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Lesbian couples undergoing IVF now permitted to put both names on birth certificates

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Reader comments

  1. This is not right, sorry. The birth certificate is to state that know biological parents of a child. Two women nor two men can to this. This is coming from a gay man who wants to be a father.
    We should have equal rights not extra rights

  2. Andrew Q, I agree in a way and I do think that men shouldn’t be side-lined, both for their sake and that of the child. However, I welcome the fact that same sex couples can now both be given full parent status.
    I don’t know what happens if a straight couple have IVF and use donor sperm or eggs. Does the birth certificate list the ‘real’ parent or just the names of the couple undergoing treatment? If it’s the latter, then this new law IS fair because it means that same sex couples are treated like straight ones. And, thinking about it, surely the latter IS the case because the donor’s name wouldn’t appear on the birth certificate to protect their privacy?
    I think cases where sperm/eggs are donated are different from cases where one parent attempts to exclude another and breaks an agreement.

  3. Until this law, if you were a straight couple using donor sperm or eggs, the child would be legally both of yours from birth, despite not being genetically related to both parents. If you’re a lesbian couple, you didn’t get this; the non-bio mum had to adopt (invasive, lengthy, costly). Not equal. Now we’re equal, but – as someone who is about to start trying for a baby – I also agree that it would be *ideal* if the birth certificate recognised that a child had a donor as well as the two parents bringing them up, for BOTH gay and straight families. But these are two separate issues, I think.

  4. Thanks for that info, Hooli. I wasn’t sure I’d got that right, so I’m pleased to know for sure.

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