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Religious group warns of a ‘gathering storm’ over gay marriage

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  1. Is it just me that finds it ironic that this organisation calls itself “The Rainbow Coalition”. Just shows how fundamentally ignorant of all things gay they are. What next, the KKK rebranding themselves as “The Black Panthers”? Talk about a misnomer!
    Also, that mother who is helplessly “Watching public schools teach my son that gay marriage is OK” creeps me out. What exactly is she doing there in the first place? Isn’t her son just a bit embarrassed that his mum has gatecrashed his lessons and is sitting there in front of all his mates? Especially if it’s a sex ed class. If I was him, I’d pretend she was someone else’s mum!

  2. Brian Burton 9 Apr 2009, 4:52pm

    Do the people depicted in this article actually reside here on Planet Earth? ‘Rainbow Oddballs’ springs to mind!

  3. Edward in Los Angeles 9 Apr 2009, 4:59pm

    Gay organizations would do well to come out with counter-ads. Believe me, I saw ads like this playing on the air during Prop 8 in California, and they helped win the passage of Prop 8. These ads, however misguided they are, can powerful and should not be ignored.

  4. marjangles 9 Apr 2009, 5:27pm

    I don’t know who he is but the guy at the end made me really mad – ‘coming together in love’ my a*se.

  5. Har Davids 9 Apr 2009, 6:27pm

    A couple of decades ago there were other bigots moaning on about the effects of the end of segregation, telling white parents their daughters would be forced to marry ‘negroes’. Now it’s it a African American, telling the people the same kind of shit, but now it’s gays. I can marry my boy-friend if he wants me, and I don’t think it would end the world or other people’s lives

  6. Shame we can’t just slay the lot of them. Hopefully they won’t survive 2012 :P Christianity is the cancer that’s destroying the US.

  7. The National Organisation for Marriage are absolutely right.

    The legalization of same sex marriage will indeed impact on the way its members live their lives.

    It will be another step towards taking away what they arrogantly think is their right to deny equal treatment under the law to whatever minority they choose to pick on.

  8. “Gathering Storms” – in various colours, tints, sizes & cuts, and invariably of an allegedly ‘demonic’ nature – have been a continuous feature of apocalyptic Fundagelical Christianity since before the dawn of… well, Evangelical Christianity itself.

    This paranoid, black & white thinking is an inevitable product of a more-or-less literal reading of the apocalyptic Bible-bits your Liberal Christian clergyperson doesn’t really want you to know about!

    The only way to really stop up at least some of the outflows of these Christian slanders and lies is to tell the truth about the historical origins of Christianity – that the Apostles of Christ were wrong about the 1st century ‘End-of-this-World’; that they were simply deluded.

    Even if that does embarrass all the so-called ‘Mainstream’ Christian clergy about their dishonesty in the process…

  9. Oh look can’t comment or video reply, they scared of the response or something =D

  10. Edward in LA hits the nail on the head. If you repeat a lie enough times, people start believing it. Christians are experts at “Lying for Jesus” as we know when the occasional crank comes on here to spew debunked junk statistics about gay people.

    LGBT advocacy groups need to be making their voice heard in the media, on the news, and through press and YV advertisements. It isn’t a laughing matter, and don’t assume the general public are intelligent or informed enough to see this for the hysterical nonsense it is.

  11. (sorry, obviously I meant ‘TV advertisements’; you can tell I don’t touch type)

  12. They’re losing. And they’re helping to put more nails in the coffin of religion while they’re doing it.

  13. Karl Rosenqvist 10 Apr 2009, 3:34pm

    “They want to take this into my life”!?! Oh FFS!!! Here in Sweden we just finished 55 years of struggle to get same-sex marriages. To the very end the main opposition has come from the christian groups who want’s to tell me how to live my life.

  14. In 1958 Richard and Mildred Loving got married in Washington, D.C. When they returned home to Virginia they were arrested and jailed. The reason? They were of different races. To avoid prison they agreed to leave the state and went to live in Washington. It wasn’t until June 12, 1967, that the nation’s highest court voted unanimously to overturn the conviction.

    Sad to see black people speaking out about gay marriage.

  15. Is there a group of religious actors who audition for this sort of rubbish or are these people just ordinary actors who don’t give a stuff about what they’re saying as long as they get on TV?

  16. Simon Murphy 11 Apr 2009, 12:08am

    There’s already a spoof version of their advert online where these christian paratroopers in a 20,000 ton tank are roaming all over the US to fight storms in areas where gay people are living free. The storms are caused by gay acceptance. It’s hilarious.

  17. Funny to see that all those religious groups claim that same-sex marriage infringes their rights. Like you harm a Christian by marrying a man instead of a human. For Christ’s sake, just look the other way when you are scared to see two men walking hand-in-hand or something, but don’t deny their rights. What on earth made marriage a Christian thing, and since when have Christians the only ‘right’ to decide who may marriage and who not?

    Also funny to see that some people really do believe that freedom of religion is a freedom to stand above all the other rights. But someone’s freedom ends where the other starts… You may have many freedoms, but your freedoms may never harm or limit someone in his rights. Gay marriage is a classical example I would say.

  18. @Simon Murphy:
    The parody is uploaded on YouTube, see

    Some video material of the auditions for the original ad:

  19. So Tony Blair’s comment to the Vatican the other day is not so irrelevant after all, is it? The root of homophobia is not in the teachings of Jesus. It was Paul of Tarsus who swallowed the vehemence of a contemporary Jewish scholar named Philo. One of history’s greatest tragedies that Paul did not follow the spirit of his new faith’s founder. People need to be educated about homophobia – it is the cancer.

  20. This video is one of the most “perfect” examples of homophobia I have ever come across. It reeks of pure hatred for gay men and women. It is therefore EVIL.

    These people are suffering from a pathological fear of homosexuality. They imagine only worst-possible-scenarios.

    But they are organised and this “big production number” with all the power of a highly professional film-studio behind it is a danger we cannot ignore. It will enlist the support of many. It is drivel which will win many followers. (“Edward in Los Angeles”, you are absolutely bang on!) Let us hit back with an even better “big production number” showing the stupidities of their arguments!

    “Wossname”, I have much experience of professional actors and I can tell you that, yes, these are most probably ALL just average actors DELIGHTED to get a bit of work. Actors will do and say anything, just to have their face in the spotlight, particularly if they get a bit of money for doing it. Judy Dench was right when she said there are a great number of similarities between being an actor and being a whore. (Yep, she actually said it.)

  21. It occurs to me that Tony Blair’s comment to the Pope a few days ago was basically telling the world that he has no intention of becoming a conservative, homophobic Catholic and that the Pope should do more to enforce the UN’s attempt to decriminalize homosexuality, thus stemming the murderous tide of gays in Iraq & elsewhere. To the delight of many, many Catholic theologians, not the least of which is Hans Küng, Blair will not cow tow to this homophobic pope or to the fossilized henchmen left behind from the previous papacy.

  22. Yep, it’s just awful the way that countries with gay marrage have all those millions of non-gays standing around open mouthed watching their societies crumble into rubble all around them. Yea I say unto you, the sky hath fallen in on the poor sods. Not to mention how they have been suppressed of their god-bothering tendencies to force their tatty ideas on the rest of us. What planet are these crazies living on? Religious = mad, it’s just a question of to what extent in my book. By the way as a actor and a member of Equity UK, I am not a whore, and I would tell anyone who asked me to audition for such a thing as that vile advert to cheerfully go and fuck themselves, and I know many, if not everyone in Equity who would say the same too.

  23. Thanks for that, Johnny, not too surprised, really. Geert, that video has been removed, by the user, apparently. Shame

  24. True to tradition, I expect the recent earthquake in Italy will be interpreted as a punishment from Gawd for all that homosexual abomination going on thereabouts.

  25. Keith SIMPSON 12 Apr 2009, 10:56am

    Dear Mr. Blair..

    You’re a daft sod.

    It is not possible to ‘become’ a Catholic.

    Sure, you can go to church and use all the knick-knacks and go thro’ all the ceremonies but you cannot ‘become’ a Catholic and you cannot become a Jew either for the same reason.
    It is ‘in’ you from the earliest years; it is a mindset; ‘in the genes’, so to speak.

    The converse is that a Catholic cannot become a non-Catholic; it’s those genes again.
    I am an old man but I have not been to mass for 50 years because I disagree with the teachings and the blatant hypocrisy of the Catholic Church on homosexuality.
    I am on the outside looking in, since I excommunicated myself.
    But it is still ‘my church’ and I watch with interest the ‘on-going party’ from the other side of the glass.

    Religion, Tone, is not a pair of socks.

  26. Brian Burton 12 Apr 2009, 2:46pm

    Keith Of Salford, You are a good and interesting man. My advice to you is to ‘come in from the cold’ and re-communicate yourself again. My Civil Partner and I, we also had trouble in the beginning with people who should have known better but were afraid. We stand tall in our Church now and we have been on the inside for a long time. Our Minister Blessed me and my Partner’s union three years ago. The only R.C. Preists I have ever known were Gay ones. I am convinced that in time the Rome Church will ‘see the light’ and it may happen in our lifetimes. Remember this Keith: Christ did not die to save People, but to teach People how to save each other.

  27. Keith SIMPSON 12 Apr 2009, 7:46pm

    Well, thanks for that BRIAN BURTON.
    I was a candidate for the Roman Catholic priesthood as a youth.
    I happened to tell the Father Superior of the seminary that I thought I might be homosexual. I was out of that seminary within the week with “You are sick and one of only very few men afflicted with this…”..ringing in my ears.
    He then gave me the address of a trick-cyclist in Liverpool who would put wires round my head and buzz buzz buzz….you know the rest.
    I did not fancy that much.
    I went to mass on my first Sunday back home but walked out half way through and have never been in a church since; that was 1961.
    But, Brian, Catholicism is not Woolworth’s; it has no ‘pick and mix’ contrary to what silly Tony Blair thinks. It has a ‘you are with us or agin us’ mentality.
    You can see that in the way it treats its dissenters. Look at the way it dumped the Scottish Archbishop Roddy…(his surname escapes me for the minute.)
    That man emigrated to N.Z., the other side of the world to put distance between himself/new wife and Rome.
    I could go on.


  28. Keith SIMPSON 12 Apr 2009, 8:03pm

    I entered that seminary with a schoolfriend.
    He remained in that religious order and is now a priest coming up to retirement, I suspect.
    I have laboured his ears with all this over the years and his reply latterly has been that I am obsessed with the Catholic Church.
    He may very well be right.
    I am obsessed with anything which dishes out such advice to bits of ignorant kids and then calmly walks away from the damage that it does to people’s lives.

  29. Keith SIMPSON 12 Apr 2009, 8:17pm

    No, BRIAN BURTON I cannot go into a church again, any church, or ‘re-communicate’ myself, as you put it.
    There is me and there is God.
    There is you and God.
    There is no need for silly men in even sillier clothes.
    They know no more than I do.
    I need no church to pray.
    I saw two blue and green (chaffinches.?) this morning mating on a branch of the pinkest apple blossom, all set against fluffy white clouds and a powder blue sky.
    That took me nearer to God, this Easter morning, than all the yards of lace, red satin and gold brocade, haberdashery and knick-knacks ever could.
    Keep it.
    I will argue it out with the Lord on the other side.
    But other bags of blood and bones (men/priests) who fart and shit and piss and bleed when they are stuck the same as I do, can all take a hike.
    Stuff religion.

  30. “The storm is gathering, the clouds are dark and the wind is strong”.

    They’re a wee bit late. Katrina’s been and gone.

    All the best.

  31. Simon Murphy 12 Apr 2009, 10:33pm

    Brian and Keith. Why on earth do either of you accept the bible as having any truth whatsover. It’s a badly written work of fiction. Today is easter and christians believe that Jesus rose from hte dead today. Fair enough. But I believe that Cher has risen from the dead on many occasions. People don’t take that seriously which is strange as it has as much believeability as the christian doctrine.

  32. Brian Burton 12 Apr 2009, 10:46pm

    Well Keith of Salford. Many are called but few are chosen as the saying goes. So It seems to me now you have chosen the path you feel comfortable with. And nobody can blame you for that. Religion has over the years become a dying art but the great thing to come from it all Is, your Faith is still intact. Good luck for the future.

  33. Brian and Keith: Nobody I know has had more of a struggle with the RC church than I have… nobody. You are both right insofar as you have struggled with it too, and I am not about to judge either of you. There should be a forum somewhere where Catholics can express themselves in all honesty. Stories of what women have had to endure would bring us all to tears. Personally, I am starting to believe that religions are like fuel tanks that launch us into the spiritual realm… and I don’t mean the twilight zone. It’s as simple and as complex as doing our best to live according to the Golden Rule, but there I go pontificating again! Basically, I find it gets easier to follow my conscience when I open myself to other faiths or to people who are intelligent atheists or agnostics and who all have one thing in common – religious tolerance. But I’m no better than you.

  34. Keith SIMPSON 13 Apr 2009, 7:00am


    I am waiting for the day that it (homosexuality) is found in the genes and there is a Galileo moment in the church, one huge ‘ooops..!’.
    I have never been to Rome but on THAT day, I shall go and I shall stand in the square, turn my back to the balcony, drop my keks, bend and ‘moon’.
    Martin Luther King is not the only one who can “have a dream”.


  35. Brian and Keith, be brave, and DUMP all religion from your lives. Even, Keith, when you see some lovely birds on a lovely branch against a lovely sky: there is no need to link it to a “god”. It is only and just that: some lovely birds on a lovely branch against a lovely sky. No attribution is necessary.

    As for Tony Blair, let us not forget that although he may think he has made a permanent connection to the Catholic Church, the Church has got everything rigged in its favour. If Tony Blair continues to use his position and authority to embarrass the Church with regard to its stance on issues like homosexuality, Mr. Blair will find a communication awaiting him from the Holy See. It will be a letter of ex-communication. However, before that moment the Holy See will subtly warn him. Blair will then either choose to continue and be ex-communicated, or we all notice he no longer speaks out against Vatican stances. I suspect the latter will be the case. Following his Attitude interview, I believe we may hear no more from Tony Blair regarding the Church and its positions on controversial issues.

  36. The Vatican works in hidden and underhanded ways. So do its emissaries and agents here in the UK.

  37. Brian Burton 13 Apr 2009, 2:30pm

    I Love you Eddy but I will remain as I am ‘A Gay Christian’ to the end of this life and when I lay on my death bed eventually, I will be looking forward to the life after death. What will you look forward to Eddy, oblivion only? Now you deserve something better than oblivion? What’s the betting you ask for Redemption at the last Eddy?

  38. And do we have “gay marriage” in the UK? Don’t forget that Stonewall fought bravely for the back-of-the-bus option of civil unions. Don’t see or hear them campaigning for an upgrade.

  39. Dear Brian Burton,

    You ask “What’s the betting you ask for Redemption at the last Eddy?”

    Brian, I am NOT a last-minute COWARD, thank you very much.

    Furthermore, I do not require redeeming from anything to anything else. I have no guilt and nothing to be repentant for.

    If any damned wretched arrogant pompous ignorant Christian or Catholic or Hindu or Muslim preacher-person comes anywhere NEAR my deathbed I will scream with all I am worth “Go to FUCK! PISS off!” And if they come clutching some holy book or crucifix or what-have-you, then I tell you I shall DELIGHT in summoning up every last ounce of energy within me and snatching it from their hands and HURLING it against the nearest wall!

    I won’t have any need of fools or charlatans about my bed when I come to my end.


    P.S. Do think about showing a bit of guts and ditching your religious nonsense.

  40. Brian Burton 13 Apr 2009, 10:16pm

    Eddy, Nobody can shift their responsibilities on to any one else. They always return ultimately to the proper owner. Good Luck to you for the future.

  41. @Keith: Religious tolerance does not require you to accept all religions as true, to avoid criticizing actions motivated by religion that harms others or to avoid comparing beliefs of different religions with others & with scientific findings.
    I do not promote my religious beliefs. I’m interested in different viewpoints on controversial religious topics presented objectively and fairly.
    Atheism interests me too. I was an atheist myself from the age of 18 to 26, and I have always remained skeptical about religion as well as atheism. For example, is atheism a belief in no God, or no belief in God? There is a difference.
    I too am waiting for a Galileo moment in the Catholic Church and in other churches as well. M.L.King was right: You’ve got to have a dream.
    On a more personal note, Keith, I must say that I am more concerned about my dog’s skin allergies than I am interested in arguing about religion or politics. It might be your choice of words or your idiom, but I feel you’re terribly angry with me just because I’m dancing as fast as I can as a gay catholic. I don’t mean you any harm, even when I sound stupid, which I often do. Don’t we all? I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs, I will soon be celebrating my 19th anniversary with my same-sex partner, and I am presently going through a burn-out after 30 years at the same f*cking job.
    Finally, and I’m not judging you, I think that you would be proud of the work being carrying on reporting objectively about events in the RC church. One of my favorite websites is the National Catholic Reporter from Kansas City. This is an independent news source and you will recognize many of your valid opinions. Warm regards from the colonies.

  42. The desperate flailing s of the religious right are as of the dying wasp in Autumn.They know now that all they stood for all these years has bee proven to be myth and they are strategically realigning themselves as the moral police who presume to dictate how we live our lives, a la the Inquisition. I have one request of the rr. How does gay union registration impact on your sad life,spent trying to think up more and more things to whinge about.
    Its time we took these people on and show them that we, not they, will dictate our lives, and if they are not careful theirs as well, when we assert the law and send ALL these weirdos to prison.
    Finally i am convinced that this video can be used to slay this lot ,once and for all. The laws of several tens of country’s would uphold conviction on at least nine points made in this hate fest, starting with hatred then moving onto equality et. I would be interested in starting a class action suite if anyone is interested.Lets see if their wallets uphold their words.

  43. the inventor of Christianity was not one JC but the roman emperor Agustine around circa 350 when he deceided his empire needed a national religeon a la Ancient Egypt and the incestious pharohs.

  44. Brian Burton has a cheek to call Eddy a coward .Is not religion the last refuge of cowards

  45. @Patrick: It wasn’t Augustine, it was Constantine, and you are right. When Constantine made Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire in the 4th century, Christians were transformed from martyrs in the Colosseum to persecutors. Why? Because by that time Christian bishops had developed a highly efficient administration throughout the known world, and Constantine wanted unlimited use of the holy carrier pigeons. Hence, the «Holy Roman Empire». As for the incest, I’m afraid I’m not up on that, but hanky-panky and power do go well together, don’t they? And why did Christians become persecutors? Because the Pope & bishops wanted first and foremost to unify the doctrines from North Africa to Damascus, etc. And how long did this union of Church and State last? Why, right up to the French Revolution when church and state were finally separated. Love history… don’t you?

  46. Keith SIMPSON 14 Apr 2009, 8:10am

    I have read your comment with interest and I thank you for it.
    I am not sure where I have given you the impression that I am angry with you for “dancing as fast as you can…as a gay Catholic”..
    I am angry with no-one except the scouse duffer who told me all those years ago that my homosexuality was a sickness and that wires around my head would… and etc. and etc. and etc.
    And I am not actually angry with him any more; he was only spouting what he was told to spout.
    I am angry that it is all continuing today; they are no further forward than they were in my day 40 years ago or 400 hundred years ago for that matter.
    I am angry that somewhere, some young man is being pilloried, ostracised, made to feel ‘less’, made to feel unworthy
    by prats such as these and hypocritical prats at that.
    I am so angry, that I feel many times like going to that monastery with a can of petrol and setting light to the place just to get noticed, just to bring into the light what is so swept under the carpet.
    And as I light the match I’d be saying, “You think I am sick and ‘sick’ you want, well ‘sick’ is what you’ve now bleeding well got; pick the bones out of that!”
    (Arsonist exists stage left into waiting police van..!)
    And that religious order.. or at least my childhood friend who is still in that order… well all he can tell me is that I am ‘obsessed’ with the Catholic Church.
    Too damned right I am!
    Obsessed with how many more kids are being fed the claptrap that they are ‘sick’ and that it (homosexuality) is an illness.

  47. Keith SIMPSON 14 Apr 2009, 8:14am

    Sorry, EDDY baby, that whinge, above, was intended for JEAN-PAUL baby..!
    I got my Eddies and my JEAN-PAUL’s confoozed…!


  48. PS It’s fairer to attribute the invention of Christianity to Paul of Tarsus, patrick……

  49. @eith: Hm-m-m-m, maybe we can devise a plan! Thanks for your touching comments.

  50. Brian Burton 14 Apr 2009, 10:56pm

    I wish people would read the postings properly. COWARD is a word I would not use in any conversation. Most of you Popinjays of proes are seeking wisdom and truth and a meaning to your drab, wretched lives. Well, you wont find wisdom and truth in Pink News, Politics or even Religion. Only if you seek things of the Spirit will you begin to learn anything. Life is simple, It’s we who are complex we want the Moon do’nt we?

  51. KEITH: Yesterday, my comment to you was cut short by something unexpected that needed my attention.
    I have so much to say to you because I feel your anger, and I understand now that you were not aiming it at me. I’m too sensitive for my own good lately.
    As far as I’m concerned, you can be as obsessed with the RC church as you want to be, and you can spend every waking moment denouncing the dark side of any religious institution.
    It’s this thing about wires around your head that I don’t seem to able to grasp. Are you talking about aversion therapy, or some sort of monastic ascetic practices?
    I don’t know what catholic kids in England are being taught about homosexuality. Here in Canada, I’ve read all the catechism books and it is not even mentioned from grades 1 to 5 when the kids are confirmed, and then catechism classes cease for lack of volunteer teachers willing to pursue relevant contemporary issues. Really, few if any mature laity will teach homophobic crap to their kids because the children are exposed to more enlightened sexual education at school. I’ve read those textbooks as well, and they are excellent.
    Personally, I was never so angry as I was in mid-December when the Vatican «let it be known» that it would not support the European Union’s proposal to the UN to decriminalize homosexuality around the world. I was livid and I wrote a letter to the editor of our Provincial daily to emphasize that a Pope who claims to be pro-life has no respect for the lives of countless homosexuals who are being persecuted and executed at this very moment. It was published just before Christmas and three (3) anonymous people called me to say it was a good article. At church, nobody said a word to me about it, but I could tell they had all read it. An Irish friend of mine stopped me just in time when I was about to throw a shovelful of manure in the manger in the sanctuary to make the point that Jesus was made of blood and bones, and that a stable smells of shit, not perfumed satin pillows and twinkling lights.
    Anyway, enough ranting for now. Thanks again for writing.

  52. Keith SIMPSON 17 Apr 2009, 6:56pm

    Hello Jean -Paul and thanks for your reply.

    Now; you wanted to throw a shovelful of s–t into the crib; I want to burn down the church building.

    It’s the bureaucracy of it all that gets my goat.

    I am not so much wanting to take it out on religion, not so much wanting to take it out on the poor wee baby Jesus in his crib.
    It is what the church has become that gets my goat; jobsworths in fancy dress; politics in fancy dress; the 21st century’s answer to the Sanhedrin and the Pharisees
    And yes, it was electro-aversion therapy that my former religious superior was advocating as he bundled me out of the door.

  53. Keith SIMPSON 17 Apr 2009, 7:35pm

    Jean Paul..
    I have just re-read your paragraph.

    It is precisely the twinkling lights and the perfumed satin pillows in cribs which occupies and exercises the church so and which I equate with the bureaucracy of its jobsworths.
    They have lost sight of the meaning of the Incarnation and all that Jesus came to say and what he died for.
    I would love to get all the church dignitaries and their boss, Benedict xvi all over to Thailand; all stripped down to shorts and bare chests(because it’s 40 degrees!) and flip flops.


    Get ’em in a beach-bar on Samui. Stick a coke in their hands and say, “Now lads, what’s all the fuss? Who exactly do you all think you are…Wanna ‘nuther Coke, Benny, baby..?”
    Level the lot, now, in life, on a beach, in their nothings, because…as sure as eggs is eggs we are all levelled and pretty damned soon.
    Who are these people to voice their condemnation of millions of people causing so much distress along the way, when all the facts are still under investigation?
    I am convinced that I am the way I am because of the genetic ‘hand’ I was dealt at conception.
    I did not choose it (homosexuality).
    I did not choose my blue eyes.
    And I could easily have gone through life thinking, ‘Well? Isn’t everybody like that (homosexual)…?’
    I could never understand, at grammar school, what my mates were doing when they all rushed over to the boundary wall to look at the girls from the neighbouring girls’-only grammar school; I was about 13.
    But I knew at 5/6/7/8/9…et seq. (!) that I was ‘in love’ with Johnny ‘B’ and then with Micky ‘A’ and then there was Barry and Tommy alibi aliorum plurimorum…(!!).
    I was a loose and lascivious woman at junior school…!!
    I could no more ‘go’ with a woman than I could walk on water and I have never looked at a woman …in ‘that’ way, not for one millionth of a second in all my 6 decades.
    Surely, that in itself, tells these people (clergy) that for me, and the millions like me, that is our natural state; for whatever reason, ‘THAT’ is our natural state, our God-given destiny.
    And as for Ratzinger’s (as he then was) statement that it (homosexuality), ” …is more or less ordered towards an intrinsic moral evil…”

    Well that just beggars belief.
    And if that is an article of ‘Faith or Morals’ pronounced ‘ex-cathedra’, then I cannot accept it; my inner being cannot accept it in the same way that I could not accept it were water to be declared un-wet.


  54. Brian Burton 22 Apr 2009, 12:12pm

    KIETH: Everything is between me and God. That’s how I look at my whole life. Even Religion matters not to me, I follow my own heart and mind in everything and lo and behold–I ‘aint got no hang-ups! Oh! I’ve had my share of hurts, indeed I have but picked myself up, dusted myself off and started all over again. It could be my working class background that toughened me up. My Father was a coal miner all of his working life. I come from a big family, there was so many kids in our family, the mice used to set traps for us! Yes, what I know now about life and love I have learned it in the school of hard knocks! I am not egoistic because I have no ego. I read some where: Discontent is the first step in the progress of a Man or a nation.

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