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Children’s minister: ‘Schools must do more to tackle homophobic bullying’

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Reader comments

  1. Stand Up For Us deals with homophobia and homophobic bullying.

  2. This is without a doubt one of the biggest issues for the UK gay community to address at the moment. It is all very well for the government to criticise schools for failing to address homophobic bullying, but they are not doing enough to support the schools to tackle this difficult issue. Homophobic hate has been entrenched into the UK education system as a result of the tories’ section 28. The whole education system is institutionally homophobic. The systems put in place by the govenment to ensure educational standards do NOT sufficiently support reducing homophobic bullying. Ofsted MUST be changed to require schools to have anti-homophobic bullying policies. Schools MUST fail Ofsted if all staff have not received proper anti-homophobia training. Schools MUST fail Ofsted if they cannot offer proof of positive activities to counter homophobia, such as participation in LGBT history month. Such activity should just be an annual event but should be ongoing throughout the year. We are breeding a generation of homophobes.

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