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Samoa bans film on Harvey Milk’s life

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Reader comments

  1. Brenton Head 9 Apr 2009, 1:27pm

    From most Samoans I have seen, it is a wonder any of them could walk to a DVD shop! It would have to be a drive through set up like a fast food restaurant. No they are all Jesus freaks out there in the Pacific! Too much sea air and religion leads to being as boring as hell.

  2. Maybe they they thought “Milk” was about saturated fat drinks, and censored it in case it promoted further obesity.

    I’m waiting for the sequel: “Lard”

  3. Rather inane comments above. How would you feel if “fat” was replaced with equivalent insulting comments about gay people?

    Like in many non-Western countries (where Western films are prohibitively priced relative to average income), this’ll be available on pirate DVD.

    In Malaysia there’s similar censorship. You don’t see gay films in the shops but pop over the road to a pirate dvd shop and there’s plenty of gay films.

    I noticed a DVD quality copy of Milk for sale for £2 at Vauxhall Market (a huge and relatively unknown market) in London before it hit the cinemas in the UK.

  4. Samoa is a backward little island which suffers the cancer of christianity and it’s attendanet hypocrisy. And like all primitive people who have been brainswashed they are now victimes of their superstition system. Who cares. Let Samoa sink into the ocean. No one would miss them.

  5. Samoa Who?

  6. Simon Murphy 11 Apr 2009, 12:12am

    No-one wishes to make fun of fat people but it is an indisputable fact that there is a higher percentage of overweight and obese people in Samoa than any other country in the world (far higher than the US for example). Check it out on the BBC news archives.

  7. Patrick: Fat people can diet. Being obese is usually a lifestyle choice. If fat people were bothered by remarks, don’t you think there would be a lot more thin ones about?

    We are just having a bit of fun. Get a f——g grip man. (and a thicker skin). It’s w——s like you that change nursery rhymes so that they won’t offend minorities.

    Oh, and incidentally, are you condoning the crime of video piracy?

  8. I’m appalled by some of the remarks above, which are ignorant and shallow.

    Human rights, gay and lesbian rights, on Samoa are as important as they are anywhere else on the face of this earth, including London and New York.

    Arrogant Brits and ignorant Americans may deride Samoa as some little island in the South Pacific, but to the gay and lesbian Samoans who live there it is THEIR ENTIRE WORLD – and unfortunately it is a world that is hostile to them. And unfortunately the reasoning for that hostility is largely derived from the most insidious influences of zealous bigoted European colonialists now long-departed and gone from their shores.

    Those heterosexuals and homosexuals who don’t think twice about living it up on holiday at the lavish beach-resorts on these and other Pacific Islands, but who apparently feel absolutely no compassion whatsoever for the plight of the gay and lesbian people whose country it is are a painful embarrassment.

  9. Wait a minute. If Milk gets censored, there must be all sorts of movies in the PG and R ratings that get the boot. Brokeback? Gods & Monsters? Kiss Me Guido? Priscilla, Queen of the Desert? Trick? Another Gay Movie? The Deep End? Why aren’t we hearing about them? People are just plain bizarre and irrational.

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