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Obama chooses gay official for faith council

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 7 Apr 2009, 4:36pm

    I hope Obama has appointed a few atheists to this council as well. I’d feel much more comfortable with a healthy number of atheists on this council (whether they be gay or straight) instead of a gay person who is religious.

  2. It’s an explicitly faith-based council, Simon. Atheism is therefore not relevant in this context. Having a gay man (working for HRC) there is probably the closest you will get to having some sort of check on any potential “fundamentalist” views.

  3. What the hell is he doing having a ‘faith council’ in the first place? No evidence that people who subscrbe to some mythical events in the middle east are any better or moral than anyone else. Usually they are more immoral. Time to stop looking up to these fraudsters. He doesn’t owe them anything, and he doesn’t need them – most evangelicals voted for the GOP anyway.

    Ideally at least one person on this pointless scheme should be atheist or humanist. Non-believers in America now number 15%.

  4. Political correctness GONE MAD. A faith council? My arse.

  5. I met Harry Knox in 2007 at a conference of Gay and Lesbian Mormons in Washington DC. He was delightful and so compelling. I wish him well in his new role.

  6. Bill Perdue 8 Apr 2009, 7:45am

    This is the latest episode in one of the worst political scandals in the US. It began during Hillary Clinton’s days as an activist in the secretive ultraright senatorial group The Fellowship, a protestant version of Opus Dei.’ Faith based’ charities are the sick love child of the gawdlubbin collaboration of Hillary Clinton and anti-GLBT bigot Rick Santorum.

    The Bush Administration jumped on the idea with glee and used it to bribe cult leaders in exchange for political patronage and support. Centered on their joint opposition to same sex marriage it became the central wedge issue in the Republicans campaign to falsely identify the Democrats and the GLBT movement.

    Large numbers of people fell for their scam, including a number of GLBT Democrats who wrongly thought that because the Republicans hated us, the Democrats must somehow be our friends.

    Taking their cue from the Republicans Obama and Josh Dubois, a pentecostal minister who ran his campaigns connections with cults, aka his Minister of Pandering, proved just how wrong that assumption was. Obama, urged on Dubois, orchestrated their own vote getting anti-same sex marriage (SSM) campaign and Obama made major inroads in the cult-bigot vote.

    Obama, Bush, Clinton, Santorum, Karl Rove and Dubois have the wrong approach.
    This fellow has a better idea.

    “… I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their “legislature” should “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” thus building a wall of separation between church and State”. Thos. Jefferson speaking about the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. .

    The whole concept of government giving money to cults is unconstitutional, illegal and a dangerously long step towards theocracy. That’s never worried a hustler, and since it worked for Bush nothing will stop Obama from exercising his option of bribing cult leaders and winning re-election.

  7. Religion & politics should be seperate!

  8. Pumpkin Pie 8 Apr 2009, 11:03am

    And he’s included two anti-gays as well? I hope this isn’t Obama’s sick idea of diversity. Gay equality is not the opposite of straight supremacy. If Obama really wants diversity, either they should all be for equality, or he should bring in some people who oppose straight marriage and see heterosexuals as being beneath us.

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