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Family begins legal fight against gay adoption

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Reader comments

  1. “According to the newspaper, gay friends had “warned” that same-sex relationships do not last very long.”

    Some “friends” they must be to be that full of sh!t. If the old saying that the measure of a man is the measure of his friends, this pair of bigots must be scratching algae off the bottom of a muddy pond somewhere.

    Maybe if they raised their kids to be better parents, they wouldn’t be in this “christian” dilemma… and given they have a track record of poor parenting, why not give the gays a shot?

  2. “We are worried they will be indoctrinated into a different lifestyle.”

    What an offensive comment. Perhaps the family would like to give a few more details on just why their children were taken from them? Whether that decision was right or wrong is what they should be challenging in Court – NOT who their children are placed with. That’s just an excuse for bigotry.

  3. “We are not homophobic, but we feel strongly this adoption is against our family’s Christian values.”

    Hmm, funny – I’d have thought exposure to domestic violence was also against Christian family values. Apparently not.

    And I seriously doubt they have any gay friends if they believe homosexuality is caused by indoctrination!

  4. Disco Dave 6 Apr 2009, 8:09pm

    There is alot more to this story.

    These grandparents now want to care for the children. These kids have been in foster care for 2 years, where have they been all this time?

    Social Services ALWAYS look for family members before putting with foster carers (think of the money they saves Social Services!)

  5. Isn’t it strange how nearly every racist claims to have black friends as well?

  6. Here is the story:-

    The Daily Mail is running a hate campaign against us, and only a large number of complaints about every story will get the PCC to act.

    Press Complaints Commission

  7. J Mathews 6 Apr 2009, 9:20pm

    From what I’ve heard, the family were not concerned about the boys, until they found out it was a gay couple. Funding for the court action is being provided by a well known Scottish homophobic bigot businessman and the Catholic church, or so it has been said in Scotland. I think we can all guess who the Scottish businessman is – if you remember recent gay battles in Scotland.

    This seems like pure homophobia, and nothing else. The kids were taken into care as their mother was a junkie, and the father beat her up regularly.

    The Daily hate Mail is spinning this story as hard as it can.

    My understanding is that the Social services had very good reason for removing the children into care, and they also had VERY GOOD reason for not placing them with the grandparents.

    Anyone who thinks that homophobia has gone, is seriously deluded. The religious bigots of all denominations will happily use their religion to push homophobia, hatred and fascist values.

  8. Here we go again. Such a shame it’s so easy to say you’re a christian and not have to prove it. If it was, these numptys wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

  9. It seems almost every ignorant prejudice is in their statements. Oh, and they are so “christian” above reproach that social services felt the need to remove the children from their family home, nice.

  10. I’m sick of the Daily Mail – I suggest every time they print a story like this, as many of us as we can complain to the Press Complaints Comission. What do you think?

  11. I for one am glad it will come to court, if it gets a full airing. The bigotry, ignorance and hypocrisy this whole charade rests on will then be comprehensively exposed.

  12. J Matthews – that is actually a completely separate case that you are referring to, which was again reported by The Daily Mail. This report refers to a case in Somerset, rather than Edinburgh

    I haven’t heard much from the Scottish case since the Daily Mail’s report, perhaps the family got all the money they could wrangle from it.

    It just seems so pathetic that it is only when the children are going to be adopted by a same-sex couple that these relatives have become outraged and felt the need for legal action. Where was the legal action when the woman’s husband abused her? Why did they not press charges rather than just put an injunction on him? And why on Earth let the children see their violent father, even if they miss him? I know of health visitors and social workers who’ve removed children from abusive homes – emotional, physical and sexual – yet the children are angry at them for taking them away. Of course they will be, it’s all they know – but that doesn’t make it right.

  13. Sister Mary Clarence 7 Apr 2009, 2:34pm

    “We are worried they will be indoctrinated into a different lifestyle” – yeah, drug free maybe?

    I’m still interested to know how the mother financed her smack addiction – prostitution or theivery, bacuase the likelihood is it was one or the other?

  14. All I know is that if I was looking forward to getting a new mum and dad, and ended up with 2 dads, I would be dissappointed. Talk about having to make some major adjustments at aged 6 and 9. The kids have already been denied having a mother becuase she is a junkie, and now social services have decided to deny them having a mother for the second time. Somehow this all doesn’t seem to be in the best interests of those children.

  15. Guys, seriously – read the article! It’s not the heroin-addict mother from last time, this a new case – in this instance, social services removed the children as the mother let her children see the father who had been beating her, in addition to some emotional problems bringing her parenting ability into question.

    Just so the comments don’t descend into a rant about heroin addicted parents vs gays . . .

  16. And Gavin, adoption is a tough process on children’s development, regardless of who the adoptive parents are. That’s why social services are involved in the transition process for up to twelve months. To use that as a an argument against gay and lesbian adoption is a rather moot point when your biological father knocks lumps out of your biological mother, who seems to have no qualms in allowing her children to see him.

  17. Bishop Ioan 11 Jun 2009, 4:25pm

    Hmmmm, so being a heroin addict is a virtue. Interesting. And WHEN will these homophobes realise that you CANNOT make a child gay simply by having gay parents? It is so sad that, even in the 21st Century, people are so ignorant of scientific fact. If family background and parentage had anything to do with sexual orientation, there would be only straight people. I suspect that there might be something going on with the natural family that makes the state think that it is not a good envionment for a family.

    As for the other case, a gay couple could certainly do no worse than the natural mother who has addiction issues–probably they will do a great deal better. This woman is incapable of raising her own child because she is an addict, but she DARES to say she doesn’t want them raised by a gay/lesbian couple? Lady, you don’t get to say who gets your kids–you should thank Goddess that there is a loving gay couple that wants to adopt all of your children rather than splitting the family up.

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