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Amazon apologises over ’embarrassing’ gay books listing error

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Reader comments

  1. Once again pink list can’t figure out what is a gay story and what’s not.

  2. Where are all the comments that people put time and effort into making on this thread yesterday!!!!!! Is, by some chance, some self-appointed little god at Pink News tinkering with people’s comments?

    Either we have a FREE-SPEECH forum here or we don’t.

    If we don’t, then let none of us bother with this site from now on.

  3. Ooer: Dont get so wound up, this is a different story.
    Go here:

  4. Sorry, here:
    This forum thing is SHITE!

  5. Anybody who doubts Amazon’s intentions see just one of their dozens of mirror sites which are saturating the internet, and NOTE its name!

    It’s just one of Amazon’s many guises.

    Amazon is like a whale ploughing the seas and scooping up every fish that comes anywhere near its great gaping gullet!

  6. I’m so happy and glad that we have someone like PinkNews – Thanks guys – Regards Bent(sorry but thats my name :-)) Denmark

  7. Chris Burns 19 May 2009, 1:28pm

    Surely the real issue is that Amazon is defining LGBT themes as not suitable for All their clients. Are they defining heterosexual themed items in the same way? And making these ‘Adult’.

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