because the left moved right and the right moved left. Yes, the left has gone further right than most would want; the right have never moved.

  17. Ste McCabe 15 Apr 2009, 4:20pm

    I totall agree with shaunagus, comparing “demonising” Tory’s to Jews is the biggest pile of misunderstood crap I have ever read on these boards. The Tories are a party formed on belief systems, belief systems that have historically never been in favour of LGBT rights, EVER. The amount of Tory gays leaving stupid comments like this on these message boards is very disturbing. This is a party who have historically aimed to take our rights away, and let’s face facts, whenever seriously homophobic comments are made from the major parties, they are 90% from tories. Just don’t complain when they get in and absolutely no more progress is made for LGBTs, or rights are even reversed. I wouldn’t spit on an LGBT who votes Tory if they were on fire, and THAT my dear is not the same as the anti-Jew racism you so clumsily conmpare it to, it’s a criticism of a party who consistently choose to employ homophobic bigots and oppose every attempt we make to live safer, easier lives. Go and speak to some Jews about racism and hang your thicko head in shame

  18. Labour trolls, that’s rich coming from a tory one. The woman that clarence is so quick to quote had her moment in 2005, I’ve not heard much else from any other Labour folk speaking out against us. Can’t say the same about the tories though. Looking for a Gay friendly tory is like chasing the lady, she’s never where you expect her to be and when you make your choice, you loose every time.

  19. Sister Mary Clarence 17 Apr 2009, 5:32am

    ok wossname – talk us through Ruth Kelly’s (former Minister for Homophobia) voting record and then when you’re done, if you could explain the rational behind the continued extradition of gay asylum seekers to countries were they will be persecuted and/or killed – perhaps here you could also focus on the recent case where Jackie Smith had to find the poor sod that had been deported because it was completely illegal

  20. Brian Burton 18 Apr 2009, 9:12pm

    Tory, New Labour, Liberal Democrat, Ukip, BNP…. Any party we can name in Britain today: They are all as streaght as a dog’s hind leg. They all begin with cloud cookoo land ideals and end up being sucked into the web of lies and damn lies that surrounds and controls them all.

  21. Brian Burton 19 Apr 2009, 6:52am

    Or am I being too harsh with the poor dears?
    Ficlfeker, some were born great, some achive greatnes and some have greatness thrust upon them….your just great man!

  22. Desmond Diaria 5 May 2009, 6:06pm

    whoever wrote comment 11 is a dick if they think what they wrote is any better than what Mr Clark wrote.
    i am homosexual myself and love experimenting and have no problems with his view. its just an opinion.
    so you said acts that think up really long speeches to sound cool. GET A GIRLFRIEND!

  23. James Thurston 8 Aug 2009, 10:15am

    This Conservative Councillor is the true representation of the Party’s real attitude towards homosexuality… A deeply engrained True Blue Homophobic attitude which is fervently supported by the Blue Rinse Grassroots Conservative members of the Party…

    I find the excuses and David Cameron style PR articulated by Conservative apologists highly amusing… Such people argue that whenever the “Cat is let out of The Bag” – whenever a promenant Conservative such as the Derbyshire Councillor in this article – spouts homophobic hate… they always cry… unconvincingly that they are one of the Tory Old Guard and as such are not a true representatation of the new Cuddly “Gay Friendly Conservative” Party…

    Indeed a recent poll carried out by the Times Newspaper highlighted that if and when David Cameron gets elected with a healthy majority at next years General Election he will have behind him the largest number of Right Wing… mostly homophobic Backbench Conservative M.P.’s any Conservative Government has comprised of…

    Therfore… the homophobic Tory Old Guard is very much alive and kicking… IS REPRESENTATIVE of the Conservatives and still weilds much power and influence… the average age of its membership is still well over 60 years… such Blue Rinse Homophobic people are the OLd Conservatives waiting like “Wolves in Sheeps Clothing” to burst out into the forefront of any elected Conservative Government… with all of the nasty legislation that will come with it…

    As a Gay man myself I am in no way duped… taken in… by the slick Car Salesmanship of Daivid Cameron’s Conservatives…

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