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Gay Iowa senator receives death threat

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 14 Apr 2009, 6:11pm

    Death threats in the USA are fairly normal because of the liberal gun culture. My favorite African American singer Johnny Mathas was also threatened with death when he came out

  2. Timothy Holmes 14 Apr 2009, 7:32pm

    Death treats in the USA are a result in any view contrary to what the right wing Bible thumpers have interpreted. Guns have nothing to do with it. When you dont have a gun you will threaten with all sorts of things. No one said anything about a gun to my knowledge. In the USA guns are a right not a culture. Guns dont kill people, people kill people.

  3. Alan Parker 15 Apr 2009, 10:34am

    @Timothy Holmes. Compare the murder rate of the US, where people have a ‘right’ to own guns, and any country where they don’t. You will see that the US has a higher rate of murders.

    People with guns are more likely to kill people

  4. Brian Burton 15 Apr 2009, 3:25pm

    Alan Parker, you are so right. One driver drove into another driver’s parking spot in a main street in New York. The man who lost his parking space drew a revolver and shot dead the one who took his space.

  5. Bud Burgoon-Clark 15 Apr 2009, 4:15pm

    You can be sure that the ones doing the threatening are “Bible-believing Christians,” who will tell you that “JEEEEEEEE-zus told them to kill queers, ’cause it’s in the Good Book.”

    They are also most likely lower middle class or lower class, with no more than a high school education (if that), work at a blue-collar job (if they have one) … and if they don’t, THAT’S the queers’ fault TOO.

    It’s really not fair to attempt to joust with the intellectually unarmed .

  6. Bible thumpers and Catholics who have turned their brains totally over to a corrupt view of God. Religions that always have to have ssomeone to hate, to sell their messsage. Not at all unlike Hitler.

    BTW, the gun murder rate, population adjusted, is 84 timess higher in my USA then in Britain. Why – because any nutcase can get a gun. It is my understanding that in England, while getting a shotgun or hunting rifle is normally ok, getting a concealed weapon is almost impossible.

    Of course in the USA, the people who talk about protecting life are also the people who support the rights of profit in the gun business. It is all about profits, and for the churches, power.

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