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Belfast church to challenge ruling on ‘homophobic’ adverts

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Reader comments

  1. Whether or not the adverts were LEGALLY homophobic, their clear intent was certainly homophobic. Mr McIlveen is unfortunately well-known for never missing an opportunity to express hatred for the activities of those he disapproves (and by inference, of course, the people involved in those activities) … one of his favourite ‘tactics’ is to never mention Homosexuals without “and Paedophiles” added on – a well-known smear tactic.

    I’ve been to his church [for the funeral of a colleague’s mother) and there is precious little Christianity to be found there – there’s an odd emphasis on some of the more obscure bits of the Old Testament … certainly little or none of the “Love thy neighbour” and “Judge not, that ye shall not be judged”!

    With the McIlveens of this world spouting their hatred, is it any wonder people turn away from the churches?

  2. There is nothing wrong with their adverts. Nanny State again!!

  3. James from Chicago, IL 14 Apr 2009, 7:04am

    Let them lose. These people who deny the humanity of gay people cause gays to be murdered, etc etc.

    All in the name of God. You tell me who the real perverts are here – I think it is quite obvious.

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