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New leader of the Catholic Church rejects Tony Blair’s comments on gay rights

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  1. Brian Burton 11 Apr 2009, 6:22pm

    Old Nik in the form of an Arch Bishop. He has attitude but the wrong one. This Old Devil Bish is in for a bumpy ride in his carreer. We should see to it he gets a bumpy ride!

  2. Well, he would do wouldn’t he. Got to set his stall out, so everyone knows what he’s flogging. Personally, I didn’t think there was much of a market for dead horse meat.

  3. I have heard from someone close to him that he is same-sex attracted. If anyone knows that he has acted on it then he deserves to be delivered to Peter Tatchell on a plate.

  4. Brian Burton 11 Apr 2009, 9:26pm

    What, what, what? The Bish A gay Fish? If only Pete!

  5. I don’t know what she’s going on about; the equality laws are hardly going to be reversed, or even watered down to suit her. Hasn’t any alter boys told her yet, it’s the law.

    All the best.

  6. Bud Burgoon-Clark 11 Apr 2009, 11:33pm

    An old man in a black dress passed wind.

    Nobody listened.


  7. Bud Burgoon-Clark 11 Apr 2009, 11:33pm

    An old man in a black dress with red piping passed wind.

    Nobody listened.


  8. Well, excuse me but I couldn’t help listening.
    My advice to Vince is to take his guide from Benedict or put whatever money he has in a Swiss bank account, get on the first plane to a sheltered monastery where he can spend the rest of his life milking cows instead of British Catholics.
    Tony Blair’s comment is not to be taken lightly… the Vatican’s homophobia is just as responsible for the criminalization, persecution and execution of gays in Iraq and elsewhere as Islamic crackpots who have no idea how to make the world a better place.
    But, if Vince does take his guide from Benedict, I suggest he invest in a gold lamé outfit with pink Gucchi shoes, and perhaps an ermine shoulder cloak to ward off the British chill. He should also develop the skill of speaking very loudly in a desert, because nobody is really listening anymore.

  9. Edward in Los Angeles 12 Apr 2009, 1:19am

    What a pompous self-righteous bigot the Arch Bishop is.

  10. Simon Murphy 12 Apr 2009, 2:41am

    Blair versus the bishop. 2 catholics in a bitchfight. How very camp!

  11. Har Davids 12 Apr 2009, 5:58am

    It’s just like the WMD’s; in gays matter and the RC Tony is easily fooled into believing what he likes. Our ‘fine politician’ should have done some reading before he opened his mouth.

  12. Brian Burton 12 Apr 2009, 9:02am

    Well it is Easter Sunday and I am attending my United Reformed Church here where I live. When I arrive there I will Pray for you All including the Arch Bishop. Have A Nice Day Children Of Pink!

  13. Christina Alley 12 Apr 2009, 10:02am

    Archbishop Nichols and the Birmingham archdiocese are notorious for their ultra conservative, dogmatic and intolerant attitudes. They are known to be out of step with every other archdiocese in the British mainland. That Der Pope has installed this hardliner as the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Britain is unsurprising really. No doubt this is a prelude to increasing attempts to infiltrate and influence legislative, political and cultural committees in order to prioritize religious groups and interests over everyone else’s. Be prepared for opposition to LGBT rights, protections and funding for arts and community projects.

    Lots of people are saying we should ignore them, they are irrelevant. This would be a mistake in my opinion. LGBT people cannot afford to be complacent. Rights can be taken away very rapidly if there is no opposition. We should take note of what is happening in the States with Prop 8.

    Christina A

  14. Keith SIMPSON 12 Apr 2009, 10:28am

    All these worthies, the pope, the archbishop, Blair, all have such a lot to say about homosexuality; it makes me wonder why the interest.
    They are obsessed with it all, to the point of paranoia.
    I am almost 70, a camper, and know another camper when I see one and I see several in the current bunch – of said worthies – and all, quite unable to deal with what they see in themselves.
    It is a fact of life, gentlemen.
    Deal with it !
    You might as well legislate for the tides and the winds!

  15. terry, liverpool 12 Apr 2009, 3:09pm

    Er, hang on a minute, I thought priests weren’t allowed to have sex? Who the hell are they to preach to anyone about their sex lives. It’s rather like a vegetarian telling meat eaters how to eat steak isn’t it? Perhaps these bigoted priests are just envious of the fact people are getting some, while they live their miserable frigid little lives! I’ll pray for you the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols. Guess what, as a Gay Catholic, I can both pray whilst also having the sex I want. Sorry you don’t have that privelege dear, but no need to take it out on the rest of us! Have fun in your closet!

  16. Bud Burgoon-Clark 12 Apr 2009, 5:00pm

    No worries … the Catholic church will become extinct in a generation, unless they allow married priests, gay priests, and women priests. The age of a priest in the US is 58 years and rising rapidly. Only ONE was ordained to replace the 28 (!) who died or retired in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, one of the largest. Do the math. Maledict (sic) the XVI’s pontificate has been a political and public relations NIGHTMARE for the Vatican … I cannot imagine how a man who RAN the Church in John-Paul II’s stead for YEARS could be so tone-deaf. The comments about African and AIDS and condoms REALLY tore it.

  17. Brian Burton 12 Apr 2009, 7:19pm

    I wonder how many people in the last 2,000 years have predicted extinction for the Catholic Church? The Church has proved indestructable and I cannot see it failing. People will never dispence the service of their Saints. Can anyone imagine asking an Irishman to forget St. Patrick? Love can canonize people. The Saints are those who have been most Loved.

  18. Can you at Pink News please stop refering to these leaders of primitive superstious cults as “most reverend” etc? You are giving much more respect to these parasites of other people’s ignorance than they deserve

  19. “The Church has proved indestructable and I cannot see it failing.”

    But I think you will agree, the child abuse scandal is, like for Germany and the Holocaust, going to be a permanent handicapped for the RC church.

    Also, I wonder, when the imminent report on the abuse of children and young people (thousands-upon-thousands, apparently) in just one diocese (Dublin) is published, how many Irish men and women will be quite so proud of the catholic heritage.

    All the best.

  20. Brian Burton 12 Apr 2009, 10:24pm

    Dave, Earthly things come and go, but the Spiritual remains for ever.

  21. Who can say whether the RC church will weather the storm or not? The biggest tragedy of the 20th century as far as I’m concerned is that the teachings of the Vatican II Council were embraced by so many and torn to shreds by others who cannot believe that teachings are meant to evolve as more and more is discovered about this tremendous reality we call «life».
    With or without religious institutions, isn’t there something in all of us that aspires to understand the mystery of the cosmos and that tends to respect it all? There are Machiavellian exceptions, I suppose.
    We so desperately need guidance of some sort don’t we? I don’t have answers, but I would rather join all of you on this journey than to go at it alone. I also find that having a pet, like a dog or a cat, is most therapeutic. Most of all, I love Springtime!

  22. It’s a real comfort for all of us, isn’t it, to come here to Pink News and read our outraged comments and know we are not alone.

    HOWEVER . . . .

    There are THOUSANDS of Catholics in this country who loyally attend church and listen to the crap spewed from the Sunday pulpit. People, I am afraid, ignore it as we may, they are being bolstered in their detestation and hatred of us. There is now all this legislation in place intended to stamp out homophobia but Catholics like this new Archbishop are promoting homophobia and wilfully speaking out in the face of the legislation.

    And what are we doing about it? (Other than agreeing with each other here that they’re all bigots.)

  23. Brian Burton 13 Apr 2009, 9:47am

    Jean-Paul, It’s ‘Springtime In The Rockies.’

  24. Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor suggested during his Easter sermon that:

    “Christian faith and values should not be imposed on society”.

    HALLELUJAH! A week before he’s due to retire the penny finally drops.

    Of course, what he really means is, “the orthodox teachings of the RC church for two thousand years” should not be imposed on society.

    Good for old Connie, he has quite literally pulled the rug from under his successor’s feet.

  25. Poor Brian Burton is clearly mentally ill in that he is suffering from religious faith which is a mental illness.

  26. Mr Nichols should be more concerned by the paedophiles in his superstitious organisation than the private lives of homosexuals.

  27. Brian Burton 13 Apr 2009, 3:57pm

    AH! Neville The Devil, Step Into My Parlour and risk Redemption! you poor lost soul.

  28. Am bored with this one now. Is there no one else to slag off!

  29. @Eddy: Try to be humble for a minute and admit that you have no way of knowing how sermons are impacting catholics sitting in hard, cold wooden pews. Personally, I’ve been putting nothing but a colored condom in my collection envelope for years.
    It IS a comfort to read the comments in PinkNews. I’d much rather get to know you guys and gals than spend an entire evening watching triple X porn, and Gawd knows how much I love Christian Alexander on Men at Play! You are all anything but boring, and I’m not trying to flatter you. My neighbor is British, a real beefeater, and I know that he don’t take no crap. My hand still hurts from the last time he shook it years ago!
    As for doing something about homophobia, there is a gay organization here in Canada (EGALE) whose members are invited to speak to classrooms in junior and high schools. EGALE will be happy to accept a few coins from you.
    There are also excellent books with which we can EDUCATE OURSELVES about homophobia. My favorite is written by Bruce Hilton, an American Methodist, whose book is entitled «Can Homophobia Be Cured?». Written in plain American English and available from for a few bucks.
    Do you have any other ideas about what we can be doing about homophobia besides ranting about it among ourselves. I’m listening.

  30. James from Chicago, IL 14 Apr 2009, 6:41am

    To H… with this whole gang of tyrannical M/Fs, headed by a guy who grew up in Nazi Germany. They and the Islamic extremists deserve each other. It would be a bloody but interesting battle in the old Roman coliseum. The winner would be Humanity.

  31. The only real way of combating homophobia is to not trade insults but use patience, education and psychology. Human nature is slow in changing so it will take time for the non-gays of this world to accept us. It is normally the educated and intelligent section of the human department store that recognises and accepts us. The rest have yet to catchup. So the education process must continue relentlessly.

  32. Keith SIMPSON 14 Apr 2009, 8:44am

    Wouldn’t ya just lurve to get all these religious loo-loos over to Thailand, on a secluded beach in Samui, a couple of cokes, the sun, the sea….not too far away a (mixed) group of youngsters playing beach-ball.

    Take off all those silly, gold robes and there’s Ratzi in flip-flops and shorts displaying his (may one say ‘white’ and ‘hairy’?) old chest and his varicose-veined old legs.
    I love to put my arms around him and say, “There, there, luvvie…! Does it matter?
    Does it really effing matter who puts what where..? Here! Let me getcha another coke …want one, George? My you’re looking gorgeous today, Georgie, boy…!”
    And what about you, Your Rabbi-ness and you, one for you, your Patriarchate-ness and your Mullah-ship…one for you…?
    What are you looking at, you Holiness…? Yes they are nice buns aren’t they on that kid; you have good taste! Sorry your Rabbi-tude..? What was that…oh yes she has lovely bazoomahs, but whatever turns your handle, your Rabbi-ness…Another pork buttie, certainly,your Mullah-tude…”
    They make me sick the lot of them and they need to realise, to a man, that that is what they are, JUST MEN who will be buried 5 minutes after they are dead because like me and you they will be starting to cause a foul smell.
    They have no hot-line to no Creator and know no more than I do about homosexuality…unless they are so themselves.
    He who is, knows; he who isn’t can only make a fool of himself.


  33. Jean-Paul wrote: “Try to be humble for a minute and admit that you have no way of knowing how sermons are impacting Catholics sitting in hard, cold wooden pews.”

    “Try to be humble!”, Jean-Paul, is one of the cleverest little tactics that the Catholic Church ever dreamt up. It means, “Shut up and don’t disagree with your betters!”

    I will NOT be f—–g HUMBLE! OR humiliated!

    As for my qualifications to KNOW precisely how faithful little congregations of Catholics generally respond to sermons from prats in pulpits, you may now learn, Jean-Paul, that I once was up there in front of those pews, watching those congregations, manipulating those congregations. The way those people used to oil their way up to me after Mass was sickening! I was a mere man and they would hang about me as if Jesus Christ was my brother, in the same way that obsessed fans hang about stage-doors to worship and adore actors and film-stars.

    Any kind of hero-worship is dangerous. Hitler, Jesus Christ, Superman, Tony Blair, Barack Obama. We are all mere men and women. There is nothing better. No super-people. No gods.

    But, Jean-Paul, I do think your wheeze of putting a coloured condom every week in your collection-envelope is an utterly brilliant idea. Clearly you are most unlike the average devout Catholic in all the pews around you. (How do you think they would react if you were to pop the condom into the plate WITHOUT hiding it an envelope?)

    Be brave: eliminate religion from your life completely. For several years there will be a vacuum, there will be holes where the rituals were, but eventually you will be healthier for it.

  34. George Broadhead 14 Apr 2009, 11:22am

    Do you have any other ideas about what we can be doing about homophobia besides ranting about it among ourselves. I’m listening.

    Comment by Jean-Paul — April 14, 2009 @ 1:17

    As far as religious homophobia is concerned (and surely we can all agree that religions of one sort or another are the most culpable in this respect)the vast numbers of lgbt people who still give their moral and financial support to homophobic religious institutions can cease doing so and consider replacing it with support for lgbt friendly Humanist ones which campaign for their rights e.g. the Gay & Lesbian Humanist Association ( the British Humanist Association ( and the International Humanist & Ethical Union (

  35. Hi George. Great to see your occasional statements in the Press.

    We do need to counteract the continual systematic propagandizing of all world religions, don’t we.


  36. Is it not possible to get two doctors to certify Brian Burton and then have him taken to a lunatic asylum by men in white coats?

  37. Send a signal to religious leaders and to politicians. —

    [1] Sign the petition at for QE2 to choose between being Head of State OR Head of the Church of England. [“No man can serve two masters”]

    [2] If you were baptised, get a debaptism certificate from the National Secular Society [].

    We have 26 bishops in the House of Lords, continuing to oppose abortion, LGBTIQ equality, and assisted dying, because Gordon Brown believes that anyone who has been baptised remains a believer for live. — See article by Ruth Gledhill, [religion correspondent at “The Times”]:

  38. Gene Touchet 14 Apr 2009, 4:54pm

    “Don’t queer my scam” is the mantra the Prada Pope and his folk intone (ahem) religiously.

  39. Brian Burton 14 Apr 2009, 5:57pm

    Oh dear NEVILLE, you insist on making me famous–Thank ‘ee moy deri-O!

  40. Why hasn’t anyone realised that religion is a load of man-made tosh?

    What right does anyone have to say how you should live your life? What proof is there that there is a right way and a wrong way? None!

    Churches were formed to control people and money, and that is what they are continuing to do. They are the original spin doctors. Why do catholics believe that condoms and abortion are wrong? Nothing to do with morals or out-of-date texts …. it’s so we all have more catholic babies!! Doh!!

    If the catholic church was really all about life and godliness, the Pope would condone the use of condoms in Africa to help control births and disease. But he doesn’t/won’t. What does that tell you? Evil.

  41. For the semi-literate Brian the word is ‘infamous’ as is all evil!

  42. I have an ex-friend who is senior lay personnel in Birmingham’s Cathedral House, and there are a lot of things that I know about that particular cathedral, Archbishop and staff that would be of legitimate public interest, given their position on Gay rights.
    However, I do fear the libel laws if I speak out. I am so angry about this man’s opposition to Gay rights that I want to speak out. Can someone advise me what to do?

  43. Keith SIMPSON 14 Apr 2009, 8:53pm

    URSUS 262
    Publish and be damned…!.
    I wish I had known at 20 what I know now.
    Or to put it the other way round, I wish I had had the head on me then that I have on me now;p I would not give a monkey’s chuff.


  44. @Eddy 9.40: Realizing that I am a speck of dust in the cosmos is not a humiliating tactic I was taught in the seminary. It came from one of the Huxley’s, or Darwin or perhaps Asimov, not from a pulpit.
    I have never, not ever shut up, and I certainly don’t expect you to shut up either, my friend.
    But to my experience, catholics in the pews during a sermon are more concerned with adding an item to their grocery list, finding an inconspicuous place to stick their chewing gum, or keeping the kids quiet while Rev. Drone carries on about something to do with something that happened somewhere around a dead sea, whatever that is.
    If they were sucking up to you at the exit door, that may just have been a polite gesture because you were basically blocking their way out.
    Pop a condom into the plate without «hiding» it in an envelope? Very funny, but no.
    Frankly, I feel braver sticking it out, and I think of myself as every bit as healthy as anyone else.
    On the whole, I like your comments. Thanks.

  45. @George Broadhead: Agreed, 100%

  46. @John Hunt: I like your attitude, and I haven’t stopped thinking about you since I read the story about your ground-breaking de-baptism.

  47. “ursus262”, there are people writing here who I know could advise you better than me, who have had much deep involvement in gay politics than me, but if you don’t receive better advice I would say simply ring “The Guardian” or “The Independent” newspapers and tell their newsdesk that you have some extraordinary revelations to share concerning the Diocese of Birmingham. When you then get passed through to the editor responsible for such information, it will then become THE PAPER’S responsibility to consider the degree to which your story breaches libel laws. As to your own identity you can stipulate from the outset, if you wish, that you do not wish your identity to be revealed. However, as Keith of Salford implies, life is short, truth must win the day, and many such as we would think highly of you were we to read that you had chosen to have your name associated with your story.

    Be brave. Ring the papers. Let THEM decide. You may even be surprised to find that they don’t think your story IS a story and they may even tell you why, in which case nothing will come of it. But share your story with them FIRST. You can make decisions later.

  48. Jean-Paul wrote: “If they were sucking up to you at the exit door, that may just have been a polite gesture because you were basically blocking their way out.”

    Jean-Paul, please don’t negate my very clear perceptions. My perceptive and interpretative faculties are not (and were not at the time) faulty. The members of those congregations who knelt before me attributed to me the same kind of connectedness-to-God that I was raised to believe existed in all clergy and religious persons.

    Let me tell you a funny story. Thirty years after I was little altar-boy to a certain Parish Priest who was worshipped as Next-to-God-Almighty by my family, I got in touch with him (but said nothing of the great revolution that had occurred in my thinking in the interim years). He quickly perceived that I had turned out gay. By this time he had retired. He was sitting alone in a lavish flat in a beauty spot, all paid for for the rest of his life by the Catholic Church. I thought I was being welcomed in a caring pastoral way, i.e. old Parish Priest reunites with altar-boy of many years past. It became pretty clear by the time dessert landed upon the table that what he wanted was my body in his bed! I was astounded! Though I had long ago jettisoned “God”, I still had a certain respect for the man and never thought my old Parish Priest would be after my cock! He quickly gathered I wasn’t interested and all interest in me evaporated. He dismissively threw me out. A miserable old gay man who had wasted his life in celibacy and long black frocks turned instantly bitter and shoved me out the front door . . . when he could have settled for the pleasure of conversation and company.

    The above story illustrates who these old Bishops and Archbishops (and Popes) REALLY ARE, at home, when they’re not there in front of cameras and microphones or up in the pulpit peddling their nonsense.

    They are all FAKES.

  49. Brian Burton 15 Apr 2009, 8:52pm

    Oh! the vitreol eminating from this page and from various persons paying homage to it. Ofcourse you are entitled to your valuable and illuminating presentations. I memtioned in another article that life is simple, it’s people who are complex. Each man and woman, we live our lives the way that pleases us. Not everything goes to plan all the time. People who are semi-literate only read newspapers. I am afraid that writing to newspapers has a deteriorating influence on style, people get very abusive and lose all sence of preportion when they enter that curious journalistic arena in which being noisiest seems paramount.

  50. Keith SIMPSON 17 Apr 2009, 7:40pm

    chekc yer splelin, brian…its a pall ing…

    (Sorry for being so cruel..!)

  51. Brian Burton 19 Apr 2009, 8:52pm

    Do you think I care about spelling when this country is about to IMPLODE?!

  52. Brian:
    Way to go, my friend. Tell them picky-picky sticklers where to go. Frankly, when I first saw your spelling, I thought it was as clever as anything James Joyce wrote in Ulysses. As usual, empty cans make the most noise, and I for one enjoy your upbeat point of view and I have a lot of respect for you, not only because of your successful relationship, but also because you often offer an invaluable and personal historic perspective into contemporary social issues – or is that shishell hissoozes. Who cares!

  53. Brian Burton 20 Apr 2009, 7:36pm

    Jean-Paul, I knew you were a ‘Prince Among Men.’ One thing you must realize my friend is our Faith makes us whole. No words and no one can touch us. Some one on this site, the other day in argument, began quoting statistics at me. What the poor chap cannot realize is: There are Lies, damn lies and statistics in this mortal life of ours. We will never lift that veil, nothing should be out of reach of hope though, life is a hope.

  54. Brian:

    One of my favorite songs in the American musical ‘South Pacific’ has the prettiest native girl singing : ‘You gotta have a dream; if you don’t got a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?’
    Then again, another American song sung by the Big Schozel (Jimmy Durante) goes: ‘You gotta have hope, miles and miles and miles of hope!’

    In a more contemporary vein, I wish you could see the video clip of Matt Alber singing ‘End of the World’. Absolutely romantic. I saw it on or .org. Anyway, it’s part of the White Crane website in New York City, and I think of it as an encouraging turning point in gay American culture.

    Finally, have you ever heard of, or better yet seen in performance, a British piano player named Charlie Kunz? I have his complete repertoire on CD and it is absolutely therapeutic and unfailingly entertaining.

    Incidentally, you are the Prince (I’m just a stable boy), and if I ever get close to you, I would hug you so hard, you’re partner would have to beat me off with a cricket bat !!!

    A la prochaine.

  55. Brian:

    One of my favorite American Musicals, ‘South Pacific’, has the prettiest native girl singing: ‘You gotta have a dream; if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?’

    Another of my favorites, sung by the one and only Jimmy Durante, goes: ‘You gotta have hope, miles and miles and miles of hope.’

    In a more contemporary vein, I wish you could hear Matt Alber singing ‘End of the World’. Absolutely romantic. He won a Grammy Award for the song in 2008 and I consider it an encouraging turning point in gay American culture. I found the video clip of Matt singing this song on the White Crane website in New York City.

    Finally, my maiden aunt had an old stand up piano in the living room and all she could play were some tunes by someone she used to call Charlie Coons. Delightful stuff. Later, I found out the music was by a British piano player named Charlie Kunz. I now have his entire repertoire on CD and his musical style is unfailingly entertaining. Have you ever heard of him?

    You are the Prince, Brian. I’m just an ordinary stable boy. But if I ever get close enough to you, I would hug you so hard, your partner would have to beat me off with a cricket bat !!!

  56. Brian Burton 21 Apr 2009, 10:22pm

    Jean-Paul, Charlie Kunz was my Mother’s favourite. I heard him on the Radio when I was a small boy. My favourite singer from way back when was Al Boley, he was a crooner and very, very popular in his day. During the 1940 blitz on London al was killed in bed by a stray bomb. In the Cafe De Paris London, Band leader Snake Hips Johnson was also killed as he led his band in the Cafe De Paris Ball room. The known Gay Bar in those days was called the Trocodera Club. After the West-End Theatres emptied out the Trocodera would fill up. My Partner is very cuddly and I adore him. On July 6th. this year, we have been together 39 years.

  57. Brian:
    Have you ever thought of writing all this stuff in some kind of journal… just randomly throw anything on paper for a year or so. You’ll figure out what to do with it later.
    Here in Ottawa, we have a Canadian Gay & Lesbian Archive that would knock your socks off, and most of the greatest stuff was thrown together by guys like you.
    Imagine us learning about what happened to the gay generation during the blitz in London. Don’t you realize how priceless this material is to our gay history, our roots? I’m not trying to tell you what to do though… you’re doing just fine.

  58. Brian Burton 23 Apr 2009, 10:59am

    Jean-Paul, thank you for your kind words. Some day I will write down every thing I can remember about Life, Love (Lamour) and ‘sexsperiance.’ This I will do when my Partner and I are unable to get around. Now, we are both off to the UK Jersy Channel Islands which are nerer to France than GB. We are on holiday for seven days to get away from the gloom and doom of credit crunch Britain. I saw ‘South Pacific’ years ago and can recall even Larry Hagman’s Mom singing ‘I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair and send him on his way.’ Got to go…see you later!

  59. What else would you expect from a church that is headed by a man who grew up in Nazi germany, and learned all about being a control freak from the master of it all.

    But at least you Brits are lucky. From what I hear, the Catholic Extremist Kult society is losing members all over Europe. Chruch attendance is down to 15% of the populace. Hooray.

    And I have it on good rumor that God is letting out a new contract to expand his re-education camp. And highest on the list are the Catholic heirarcy, though there may be exceptions.

    And btw, go look up the latest church scandal about sex. The Christian Brothers, who are a Cath group that runs reform schools and Orphanages in Ireland has been raping kids, half staving them to death, overworking them in cold conditions etc. Basically makeing criminals out of these poor kids.

    And it sure sounds like the only fatherly warmth these kids get from the church is from the priests sexual attention.

    Oh that I could only live long enough to see the wrecking balls swinging in the former Vatican City.

    which btw,gave europe the hatred of the Jews. The same hatred that hitler used to leverage himself into total control of germany. And some of the people killed in England during the war etc would have been my 2nd cousins, with whom all communications were lost during the war.

    Seig Heil, Mein ChurchFuhrer.

    Or maybe some of the younger heirarchy of the church are proof of the born again christian philosphy. Except the rebirths include clones of the guys who wore swastikas.

  60. Sign the petition to ban the popes visit to the UK next year

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