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PC jailed for having sex with teenager

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Reader comments

  1. Whatever way you look at this one: PC Brigham was wrong. So wrong. The 15yo’s parents had asked PC Brigham to advise the boy and he took advantage (after Brigham had called him ‘stunning’ to other people at a party, according to other reports!!).

    I wonder how the 15yo acted though. Apparently, the court ruled that the sex had been ‘consensual’, which is interesting.

  2. BrazilGayScene 14 Apr 2009, 6:09pm

    Very difficult this one… He was most certainly wrong, but how many of us have been ‘tempted’ in the past? (be honest). If the court ruled that the sex was ‘consensual’ then it must have been agreed that the lad wanted it to happen. I remember when I was 14/15… Raging hormones etc.. I could not get enough sex. I discovered the local ‘cottage scene’ and virtually lived in them! Incredible to think that EVERY man I went with during that time was ‘abusing’ me? I certainly did not..and do not feel ‘abused’.

    At the end of the day, this man succumbed to temptation and he really should have known better in his position… Would have been much better to wait the few months until he was of legal age… even if the two of them had developed a close bond in the meantime.. A sad case for ALL concerned in it.

  3. The question should be; how did this come to court? When I was fifteen none of the men I seduced faced a prison sentence, yet the age of consent was 21! So what happened here? Were they found out, and the bobby bashed by a homophobic relative? Did they confide their love to Sinister Mary Clarence, which would have the same result?

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 14 Apr 2009, 7:55pm

    So you think its okay to have sex with a kids whose parent have truasted you to give advice to then – if so PC Kiddyfiddler probably isn’t the only one that should be locked up.

    It can to court because he abused his position of trust to enable him to have sex with a minor. Speaking for myself, I’m gay and I like having sex with other men. If you think its okay to have sex with kids, you’re probably on the wrong website.

  5. Sister Mary Clarence 14 Apr 2009, 8:03pm

    …. and Matt, we will always be labelled as perverts and paedophiles while there’s idiots going around defending sex with kids … oh, well he was almost old enough …. he wanted it as much as I did …. he’s the one that came on to me.

    The poor kids is now probably well f**cked up as a result of this twat and all you can do is defend the liottle sh*t that did it to him.

  6. Keith SIMPSON 14 Apr 2009, 9:00pm

    Ah, the good old days…!
    It was better when it was illegal, ALL illegal..!

  7. I don’t think that age of consent is the totel, 100% reason for Mark Brigham being convicted. He was in a position of trust. When you are in a position of trust you don’t take advantage of the situation. If the 15 year old boy was 16, there would probably be a crime committed.

    Instead, the (former) police officer had sex with an underage person, and abused his position of trust, which is a very wrong thing to do.

    I don’t see how this makes much difference. If a 26yr old policeman or person in a position of trust did this, the same sentencing should apply

  8. Ah, HTML tags not funcitoning (blockquote cite=”[string]”)

    The quote was: These offences are aggravated by the disparity in age between you”, above the final paragraph of my comment

  9. Mihangel apYrs 15 Apr 2009, 11:03am

    we’ve been round this circle before (or did I imagine it?!)

    All I will add is that we have an age of criminal responsiblity 6 years lower than that of sexual responsibility – some inconsistency wot?

  10. i don’t see why this is in gay news its just cos its some dirty bi XD

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