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Rick Warren denies supporting gay marriage ban

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 9 Apr 2009, 7:01pm

    Rick Warren, ‘The Perpose Driven Pastor’ Driven to what I wonder? No Rick, do not try to explain–me thinks you speak with fork tonge old chap!

  2. Stuart Neyton 9 Apr 2009, 8:39pm

    I’m confused. So is he for or against equal rights?

  3. Shortly before the vote on Prop 8 last November, in a televised interview, Warren compared gay marriage to incest and pedophilia:

    WARREN: But the issue to me is, I’m not opposed to that as much as I’m opposed to the redefinition of a 5,000-year definition of marriage. I’m opposed to having a brother and sister be together and call that marriage. I’m opposed to an older guy marrying a child and calling that a marriage. I’m opposed to one guy having multiple wives and calling that marriage.

    STEVEN WALDMAN: Do you think, though, that they are equivalent to having gays getting married?

    WARREN: Oh I do…

    You can just smell that Ole-Time Evangelical Snake-Oil from this side of the Pond, can’t you?

  4. Rick Warren is a liar, plain and simple.

  5. Simon Murphy 10 Apr 2009, 10:55am

    He’s religious – so of course he’s a 2-faced, hypocritical liar.

  6. andrew flynn 10 Apr 2009, 6:46pm

    Go over to Richard Dawkins’ website and you can watch the video in which he makes his feelings on prop 8 very clear. God obviously approves of lying. Scum-bag

  7. Christina Engela 10 Apr 2009, 7:35pm

    Rick Warren and his church are the driving force behind the anti-gay hate campaigns mounted in Uganda. He is among other things, a blatant liar. I was shocked when Obama gave this monster a podium at his inauguration – that is like having Goebbels perform an opening ceremony at a synagogue.

  8. Jim Anderson 10 Apr 2009, 11:15pm

    I’m providing this to you in an effort to clarify statements made by Pastor Rick Warren during his April 6th appearance on CNN “Larry King Live.” Several comments he made during that interview have caused confusion which I would like to clarify on his behalf as media representative for Saddleback Church.

    Throughout his pastoral ministry spanning nearly 30 years, Dr. Warren has remained committed to the biblical definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, for life — a position held by most fellow Evangelical pastors. He has further stressed that for 5,000 years, EVERY culture and EVERY religion has maintained this worldview.

    When Dr. Warren told Larry King that he never campaigned for California’s Proposition 8, he was referring to not participating in the official two-year organized advocacy effort specific to the ballot initiative in that state, based on his focus and leadership on other compassion issues. Because he’s a pastor, not an activist, in response to inquiries from church members, he issued an email and video message to his congregation days before the election confirming where he and Saddleback Church stood on this issue.

    During the King interview, Dr. Warren also referenced a letter of apology that he sent to gay leaders whom he knew personally. However, that mea culpa was not with respect to his statements or position on Proposition 8 nor the biblical worldview on marriage. Rather, he apologized for his comments in an earlier Beliefnet interview expressing his concern about expanding or redefining the definition of marriage beyond a husband-wife relationship, during which he unintentionally and regrettably gave the impression that consensual adult same sex relationships were equivalent to incest or pedophilia.

  9. Well Jim Anderson, do you not think that he should be as clear about his apology as he has been about the dreadful support for discrimination that he fully endorses. His misguided attempt at drawing similarity between gay relationships and perversions such as paedophilia, incest or bestiality create horrendous difficulties for the gay community both with regard to our safety, welfare and our struggle for equality and respect.

    So, if he would really like to apologise to the gay community, then we shall expect him to stand up for those rights and respects that we deserve. Your lifestyle choice to follow a religion should never take precidence over our right to be who we are naturally.

  10. Never trust a christianist. They are the biggest liars on this planet.

  11. @Jim Anderson: I beg to differ. For the last 5,00 years, only the Abrahamic religions have been homophobic. Check out Louis Crompton’s massive research on the subject. With all due respect, the next time I want sh*t from Rick Warren, I’ll squeeze his head, or yours.

  12. I mean ,the last 5,ooo years, and also EVERY religion and EVERY culture. Go pound sand up you *ss.

  13. Simon Murphy 12 Apr 2009, 3:54am

    Jim Anderson – when will we see Rick Warren campaigning for gay equality? I would guess the answer would be never. This guy is an evangelical christian. Don’t those people believe the earth is 5000 years old?

  14. The “Biblical view of marriage” does not mean the same thing throughout the ages. Rick Warren is wrong in suggesting otherwise and I am sure he, “Dr” Warren, knows that. It has changed – at times allowing polygamy – what about Solomon, concubinage – Abraham and Sarah’s maid, and possibly even incest – Cain’s wife? The Biblical view of marriage was about men’s ownership of women. You only need look at the OT rules about adultery to see how they were weighted against women.

  15. Bill Perdue 14 Apr 2009, 5:08am

    You all know, I hope, that Warren is a sort of a ‘spirit advisor’ to Obama. They probably have a room set up in the White House with Ouija boards, séance tables, and tarot cards; all the kit and caboodle of serious superstition addicts. Maybe some of it’s left over from the Reagan years, who was miffed and vexed when the spirit voices told him he could not start World War III.

    My theory is that this latest barrage of lies and his exercises in deniability (see Jim Anderson’s remarks above) have one simple origin. Obama’s ability to speak from both sides of his mouth have inspired him and Warren’s practicing so he can go into politics.

  16. Bill Perdue 14 Apr 2009, 5:14am

    A society without religion is like a baby without a chainsaw.

  17. James from Chicago, IL 14 Apr 2009, 6:47am

    His real game – read this carefully – is to move from a position of “opposition”, eg negativity, to a positive position of “supporting traditional marriage”. Snake oil and public relations.

    Of course he so completely ignores the fact that traditional marriage has ‘changed’ over the centuries. It wasn’t till 1867 that African Americans could get married. Women getting the right to vote in 1920 changed marriage also, put it more on an equal basis, rather then patriarchial dominance. And finally, it was 1968 before marriage was changed by court fiat here in the US, which ended laws outlawing inter-racial marriage which still existed in a majority of our states.

    And the same old traditional marriage, sanctity of marriage, and moral values BS were used to object to all these changes.

    Some things never change, unfortunately. One of them is nothing but cleverly disguised hatred in the Name of God.

  18. Leaving this 2-faced, 2-chinned, weathervane of a reverend to one side… the fact that a megachurch leader decides it’s not good business any more to oppose LGBT emanicpation outright is a good sign.

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