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New Zealand comedian let off over joke about prime minister being a communist lesbian

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Reader comments

  1. It’s this kind of incident that Roawan Atkinson was remarking about a few weeks ago. If you can’t make a joke without being accused of being racist/ sexist / homophobic (or add any -ist prefix you wish), then it’s going to be actually a much unhappier world. People need to learn the difference between a jovial quip and an offensive insult. Get a thicker skin, for chrissakes.

  2. Here here RobN. I could not agree more with you. People have become so friggin sensitive. That in itself is the tragedy – it’s ridiculous to accuse someone of being racist, homophobic, sexist, etc over a JOKE.

  3. 1) This isn’t even gay news worthy.
    2) It’s a retelling of what someone else said. So the guy didn’t even make the comment.
    3) The person who complained is an idiot.
    4) I really hope someone at Pink news read number 1.

  4. It would be a much happier world if people were actually MORE sensitive to others…. not less sensitive. It is the oldest trick in the book to be blatantly offensive about someone and then turn round and say ‘oh it was only a joke….can’t you take a joke’

  5. The question is: is she ACTUALLY a lesbian and communist?

    And whatever happened to free speech? Have you never heard someone talk about a bloody straight conservative person in your time? :)

  6. Kay from New Zealand 11 Apr 2009, 7:30am

    The comedian Te Radar is a gay-friendly white guy who used to do a double act with a gay Maori (indigenous NZer) comedian. His comments were ironic. Is Helen Clark a lesbian? No. She is not a lesbian, and is happily married to a man. She does have many gay and lesbian friends and colleagues, and has been an advocate for human rights including gay rights. She’s not a communist either, but she is a member of the Labour Party.

  7. Labour partycommunism same similar? :)

  8. She is.

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