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Christian university offers separate accommodation for gay students

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Reader comments

  1. This sounds like a badly thought out inclusion policy to me. Why does it sound so much like segregation? Sure straight students can hang out with the gay ones, but how about the other way round? Are we talking a gay ghetto or merely a common room to relax with like-minded people here?
    Next they’ll have seperate water fountains.

  2. Brian Burton 7 Apr 2009, 4:44pm

    I do not like Gays as friends, they are all too shallow, selfish, certainley not self-effacing, vain, lime-light seekers, too self-opinionated, too holier than thou, etcetera, etcetera. And do’nt forget, the one thing the public dos’nt like is novelty because they are afraid of it!

  3. Sadly, that is allowed on many university campuses. The goal for such programs is usually discovery of and immersion of a culture/idea/etc. The problem with them is that they do foster segregation on the same campus. I have not lived in any of the special housing at my alma mater, but hung out with a lot of straight and gay kids all across campus. I think their and my experience was richer for that, unlike people who segregated in the “UJAMA – African Living Center” or “Akwekoon – Native American Living Center.” The problem was that we didn’t have as much choice to live there, and these kids formed their own circles, sometimes closed to outsiders.

  4. Abi Chrisopher 7 Apr 2009, 6:57pm

    This sounds more like exclusion to me putting students in a sexuality based getto. Also in Texas the same strategy is happening to homeless trans people.

    Is this becoming a state policy of exclusion for the LGBT from the rest of society?

  5. stephen kay 7 Apr 2009, 7:08pm

    Well this in Texas so this doesn`t surprise me. As offending as this sounds there is a precedant in Black and Native America uni accomodation. The Texans believe they are being as progressive as they can get.To the rest of the western world we can see them for what they are..the most homophobic state in America that has been governed by the likes of GW Bush.

  6. Ghetto as a good thing? Mmm, I don’t think so. I think it produces the opposite effect.

  7. Segregation was the one word I thought of when reading this report as well. I find it quite bizarre that the University thinks it is being progressive and will no doubt be touting this scheme as a “way forward”, when all it sound like to me is the homophobic version of the 60s racial discrimination policies.

    Imagine if the report read “seperate accomodation has been made available for black students and their allies, seperate from the white accomodation blocks”, and then the University put out a statement claiming it as being progressive. Who do they think they are kidding, not me.

  8. Definitely not ‘progressive’ in any way. How are people supposed to learn tolerance and to understand people that are different from them if students are encouraged to live in groups with people just like themselves? I also object to LGBT people being lumped in with things like fine arts and health and wellness, as though it’s some kind of hobby.
    DiversCity? It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  9. sounds like apartheit to me.

  10. TCU Student 9 Apr 2009, 2:30am

    To say “special accomodation” is misleading in this article, as well as other things. The living learning communities (or LLCs), when you get down to it, are about being involved in certain topic areas. So the DiversCity Q LLC is for students who choose to be involved and show support for the LGBTQ community on campus. Part of their goals is to do programming to bring education and awareness to the broader TCU community. This isn’t self segregation, its an opportunity to educate.

    I’d also note that, the majority of the students in this LLC are straight allies who wanted to show support. they want to have an outlet to be involved.

    Just thought I’d clarify…

  11. I wonder if stephen kay knows how stupid and ridiculous he sounds or if he just likes hearing himself WHINE. Texas is nothing like how he describes it, and knowing the likes of him, I’ll wager anything the only exposure he’s had to Texas was watching episodes of “Dallas”. Texas is a very individualist state where one can be fiercely proud of whomever one is. TCU is making great strides with this development, which will open more people’s eyes to the humanity of LGBT people and I thank TCU Student for clarifying the real intent of this center.

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