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North Dakota lawmakers deem sexual orientation ‘a lifestyle choice’

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Reader comments

  1. John Clark 6 Apr 2009, 7:42pm

    Here we go again….
    Repugs confusing the right to express an opinion with the “right” to discriminate… God love a duck!!!

    Oppsss, was expressing a religious opinion a “lifestyle choice” on my part?”

  2. And yet, in the same week, the Supreme Court in Iowa struck down a ban on gay marriage. But I see no mention of this on this page.

    Once again, it seems to me that Pink News devotes itself to a chorus of woe, but carries few – if any – positive stories about progress being made throughout the war. Scrolling down the page, I see no positive stories at all (unless you count a lesbian on Coronation Street – grannies of the nation be warned!) . Yet it seems to me that the story of gay rights in the world at large – and most certainly in the West – is one of slow but steady progress. Why doesn’t Pink News reflect this, instead of promoting a narrative of unrelenting persecution?

  3. * world, not war.

  4. The real lifestyle choice is, of course, religion.

    Otherwise there would only be one religion instead of an incredible and contradictory choice wouldn’t there? And is anyone seriously suggesting that kiddies are born with fully formed, though preposterous, opinions on the nature of the universe?

  5. Ah, the right to discriminate against others. Where did that come in the Bill Of Rights? I seem to have forgotten.
    I notice they don’t dare to ask for permission to voice racist opinions – although I’m sure many people would love the chance. The constant religious insistence that being gay is a lifestyle choice pisses me off more and more every time I read it.
    And you’re right, Ivan. Personally, I don’t see why religious beliefs should be granted any more weight than any other beliefs, and they certainly shouldn’t be used as an excuse to persecute and abuse people.

  6. jonnielondon 6 Apr 2009, 10:10pm

    One State’s whose tourism industry I won’t be supporting!

  7. John Clark — I think you’re mistaken about pink not having the Iowa case.

  8. I don’t mean to be perverse, but when people like these (right wing of whatever sort) say being gay is a choice, it seems to me they must feel they themselves could easily decide to “go gay” for whatever reason. It must seem to be something tempting enough that they’re terrified of it being generally accepted and out in the open because they’d then cave in. It would put being gay on the shelf with cigarettes and alcohol…. In any case, it’s embarrassing reading things like this coming out of an elected official’s mouth (at least for some of us). Yuck.

  9. I totally misread the headline & thought ‘What have Lawnmakers got to do with anything’?

  10. Patrick, Dublin 7 Apr 2009, 9:59am

    North Dakota is a backward, redneck bastion of hatred and bigotry. Aren’t the racist white supremacists pretty big in this state? And it’s been losing population rapidly for dedades now. Any wonder whith hate-filled attitudes like that?

  11. Dominick J. 7 Apr 2009, 4:04pm

    You would think that the state would want bills that protect ALL their citizens not just the assholes! Let’s just take away the Legislatures protections. They are the REAL “lifestyle choice!”

  12. Brian Burton 9 Apr 2009, 1:09pm

    North Dakota, we are all ‘Sexually Orientated ‘ together are we not? There is the same world here for all of us but, it seems to me, The Dakota House are afraid of their own shaddows.

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