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Gays amongst those hardest hit by recession

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 9 Apr 2009, 5:29pm

    Well, Is not every one affected in many different ways by this resession. Mind you, I have not heard of anyone leaping out of Skyscraper top floor windows as happened in the 1929 resession. Even Football Directors have lost a few millions (poor things) but Matthew’s article is necessary to point out the plight of the really vunrable.

  2. How we love to play the victim – poor down-trodden poofs, persecuted at every juncture. What rubbish! I’ve seen no evidence of this whatsoever in all the companies and government departments I work with. Yes there have been many redundancies and a great deal of pain which has affected 1000s of individuals, black, white, gay, straight – every part of society/ So why do we love to wallow in perceived misfortune – its pathetic!

  3. Brian Burton 10 Apr 2009, 7:38am

    Ofcourse we love to be victims Thomas, Most of us have have tatooed across our posterias ‘Vicim Here.’

  4. Simon Murphy 10 Apr 2009, 3:34pm

    Why on earth is this non-story being published.

    Where is the evidence that gay people are suffering more than most due to the recession?

    It says that minority groups are likely to be hard hit. But there is zero evidence to suggest the impact on gay people.

    Must be a slow news day I suppose.

  5. I agree with Simon… where’s the evidence? And for that matter, what would be the motive? I could understand if it were said more ethnic minorities, gay people, women, etc. are managers and more managers were being made redundant; or more were in caring roles and those jobs were being disproportionately affected.

    I could believe that more women could be made redundant on business grounds – sex equality legislation makes employing females more expensive than employing men (as equality groups have pointed out). But I just can’t see a business motive for getting rid of gays and ethnic minorities… where’s the evidence?

  6. Simon Murphy 11 Apr 2009, 12:02am

    There’s a recession on. No-one is doing well – even those christians!

  7. Brian Burton 11 Apr 2009, 3:25pm

    Simon Murphy, If you were a Roman you would flip your Toga over your shoulder and call out: ‘Christians To The Lyons Girls!!’

  8. Simon Murphy 12 Apr 2009, 2:51am

    well judging by their views I think if any christians were flung to the lions today I think the poor lions would die of poisoning. I would not subject lions to christians.

  9. Brian Burton 13 Apr 2009, 10:26am

    Simon Murphy, the only aspect of your character I condem is your apparant hatred of Christianity, with emphesis on the hate. Now me, I cannot hate anyone, I even love Simon Murphy! Let me explain to you: I may be able to speak the languages of men and even of Angels, but If I have no Love, my speach is no more than a noisy gong or clanging bell. I may have all knollage and understand all secrets; I may have all the faith needed to move mountains–but If I have no Love, I am nothing. Love is patient and kind; It is not jealous or conceited or proud. Love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; Love dose not keep a record of wrongs. Love never gives up and It’s faith, hope and patience never fail. When I was a Child I acted and spoke as a child but now I am a man, I’ve put aside Childish things. What I know now is only partial but I feel whole and complete as God requires me. Meanwhile, these three remain: Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest of these is Love.

  10. This story is as predictable as the recent “HIV sufferers still suffer mass prejudice, etc.” rubbish. Anything to stoke up the feeling that we as a minority are still put upon victims, and shame on Pink Paper to perpetuate such a shameful myth in their “news” stories which are planted to stoke up the same old predictable reactionary commenators among us. I know I don’t speak for the typical Pink News reader, but I for one am neither powerless nor helpless, and choose to make empowered decisions for myself that give me the fulfilling life I choose to lead. Please guys, don’t give a toss for “pity me” stories like these, and refuse to wallow in the illusion of victimhood that those who should have more sense seek to perpetuate because it suits the gay elite to keep us down there somewhere near the gutter level in order to make us put our blind faith in them to come up with the answers, which of course they never do because their interest is only in perpetuating a you-and-us duality. Elistist b*st*rds!!

  11. suggests that those ” “believed that those being made redundant” “thought to be of high risk”

    Is this a news story or a psychic reading?

  12. Gary Brubaker-Weed 23 Apr 2009, 3:11pm

    Yes, I understand everyones resentment of this rather poorly written article, but it does need mentioning that the LGBTQ community would be strongly affected by redundancies, but also let’s not forget people over 40 and the disabled. These are shed, as companies prefer to hire less-expensive-yet-inexperienced youth and potentially remove any liabilities with regards to health issues. That is reality, mates.

    Now Mr Burton-I’m a Brit with disabilities living in NYC, and you might not see the bloodshed yet in your region, but mind you it is astonishing. You are not seeing people jumping off of skyscrapers, but that is a result of higher security tactics raised by post 11 September concerns. However, in the States Americans are buying guns to kill their families and friends or to charge into killing sprees. Yesterday the CFO of Freddie Mac offed himself at his home. And the Americans are collectively losing it. Free market provided a convenient shed of pensions in lieu of stockholdings; now many have lost any chance of retirement.

    This ride has just started lad. And the ‘media’ in America fails miserably at creating anything less than hysteria and hatred for others-be it of race, sexual orientation, religion or class. History has already given us some great models of how that turns out.

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