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Confusion grows over reports of gay executions in Iraq

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Reader comments

  1. “Frankly, there are other issues they’re concerned about like basic survival, getting food and water. It’s a luxury for the average Iraqi to worry about homosexuality.”

    Americans should be more concerned about survival and basic necessities too – BUT they choose to blow their money trying to block anything pro-gay anyway. There’s some people in this country who’d rather make their family homeless, rather than seeing a gay couple have marriage rights.

  2. Karl Rosenqvist 10 Apr 2009, 3:23pm

    What I find horrible is that there is no confusion at all about gay men beeing executed without trial and for moral “crimes” and still my country (Sweden) keep sending refugees back to Iraq.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 10 Apr 2009, 8:08pm

    The fact that Iraq among other islamic states does torture and excecute gay people should be a wake up call for the Home Office when it deports genuine asylum seekers back to certain torture or death or both. Jacqui Smith is in denial if she really believes that keeping alow profile will keep you out of harm’s way. She needs to get her head out of the sand, the entire Home Office for that matter. If anyone she deports ends up dead then she and the Home Office should be charged with complicity in crimes against humanity.

  4. David Burgess 11 Apr 2009, 10:05am

    Gay or not the mass execution of 128 people is not acceptable. Britain and the EU should take the moral lead here as the USA obviously agrees with these mass executions.

  5. What is clear is there seems to be some sort of divide between the laws of Iraq and the laws going on in Sadr city under the Mehdi army (who never have liked anybody anyway, except themselves). It’s like two laws running parallel to one another. If the Mehdi army don’t like gays because fat know-it-all Sadr doesn’t like gays then they’ll execute them. But if they don’t like women who wear bright skirts they’ll execute them on the orders of Sadr too. It’s all hero love and weak excuses out there and I’m alarmed that the Iraqi army and police are not clamping down in Sadr city and getting shut of this cleric and his gang of thieves ruling the roost. If homosexuality is no real deal overall in Iraq then why should Sadr city be treated differently? It’s not an independant state.

  6. @egm: Ditto, and I believe Peter Tatchell would agree with you as well.

  7. Under the current Iraqi penal code, defending the honour of your family by murdering a gay relative is considered a defense as a justified homicide. If that’s not a de facto death penalty for Iraqi gays, then I don’t know what is. Surely this is something that Coalition governments should be doing something about.

  8. The Arabs are such liars anyway it is difficult to know where you are with them.

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