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Playboy exec sues over gay discrimination

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Reader comments

  1. “When DeAcetis went on CW11’s morning show to promote the magazine last August, Napolitano complained that “gray hair was visible” and he “looked old.””
    Remind me again, who started up the whole Playboy empire, and is still running it after all these years? If you’re going to make ageist statements like that you may want to run them by the boss first!

  2. Discrimintation… Playboy… is the irony completely lost here? Its like saying the the 1939 German regime was a bit sly, sometimes.
    Come on, really? Have we lost the plot and forgotten what the bunny stands for – and I agree with Flapjack too, the decrepid old bastard stands for aged sleaze – I think the chap going on tv sounds ideal. – Slightly older, doesn’t like women….. perfect playboy employee!

  3. Why did Playboy have a fashion director?

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