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Boy, 11, commits suicide after gay taunts

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Reader comments

  1. Very sad. It’s irrelevant for the school to say that the victim didn’t reveal the perpetrators – the Principal and teachers could have made sure the WHOLE school was aware that such bullying was wrong, and that calling someone ‘gay’ (whether they are or not) is not an insult.

  2. Why am I reminded of that rediculous infomercial for the “rainbow alliance” that’s been hitting the news lately? Perhaps that Massachussetts mum who was “helplessy watching as her son is taught it’s OK to be gay” can sleep easy in her bed now, safe in the knowledge that there’s just enough rabid homophobia remaining in the Massachusetts school system to stop him getting any ideas…

  3. This is a terrible story. It just goes to prove that no-one really cares about LGBT people.

    If you’re male/female, fat/thin, religious, black/asian, disabled etc. then bullying is strictly controlled and stamped out.

    Why is it still acceptable to insult someone just because they are gay? And why does it continue without intervention? Disgusting.

  4. Teachers need to be Educated about Homophobic Bullying…….pull your finger out Ed Balls & make this mandatory in all schools NOW.

  5. oh, no, damn it…. another boy killed himself

    oh,tomorrow i will dont care.

  6. Joshua AP.Org 15 Apr 2009, 12:09am

    Poor boy.
    Rip boy, and I called people: STOP child abuse!
    Fallen Angel, like Ryan Patrick and Duncan……
    Joshua AP.Org

  7. This is a tragedy. It stops right now. Full action must be taken against the school. All teachers and pupils of every school in the USA must be taught about gays and how to live alongside us without discrimination or homophobia. This must be a compulsory subject in every school. It is the only way.

  8. how sad you think you are sending your kids to school thinking their safe and not getting hurt but words stick with u for life i was bullied untill i graduated and now im bipolor and depressed so i wish kids could just get along at school

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